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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. gopanthersgo1
    Nice! I don't game often either, except for like Saints Row or something to pass time... My parents won't buy me stuff for DIY to make something for a talented and gifted program though... :rolleyes:
  2. Argyris Contributor
    Whenever I look at my own work and start getting hypercritical, I take a step back and remind myself that I'm actually better than many of the people who actually wrote manuscripts for a living when the hands I'm working in were new:
    Also notice the eerie way that Middle English is almost readily intelligible to Modern English speakers but not quite.
    It could just be my monitor making it look special, but that's a very lovely shade of blue. What sort of ink is that?
    Also, I'm in the same boat on paper. I even tried printing out some pre-ruled practice sheets, but the ink bleeds quite heavily. It actually works a lot better in my plain old college ruled notebook, but the lines aren't quite the right distance apart for any of my nib widths. Grr.
  3. Tangster
    Nothing special, it's the cheap parker quink in blue. The camera is making it look lighter than it is.
  4. proton007

    Anyone had any experience with Herlitz ink?
    I was almost going to buy acrylic ink for my pen, in a lovely prussian blue shade, but the price stopped me.
    To think of it, acrylic ink may be a bad idea for a fountain pen.
  5. attika89

    Well, some say it can be used with fountain pens, but it is pretty high-maintenance. Maybe like iron gall inks, so flush regularly (every week maybe), and don't let it unused for days.
    I would say try it in a cheap pen to see how it behaves.
  6. proton007
    The herlitz is fountain pen ink, and it seems alright, its water soluble.
    The acrylic one, I guess it'll have to be tried first. Its supposedly non clogging, but its not water soluble, so flushing the pens will be troublesome. I think its meant to be used with nibs without any reservoir. 
  7. attika89

    Yes, I meant that for the acrylic. An ultrasonic cleaner might be good unless the pen is celluloid, hard rubber, has inlaid parts.....so you really need to know what can you put in the cleaner. I have no experience with it.
    I think the safest bet is a dip pen....

    I have a Waterman Carene fountain pen for sale if anyone interested http://tinyurl.com/d84nl6c
  8. Tsujigiri
    I would not put acrylic or iron gall ink into a fountain pen. I haven't heard of Herlitz before, is there anything special about the one you're looking at?
  9. Silent One
    I enjoy the comfort that comes with using Pilot Iroshizuku inks inside my Pilot Metal Falcon fountain pens. [​IMG]
  10. proton007
    Nothing special, on the contrary, I'm worried it may not be as good as the Pelican I use.
  11. attika89

    I would be in for a Falcon, especially with a modified nib from Greg Minuskin .
  12. Tangster
    Sister picked up some 200gsm paper from her art dept at university. Boy this stuff is nice to write on.[​IMG]
  13. gopanthersgo1
    200gsm?!? DANG man! I bet it's nice to write on!
  14. Silent One
    Oh my... [​IMG]
  15. Tsujigiri

    Those are some nice inks... Very subtle and tasteful color choices, kind of like J. Herbin. Pilot makes some pretty good nibs, but personally I like the feel of Sailor's nibs above the others.
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