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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. attika89
    Please keep trolling with this! [​IMG]
    Great pencil! I have a few 600s...
  2. Scott_Tarlow
    I'm in love with pencils...because of my profession, I do tons of math. I scoff at all the people who write in pen for math. yes, there are people who do it. I do not. This is not how math should be done. Math is about ideas, and not all of them are good.
    Though, on the pen side, I have been lusting after a rotring 600 ballpoint, maybe even lava finish. Just can't justify the 150 dollar price point. Oh well.
  3. AppleheadMay
    I must say that even though most of the Lamy pens are pretty inexpensive compared to MB for example (I have a Safari and Accent), the nibs are actually of pretty good quality and smooth to write with. Pleasant surprise and nice if you want a bunch of pens for different inks.
  4. proton007
    Oh gawd.
    Now I want to buy a Lamy Logo.
    I haven't scribbled anything in weeks, but I always keep reminiscing about my childhood days, when I used to fill up notebooks with my cheap Hero fountain pen. 
  5. attika89

    I agree with you on that! Honestly sometimes I use fountain pen for static calculuses on my lectures at college. For more complex things I prefer pencils as well.
    A black ballpoint:
    Prices skyrocketed on these in the last few months.
    I would love to try that lava finish too!
  6. hippie
    So I've been thinkin about geting one of those aluminum lamy's in extra fine. but I'm not sure its fine enouh.

    I wright super small,to the point that i have to use .5 lead in a pencil, with .7 my wrighting just looks to clutered

    so ya think i can use the extra fine one or should i get something even finner?
  7. jkxs

    If you were considering one of the Lamy Safari's, this video might be for you :wink:

  8. attika89
    I'd say you would be fine with the EF nib, but you should really try it to be sure.
    If you would need something finer you should get a Japanese F or EF, these are one size finer then the western nibs (German, American, etc).
    You can check the Goulets' site. They have a 'Nib Nook' panel where you can compare nib sizes.
    Here is my little comparison (7 mm lines), I don't know if it helps...
    The Lamy 2000's EF nib is more less the same size as the Safaris, or maybe a bit wider.
  9. Silent One
    I appreciate the Japanese nib widths in this regard...
  10. hippie
    Thanks for the help guys I'll probaly pick one up just to try, its pretty cheap, also think I'm gona try a prepy platnium, read a few things about them being pretty thin and at 4 bucks there's no resond no to try.

    dam you headfi! first headphones, then watches, now maby pens. to many hobbies, man
  11. JK1
    Pencils that are 0.5mm are standard. There are also 0.3mm ones though, however it seems like the lead on those would probably break too easily. The 0.3mm ones are also fixed sleeve. I decided I only want to buy sliding sleeve pencils now, as the fixed sleeve ones usually come to a sharp point, which is ideal when you want to keep the pencil in your shirt pocket. on the sliding sleeve models, the sharp part of the pencil can be retracted.
    My favorite pencil is the Pilot Vanishing Point pencil. I just found out they are discontinued now(ugh!) and one just sold on Ebay for $71+. UGH!
    My second favorite pencil is the Pentel Sharp Kerry. while the Pentel Shap kerry isn't sliding sleeve, the top of the pencil comes off and becomes a cap to cover the sharp part of the pencil. The pencil can be used without the top part in place. I like this almost as much as the Pilot Vanishing Point pencil.
    Another pencil I like is the Pentel PS-535
    The Parker Frontier pen and pencil set is a great value at $15, while the pencil alone is $5-$10. it is a bit on the thick side, but not very thick. Some prefer somewhat thicker pens and pencils.  On some Parker pencils the sleeve is fixed, however on the Frontier it slides in.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Parker-Frontier-Translucent-Blue-Ball-Point-Pen-Mechanical-Pencil-Set-/370708101353?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item564fecb8e9
  12. Scott_Tarlow
    If i am a fan of the rotring drafting pencils, what pen should i buy ? I dont wanna spend the 100+ for the 600 pen.
  13. Silent One
    I'd also take into consideration paper quality for that pen. Your best move would be to stop by a stationary boutique. I'm a long-time customer of Flax Pen to Paper @ 1078 Gayley Avenue (just a few blocks south of UCLA). Or, you could do South Bay Galleria or Del Amo Fashion Center.
  14. dallan Contributor
    I've been over there, working just outside of Westwood for over a decade.  I actually have gotten all of my pens from nibs.com though.  I like the way he works on the nibs to your specifications.  You can pick them up down near Melrose as i recall if you call ahead.  Got two Sailors and a Nakaya Urushi portable there.  Paper though i do pick up at Flax Pen to Paper.  I bought a Lamy Studio there on one of my paper runs too. 
  15. Silent One
    Since becoming aware of nibs.com in only the last 18 months, I've been meaning to get over there. Or at least buying online. I actually came across the site while looking for my twin Pilot Metal Falcons. Will let you know when I make it over there...thanks!
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