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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Oct 25, 2010.
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  1. jamato8 Contributor
    I got a little bit of information about this amp. It will run at 12.6 volts and there will be a new op amp kit as it will be op amp rollable of course. 
    I am trying to find out more information. 
    Single or dual op amps
    Room to stack buffers
    Black or dull silver
    Alps volume control and vishay resistors. 
    The top have comes off for easy access to the op amps and buffers
  2. volume
    That is some some nice power generaltion, anything more like pics.
  3. Randius
    Previously the PB1 & DB1, followed by D12 and now P4. We are definitely spoilt for choices! Will we be seeing a successor to the T3/T3D?


    This can be expected !
  5. paulybatz
    Ibasso is pushing the envelope...these are exciting times...the amps of today are lightyears ahead of just 5 years ago.  I do not think that anyone can keep up with this little company's progress.  I look forward to this new amp!
  6. music185
    I'm excited about these too. Emailed them to ask if it can handle an AKG K701 and was told that it has a high output power that can handle them. Guess we'll find out once released and my brother has enough to order one [​IMG] Also, was told that it would be $245 plus shipping. Price is not bad at all.
  7. P4Z
    Ooh I'm excited. I had a P3+ and liked it...but I never played with opamps much because I found the options confusing.
    I also hadn't heard of the topkits available for the iBasso amps. This leaves me wondering what this amp will be capable of with upgraded omamps compared to the default config. P3+ I had.
    (Subscribing to this thread)
    Does anyone know if you can use ERS paper in iBasso amps? I've heard it blocks electrical interference somehow, which might be nice because I had issues with my P3+ picking up stuff from my phone...
  8. paulybatz
    It may even be out this week!!!
    The opamps swapping is a great option, customize the sound for each can you may be using it for...I know that Hiflight's set I bought for the D4 really opened the soundstage and details, it reduced battery life a smidge but it was well worth the tradeoff IMHO.
    I look forward to my new toy, now I have to decide on a new set of cans too! Though the HD650s are hard to take off my head these days!
  9. P4Z

    Well Hiflight's stuff improves the amps in some way, that'd be for any opamp-swappable amp, and was a feature in the P3+.
    What I want to know is how it improves on the P3+ other than the case and the higher voltage battery.
  10. isao2k8
    P4 is available now @ 245USD.
  11. Mad Max
    P3's successor?  [​IMG]
  12. charlie0904
    Hi guys,how does the 12.6v affect sound? Seems like amps are sporting 12v design n also up to 24v in balance mode.

    Opamp kits looks good for the p4.
  13. furyagain
  14. P4Z
    @furyagain "600mW+600mW into 32Ω" The little kid in me is saying HEY THAT'S A BIG NUMBER, but I don't know what the specs are for the P3+....
    This amp appears to come with different opamps?
    Any battery life info?
    What impedance cans will it drive (well)? I've read about the Arrow which apparently drives the HD650, 600ohm phone aswell as IEMs (without hiss!).
    They have listed higher battery voltage, it's bigger/heavier and has that output but I want to know what actually changed inside other than the battery...
    Honestly I may quite prefer the P3+ finish...it glistens under bright light...this is matte?
    Do I only get one case with the P4? The P3+ only let you change the case but not the end plates but I see two versions.
    Currently undecided which P4 finish I prefer.
  15. jamato8 Contributor
    I have been trying to keep up with this but didn't realize the power capabilities of this amp. The buffer and op amp kit is fairly extensive as well. 
    3 and 4 channel, which should be fun. I find the 4 channel done correctly, can open up the soundstage. 
    The image is from the iBasso site. 
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