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Pen-Fi (FPs, RBs, BPs, etc...) [56k Warning]

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  1. dallan Contributor
    Uh, someone say Sailor Professional.......used mine all day, my most used pen, LLLLooove it!
  2. Silent One
    Sailor Professional? Will have to go play with it next time I'm visiting a boutique.
  3. Tsujigiri
    It's the same thing as the 1911, except with flat ends instead of rounded ones. The nibs and fit of the Sailor pens are really nice. Random tip; when you're testing out a nib, writing the word "Egypt" will test pretty much all the angles of the nib and give you a good idea of how it handles.
  4. Silent One
    Great name; word. Would this apply for left-handers and right-handed backhanders as well?
  5. Tsujigiri
    That's a good question; I actually don't know. I know I couldn't do fountain pens as a left-hander since my nibs tend to write really wet. It would work if I was Japanese or Arab, though...
  6. Silent One
    I like that my nibs aren't too wet. Otherwise, I'd have to write & print in slo-mo... [​IMG]
  7. dallan Contributor
    The guy i buy from does adjustments so i have him do mine for my left handed style of writing.  Also he can make it normal or juicy feed.  I have had good experiences with him.
  8. Silent One
    I like his dedication toward "Left-handers." Been meaning to buy from the site, just haven't gotten around to it. Perhaps, May/June. Do you if they are Web-only or have a physical store? If they do, Maybe I'll stop by at month-end.
  9. dallan Contributor
    I order it online and call them and set up a pick up in the back alley actually.  I ring the bell and they bring down my pen.  Very clandestine.[​IMG]  
    That way save shipping cost and time.
  10. Silent One
    I'm gonna have to borrow [​IMG] a chapter from your book! 
  11. dallan Contributor
    Just beware of the Master Cylinder.[​IMG]
  12. dallan Contributor

    Thanks for making us aware of this. I got on the mail list for overages from the kickstart run and was able to order one of the extras on Monday. There may be more left still,not sure. I'll post a picture next week when it arrives.
  13. dallan Contributor
    Double posty ipad
  14. Tangster
    Still can't get consistently sized letters freehand. 
    I want to pick up a converter for my everyday pen, a Cross Century, anyone know of some decent ones? The one I found on amazon has bad reviews and I'm too far from my local pen store to buy one there(115 miles away). Some reasonably priced ink recommendations would be nice as well, preferably under the £10/50ml mark.
  15. attika89
    Diamine inks are great value. Nice colors and easy to clean from pens. £5,65/80ml
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