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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. phoenixdogfan
    You're completely correct. I was reading this and nodding my head. For me, there are 3 or 4 settings that work and two that work particularly well. I'm certain the A16 and/or custom measurements from Darrin will work even better, but I can say as an audiophile of 45 years who has had some legendary gear in his living room and listened to it on a daily basis, that the settings that I find working well sound an awful lot like the high end audio coming out of speaker systems, and for what I paid for it, that makes it a real bargain.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
  2. phoenixdogfan
    Another interesting tid bit regarding HRTF which I found in the Wikipedia is the possibility of adapting to presets recorded using another person's HRTF. Here's the quote:

    "If another person's ears were substituted, the individual would not immediately be able to localize sound, as the patterns of enhancement and cancellation would be different from those patterns the person's auditory system is used to. However, after some weeks, the auditory system would adapt to the new head-related transfer function."

    If you do any reading on the human brain and how it functions, you will in rapid order learn about a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. What neuroplasticity means is that the brain is very adaptable. If for example you were to experience a traumatic injury which damaged or destroyed parts of your visual cortex, another part of your brain could possibly take over and function as the visual cortex and restore your sight. Medical literature is replete with examples where this kind of thing happens.

    Or look at it another way. When you were 10 years old, your HRTF was different than it is today, yet somehow you never skipped a beat in using your auditory system to locate sounds because your brain was "plastic" enough to adapt to your changes in head size, ear pinnae, and body shape without missing a beat.

    So is it so implausible to believe that if you find a preset on OOYH that sounds close to speakers performing in a room and you continue listening to it, that your brain will adapt to this new HRTF and find it provides a convincing rendition?

    I, for one, think not. Maybe if some of the people who don't find the OOYH initially convincing would give it a few weeks or so with one presets they kinda like, they might find the software far more compelling than they ever imagined.
  3. castleofargh Contributor
    the difficulty with your scenario is that as humans we'll spend the rest of the day using our own cues, so it's different from being 24/7 with a new set of HRTF. what we'll get used to may be a different situation for the brain instead of the new normal. just like we get used to new headphones up to a point. I think of it like skiing vs walking. we get used to it and it can feel like a very natural way to move at some point, but the brain never confuses it for walking because it's never the only way to move. instead the brain just turns On a switch that says "ski time", it knows what it is instead of being fooled into a new reality. so the degree to which we will "conform" might depend on various elements and also work better for some people.
    but yeah brain plasticity is a marvel in itself. full immersion into a new reality is usually dealt with by the brain in a matter of hours(for tainted glass) or weeks(for something like inverting left and right sound).
    here is something making and destroying my point all at once ^_^.
  4. Nec3
    Out of your head also works great for gamers btw! I have Foobar set up to output to OOYH, and all the music is pushed back into the background. Game and VOIP volume is the closest in the center stage. It's a really cool 2 layer experience.
  5. manukmanohar
    Anyone here using HE-560 headphones? Would like to hear, which of the options sounded best with OOYH. (with HE-560)
  6. Elric
    Is anyone else having problems with OOYH after the Fall Creator's update? I have had to re-install it multiple times. If I try to test it, by pressing one of the play buttons it crashes. All audio if I get audio out of it is doubled and muffled.
  7. darinf
    Hi @Elric ,
    Yes, the Windows Creators Update has made a lot of changes to the Windows audio system.

    The changes they made broke our audio "test" buttons. (The green play buttons in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel.) So, please don't use them. Instead you can use the Test function in the Windows Sound Control Panel\Playback Devices.

    If the audio doesn't sound right in Out Of Your Head, most likely the speaker configuration needs to be set properly. (Windows Creator install resets the settings in the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio Device for some reason.)
    Even other Windows updates can reset the Out Of Your Head settings.
    To fix this, try this:

    Then if you still hear distortion, try this (even if you are not getting the output error bug):

    Hopefully that will fix the audio playback problems.

    I have tested Out Of Your Head on several Windows systems running Windows Fall Creators update.

    Elric likes this.
  8. Brooko Contributor
    Hey Darin - do you think there is ever likely to be a Linux version - or is it a bridge too far?

    I spend most of my time in Linux now and hardly miss Windows at all. But I really miss OOYH :frowning2:
    Elric likes this.
  9. darinf
    We currently don't have any plans for a Linux version unfortunately. But, we are reworking a lot of stuff and it might be relatively easy to port a version over to Linux. No promises though. (I don't even have a Linux machine to use for testing at the moment...)

    Sorry I don't have anything solid to tell you about at this point.

    What apps do you use for media playback on Linux?

  10. Brooko Contributor
    Most of the time I use a paid version of JRiver Media Centre - occasionally Clementine or Amarok.
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  11. Richter Di
    I could speak about how annoying the whole right measurement issue was and how many messages Darin Fong and I exchanged until he send me a .lic file which finally worked with all the three presets I bought.
    I could also speak about how quickly Darin answered even during weekends. Chapeau!
    But I choose to speak about something different.

    The Out of Your head software is incredible depended on the headphone you use. The biggest surprise were some old Bose inEars I have since years. I really had to take them out to make sure that the sound wasn't coming from my Laptop. Wow.
    So try it with all your headphones before you say they are not working for you.
    Nec3 likes this.
  12. Nec3
    I found sources with good imaging and are relatively flat in frequency response (HD600) to work really nicely with OOYH. I bought the Quad ESL speaker setting, I just wanted a bigger laid back sound for background music.

    When you say Bose, do you mean the Bose IE2? If you did, which setting did you pick?
  13. musicreo
    I think OOYH don't use any headphone compensation? Then this effect is not suprising.
    For earbuds or inEars the headphone related transfer function is not so pronounced as for open full size headphones. Usually for headphones like for example the AKG 701 or HD600 compensation filters are more important.
  14. Richter Di
    Oh this Windows Update killed me. I had to re-install the complete Out Of Your Head before anything worked again.
  15. Happydog

    Thank you very much for that tip.... I tried various combinations with the demo software and other info here in this thread.
    It was a bit frustrating with only a few minutes of output and then what the demo version of OOYH does (goes silent without
    paid versions of anything).

    What works for me....
    - Install OOYH software and verify sound output is correctly playing. I used OOYH in demo mode with my FLAC source and VLC Media Player
    as a test of output using my standard Realtek HD Audio output driver (24 bit 48K sampling). Note OOYH Virtual Audio Device is present in
    audio devices but just ignore it and use you standard output (Realtek HD in my case). Verified output from FLAC sources and
    switched several speakers in demo mode.

    - Close down OOYH software

    - Setup Foobar first (don't have OOYH running yet)....
    DS Speakers (OOYH - Virtual Audio Device)

    - Startup OOYH and select your Speaker system to demo

    - Start Foobar playing your source track

    - DS Primary - also works fine.
    - DS Realtek - bypasses OOYH completely in my F2K - no effect (plays my FLAC in standard sound).
    - WASAPI output doesn't work with OOYH.
    - DS Realtek WASAPI same as DS Realtek - bypasses OOYH completely in F2K (plays my FLAC source in standard sound).

    - OOYH Demo software will pop up license message and then will go silent as a filter (F2K shows playing but no sound). This behavior
    is fine except added a layer of confusion for me when setting up OOYH.

    - OOYH sounds fantastic....I have AKG Reference Headphones (K550's) - incredible sound. It's rather startling actually
    on a number of speaker setups. I very much appreciate the demo mode.

    - Overall - Amazing!! :)))
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