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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. proton007

    Lamy comes in fine/extra fine.  But, a big factor in ink pens is the paper you write on.  Some (lower quality) paper sucks ink, and the lines become wider.
    Also, I've heard that fine nibs tend to wear out faster because there's a smaller area in contact (same pressure, so larger force on the nib).  I've gone through a couple of nibs a year for my Hero pens, in school days when I used to write a lot of homework.
    I'm also looking for Lamy extra fine nibs to buy.
  2. 28980
    Going through nibs sounds like a PITA since I was planning on getting a fine or extra fine cp1 for school. Where'd you get spare nibs/how much did they cost?
  3. dallan Contributor
    With the Lamy, i have a left handed nib....sadly it is somewhat wide-(think it is based on med), esp compared to my Nakaya and Sailor.
  4. Silent One
    Understood that Lamy offers Fine/Extra fine. Was trying to illustrate that Lamy's selections write "Happy." [​IMG] For example, my Pilot Metal Falcon has a fine nib. My Fine nib with my Lamy writes much broader by comparison, like it's a Medium nib.
    I'm a lifelong user of Rhodia paper. Have yet to use Clairefontaine - it's exciting that the latter bought out the former, making no changes and offers very high quality French paper in their own right.
  5. proton007

    Not really a PITA. The Hero's are much cheaper, so its possible their nibs aren't as durable as the Lamy. I still have a couple of the 'hooded' nib pens. I used to get mine from a local pen shop, < $1 per nib (this was 8 years ago).
    Nowadays you can get a 10 pack - Hero 616's for < $20 on ebay, so I don't think people buy spares anymore, doesn't seem like its economical.
    My suggestion is that you should try out the Lamy EF nib first, and find out how long can it last.  Typically, with the thin nibs, they're rough in the beginning, and smoothen out after a few days of use. If you're not writing a few pages everyday, you should be good for more than a year.
  6. proton007

    Yes, Lamy's are smooth, but I used my Safari M with a Paperluxe Diary/Journal, and that thing used to feed on ink, making the M look like bold.
    I think Lamy's are pre-smoothed, so they tend to be slightly wider. Other nibs I've used have been rough (but write thin) in the start, and smooth out as you use them.
  7. Silent One
    Last hour, just minutes before midnight, it was Maintenance Monday! 
    Flushed my twin Pilot Metal Falcons and topped them off with their respective Pilot Iroshizuku inks: The beautiful Ajisai in the left; The stunning Murasaki-Shikibu (Lady Murasaki) in the right.[​IMG]
  8. Ra97oR
    Always been writing with my trusty Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4 for many years. Finally got myself a Ti2 pen body as my plastic body nearly run out and extremely happy with it, I even swap out the standard blue for a sky blue.
    On the other end... Pilot Clipless/Vanishing Point LE 2012 in fine coming in tomorrow.
  9. 28980
    Picked up a cheap fine point jinhao and a extra fine hero to test out and see what type of nib I like best, most likely it'll one of the two new ones since I think the medium is a bit too heavy for my handwriting.
  10. Maverickmonk
    Hoping for pics of your new gift, those are gorgeous pens.
  11. rawrster
    I've always wanted a good quality pen and saw the Rotring Rapid Pro pens. I like how it's almost all black. What makes one pen different than the other? 
  12. attika89
    You feel the need for owning it [​IMG]
    I have a Rapid Pro (pencil) and I like it. Nice and smooth feel, less balanced for me than a Rotring 600, but definitely worth a try if you like the look of it!
    The writing experience with ballpoints vary with different refills.
  13. rawrster
    I did some searching and there are a few pen shops near where I live but only one that is open on Saturdays which is when I can go. I think I can go and see what kind of pens I like after buying the Rotring one
  14. Audius
    The rotring is on sale at massdrop.com for $36 or something like that, I believe.
    Edit : $29.67 + $2 shipping usa
  15. rawrster
    That's where I'm looking at :)
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