1. Thumpp

    ibasso P4 or D6 For Use With High-End DJ Mixer and Ultrasone Pro 900

    Hey Guys,   I'm in the market for some new headphones, strictly for use with bass-heavy Electronic Dance Music so the Ultrasone Pro 900s look like a good solution.  From what I have read, these headphones will benefit from an amp but I'm not sure if an amp or an amp and DAC will make much of...
  2. Mooses9

    WTB: Ibasso P4 Warbler

    im looking to buy a ibasso p4 warbler, have cash please pm me with how much you want and condition. thanks
  3. moixa

    Does there exist planar-magnetic IEM?

    If not, how about openback IEMs? (other than Stax srs-002)
  4. Angular Mo

    iBasso P4 Warbler experience ? my first post here !

    Hello new friends, This is my inaugural post, having only recently started my foray into serious headphone technology.   So, I started with Audio-Technical ATH-M50s headphones (yeah, just a starter)... I know, not balanced, electrostatic, nor ortho.   Next, I bought the HRT iStreamer...
  5. mitsu763

    Ibasso P4 Warbler

    I have an Ibasso P4 Warbler up for sale. It's in excellent condition and comes with all accessories as new, including the original packaging. It's a lovely amplifier. Paypal only please and price includes shipping in the US. International shipping a bit extra.
  6. Angular Mo

    iBasso P4 Warbler + HRT iStreamer DAC with iPod Touch or iPad

    Anyone else using this combination?   I would be interested in reading your experiences.   I have been enjoying this rig in the office feeding Beyerdyamics DT770 Pro 80's.   Though, admittedly, I am a newbie in this HiFi headphone endeavor.   I would also be interested in rolling...
  7. McCol

    Ibasso P4 or similar amp in uk/eu

    Looking to buy an Ibasso P4 amp or something similar. Budget of around £165
  8. denis


    For sale this marvelous and tiny but powerfull amp. I bought it last Spring from a member. It is still under warranty (March 2012)   This P4 comes in its original cardbox packaging and all the accessories.   The price includes the Paypal fees and the shipping cost (postal recorded...
  9. CJG888

    iBasso P4, D6 or D12?

    I am looking for a portable amplifier to replace a Meier XXS (between an iPod Classic 160GB and GR07s), and am considering the P4. I was just wondering, however, whether the amplifier section of the more expensive models (D6 and D12) sounds better, is more powerful, or whether the amp is the...
  10. TheGreat

    Ibasso P4 or D2+?

    Hey Guys,  I'm going to be getting a portable amp for Christmas but I'm not sure which amp is better. Is the P4 worth the extra $70? I can't seem to find a complete review on either one. I'll be using my Ipod Classic 160gb and Ultrasone Pro 900's which I understand don't really need an amp...
  11. CJG888

    Battery problems with iBasso P4 "Warbler"?

    I have recently taken delivery of an iBasso P4 "Warbler". I am using it with the stock op-amp configuration, and with gain set to "low" (to drive GR07 IEMs). Whilst it sounds excellent (particularly in terms of soundstage and dynamics), the battery performance has been less than stellar! In...
  12. Fringe

    Ibasso P4 charging issue

    I recently received a new Ibasso P4 and fully charged it as soon as i got it. I have been burning this in for the past 2 days on the initial charge but i went to plug it in today after about 30 hours of use and the charge lever on the back will not stay up in the charge position. The P4 did not...
  13. trentino

    WTB: iBasso P4

    Send me a pm if you have a unit in good condition for sale.
  14. Uchiya

    Brand New - Ibasso P4 w/Hi-Flight Kit

    Selling my brand new, Ibasso P4 with Hiflight Topkit  Opened to test.  Asking for $225 + 8.95 Shipping and 4% Paypal Fees.  Save yourself $80 with a brand new amp and topkit!  Please have feedback and verified paypal.  "Zero" posters will be ignored.  Not looking for trades.
  15. Predawnstar

    ibasso P4 vs ibasso PB2 or other suggestions

    Hi,everyone here! I want to buy a new amp for my DT1350 and TF10. Now I 'm considering on these two amps and I also have some questions about these amps. I know the ibasso PB2 is a balanced amp,will it be more better than the P4 if I just use the normal Aux in and 3.5mm phone out? And...
  16. dimmockg

