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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. attika89

    The Levenger L-tech looks similar. Fountain pen ~$79, ballpoint ~$59
  2. Tangster
    Any idea where to get one of those in the UK(the L-Techs, not the Rotring). I just saw it and fell in love.
  3. attika89
    They don't have any distributors in the UK (EU) as I know.
    I don't really find them anywhere else, only on their webpage. [​IMG]
  4. Tangster
    Maybe we can get an EU group buy together so the shipping isn't so painful? Although inter country shipping in the EU hurts as well. Damnit!
  5. 28980
    Just ordered:
    To give fountain pens a try. Don't know if I'll like them or not but seems like a reasonable price point to start off from~.
  6. IcedTea
    Step away when you can! 
    I bought a fountain pen out of curiosity as well...
    and now its another hobby of mine -_- 
  7. proton007
    I went looking for the Lamy Logo, but ended up getting the Lamy Pur. Very sleek.
  8. Maverickmonk
    Congrats, I love the look of the Pur. If it had been in my budget, I'd be rocking it instead of the Logo, but for half the price, I can still enjoy it
  9. gopanthersgo1
    I ordered the same pen as Numbers... out of curiosity as well.
  10. Silent One
    My prototype DIY Fountain pen holder -
  11. gopanthersgo1
  12. Silent One
    The afternoon sun washed out all the colours in the pix. Looks much better on the desk. After I make a few more with improvements, the final version will be a red stiletto w/6" heels. [​IMG]
  13. Scott_Tarlow
    I currently write with a cheap pilot v-pen, would a lamy safari be a huge upgrade in smoothness ?
  14. Silent One
    I can't recall how much smoother, but it certainly was. Also, careful when selecting nib size - Lamy nibs are w-i-d-e compared to many Japanese nibs. Or, maybe Lamy nibs are normal and Japanese nibs tend to be on the finer side.
  15. Scott_Tarlow
    also considering the lamy cp1 titanium... sigh, why did i decide to buy a cheap fountain pen... now i want a nicer one.
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