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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. Tangster
    It retails on amazon UK for $31 + free shipping.
  2. BizFromQC
    Show and tell.

    This is a pen I turned on my lathe a couple of years back. It's a Jr. Statesman with rhodium and black titanium. The pen itself is a gemstone leopard jasper.


  3. attika89
    ^ Very nice! Intereseting materials for sure. Isn't it too heavy?
    Is that a rollerball or a ballpoint?
    Since I began to use fountain pens, I really refuse to use ballpoints if I can.
  4. BizFromQC

    It is definitely heavier than your average pen but it's got a nice weight to it, not too heavy, just enough to know you have a quality instrument in your hands :) It is a rollerball, not a ballpoint.

    Here's two more I have with me at work. Pardon the crappy pictures taken with a cell phone. I used to have a lot more but sold them all :)


  5. Silent One
    I too, have been swept away. If not in a hurry, I'll take the extra to retrieve one of my Pilot Metal Falcons... [​IMG] 
  6. Tsujigiri
    +1. Is that the older 14k nib 149 in your avatar? I have the new version and quite like it, but there are always the purists who insist that 14k gold is the best material for a nib because it is less likely to be sprung than higher gold content materials.
  7. Silent One
  8. Tangster
    Figured this is a more appropriate place to post my most recent attempt at almost passable calligraphy. I really need some decent paper. 80gsm photocopy paper and cheapass notepaper isn't really helping.
  9. Ra97oR

    Very nice, I would never hope to even get close to that level. On the paper side, Rhodia notepads are one sale at the moment at Ryman for buy 2 get 1 half price. They very nice for my note jotting, but not sure about calligraphy. Worth a try if there is a store at your area.
  10. gopanthersgo1
    What pads should I get for drawing with a fountain pen? Also, for Calligraphy?
  11. Tsujigiri

    You know that you need a special pen for calligraphy, right? A normal fountain pen won't allow you to letter. You can get an italic tipped pen to do gothic and italic scripts like above, or a copperplate nib to do flexible, cursive style calligraphy. The copperplate version is considerably more difficult and takes more skill to do than the italic type of calligraphy. You can get fountain pens with italic nibs, but if you really want to get serious, you'll want to use a dip pen (these have sharper corners for more precision, but require you to dip the pen into an inkwell every few strokes). The dip pens are ideal for copperplate as well. Good news is that dip pens are much cheaper than fountain pens.
  12. attika89

    It's a 146 with a 14k B nib. I would say that I prefer 14k gold because it has some springiness and can rovide some line variation.
  13. Tsujigiri
    Actually you can make an 18k nib just as springy, it's just not advisable to do so because the nib is more likely to be damaged from bending. How do you like the bold nib? I find that the nibs on the bigger Montblancs tend to run very wide; a 146 B must be a firehose.
  14. attika89
    ^ Yes it is very wet!  It can bring out some nice shading from my inks. I really like it, but I might send it to a nibmeister for a stub grind.
  15. gopanthersgo1
    So any pen recs?
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