    WTB: slim portable amp, something like Jds c5, leckerton uha4, headstage, picco etc etc

    As per the title really, I'm after a portable headphone amp, something like: • leckerton audio uha4 • jds labs c5 - may consider a c421 at the right price : fiio e12 (possibly) • headstage arrow : picc slim : alo continental • anything else 'slim and slender' and rechargeable (preferred)...
  17. Fringe

    Ibasso P4 opamp configuration for HD600

    Was curious if anyone had suggestions or a favorite configuration with the stock opamps that come with the P4 and the HD600. So far i like the AD797 in L/R and the  wideband buffers which i got from CJG888 in another thread but would like a little more bass. Also if anyone happens to have a...
  18. hauntedsounds

    iBasso p4 & my dt 990 600 ohms

    So I was looking for a portable amp that might be able to stand a chance against powering a pair of 600 ohm headphones. From what I gathered ,although intimidating at first, dt 990s are not as hard to drive as one might expect. Well, the amp I was using at the time, the fiio e11, would do a...
  19. chondro

    Ibasso P4 or PB 2 ?

    Hi Guys,   i have Sennheiser HD 25 I-II with Cowon J3 and i am looking head amp to boost the performance. after looking for headamp available in my town i considering 2 options, Ibasso PB2 or Ibasso P4. could you give me input on which one is best for my gear ? i mostly listen to jazz...
  20. geofree

    Govibe magnum or Ibasso p4

    Guys have decided on these 2 amp to purchase. But can't decide on which one. Some professional advice from owners or these two amps please. Ty
  21. Uchiya

    Ibasso P4 (Mint!) w/HiFlight Kit

    Selling a mint Ibasso (Silver) P4 with HiFlight Kit.  About 100 listening hours on the amp.  A fantastic sound, able to power my 600ohm DT880's.  Sticking to my ipod and portapros for travelling.  Selling for $185 + 3% paypal fees.  Please have feedback and a verified paypal account with a...
  22. imackler

    AKG K550 - one week old (Also interested in trading +/- cash for JDS O2/Neco Soundlab/Ibasso P4)

    These headphones are one week old; I bought them new. They are the best all around closed earphones I've heard and comfortable too. Personally, I prefer a darker sound like the HD600, even if the HD600 is open and not as comfortable.    Shipping US: $10 Priority Mail (Total of $250 for...
  23. imackler

    AKG-K550 - one week old (Willing to trade for JDS O2/Neco Soundlab/Ibasso P4 + cash )

    These headphones are one week old; I bought them new. They are the best all around closed earphones I've heard and comfortable too. Personally, I prefer a darker sound like the HD600, even if the HD600 is open and not as comfortable.   If you have other trade suggestions, shoot me a pm...
  24. Samehada

    iBasso P4 Warbler + HiFLight Opamp/Buffer Kit + 2x OPA627BP

    Selling here my Ibasso P4 Warbler currently equipped with 2x OPA627BP and 2x HA5002 Buffer.   Condition is used , some minor scratches here and there (iam actually using my gear :) )   Comes with:   German PSU , Warranty Card , Mini to Mini interconnect,  Basic OPA / Buffer Kit ...
  25. etys rule

    iBasso P4 Warbler like new pictures included

    PRICE REDUCED TO $125 I recently purchased this P4 to compare to my JDS Labs amps.  After careful listening, I've decided I enjoy the JDS sound signature more than the iBasso.  Although the iBasso is a fantastic amp on it's own, it's just not my cup of tea.  I purchased this amp from Fringe...