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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. laserjet6
    Hi all,
    I just installed OOYH on a new computer (i7 7700k, z270, Win 10 creators update, x64)

    I installed the version 1298c and all seems to be ok, except when I click the green play button under each channel the program freezes and stops. When I open the Sound control panel and click on test under the "configure" options for OOYH it plays the test sound for every channel without problem (the sound seems correct, and the bars move in OOYH). I tried OOYH version 1293 and it does the same. Seems to be an interface problem.

    Does anyone experience the same?
  2. darinf
    Hi @laserjet6,
    Yes I just notice the other day that with Windows 10 Creators, the green play buttons in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel cause Out Of Your Head to crash. Sorry about that. We are looking into a fix.

    For now, as you found, you can use the Windows "Test" audio function instead.
  3. x7007
    what is the best way to capture the sound from a game using the Asus Strix Raid DLX sound card ?

    With what program is the best to capture the multichannel speakers ? I want to record and hear the differences between the Asus Virtual Surround , Atmos , Sonic and post on youtube so we can compare.

    For example if I want to capture using the Virtual Surround of the Asus Strix and if it's the same as capturing the windows 10 Atmos or Sonic ?

    What program does it the best ?

    Msi AfterBurner Video Recording - which should be easiest for me to use at the moment
    Open Broadcaster Software
    Use Windows 10 Game Bar

    Can you tell me if you hear surround here ? I tried to video capturing it with Msi AfterBurner with Atmos-Headphones 7.1 enabled.

    Last edited: May 3, 2017
  4. darinf
    Hi @x7007 ,
    I am not 100% sure what you are asking, but...
    If you are talking about recording or capturing the processed audio signal from Out Of Your Head, you can digitally record the processed, two channel output from Out Of Your Head using Audacity.
    Here's a link to the instructions for Windows:

    Let me know if that's what you were asking.
  5. x7007
    I understand , thank you for the guide.

    So what would be the differences between Out of your head to Atmos and Sonic ? would it have different experience for anyone who tried all of them ? any preferences for gaming/movies ? what would be the best virtual surround experience for gaming compare to lets say also the new GSX 1000 and all the others.
  6. x7007
    I understand , thank you for the guide.

    So what would be the differences between Out of your head to Atmos and Sonic ? would it have different experience for anyone who tried all of them ? any preferences for gaming/movies ? what would be the best virtual surround experience for gaming compare to lets say also the new GSX 1000 and all the others.
  7. darinf
    Hi @x7007 ,
    Since as a "Member of the Trade" here on Head-Fi, I am not sure if I can comment on other "competing" products.
    But that's why we have a free trial so you can evaluate the differences yourself using your headphones and your gear.

    Maybe others who are familiar with Out Of Your Head can chime in instead of me.

    I can say that the biggest difference with our technology is that Out Of Your Head processing uses actual measurements of real speakers in real rooms. The realism we achieve is hard to reproduce with a computer generated sound effect. That is why you can hear the differences between different brands of speakers and the acoustics of the room when using Out Of Your Head. It can be roughly compared to the difference between 3D computer animation vs. a video or film of an actual scene. Reality is hard to replicate by computer generation, but not hard to replicate by recording reality.

    Most of the virtual surround technologies are computer generated audio effects. Out Of Your Head is not.

  8. x7007
    Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear xD
  9. x7007
    This program always crashing when I'm trying to playback in the software main menu.

    Faulting application name: Out_Of_Your_Head.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57df7e85
    Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x00007ffa291d4000
    Faulting process id: 0x231c
    Faulting application start time: 0x01d2c505bda67bdd
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Darin Fong Audio\Out Of Your Head\Out_Of_Your_Head.exe
    Faulting module path: unknown
    Report Id: 64d8adad-9e5d-4023-9feb-12a57fa74cbb
    Faulting package full name:
    Faulting package-relative application ID:
  10. darinf
    Hi @x7007 ,
    Are you running Windows 10 Creators version?
    Are you experiencing the crash when you click on the green "play" buttons in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel?

    If so, then yes, there is a bug with Creators version where the Play buttons in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel will cause Out Of Your Head to crash. I posted about that earlier in the thread.

    Sorry about that bug. We are working on a fix.

    In the meantime, please don't use the play buttons in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel if you are running Windows 10 Creators version. If you want to send a test tone to each channel, use the "Test" function in the Windows Control Panel\Sound\Playback window.

    If that's not the problem, please explain in more detail what is causing the crash. I am not sure exactly what you mean by, "when I'm trying to playback in the software main menu."


  11. x7007

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Thank you ! the windows test didn't work till I change from default 32bit 48Khz to any 24 or 16 . then back to 32bit and it still worked. as much as I read on the changelog and stuff. I might missed or forgot about the arrow. but it works now.

    Another question, why is the volume so low ? when I'm using the normal sound Asus Strix card volume when it's 68 on bar , the volume is very high and it sound great. when using the virtual out of head with 68 , it's very low . does it detect my headphones as High Impedance ? because my headphones are 600 Ohms, and I think that's why the volume goes low. how can I change that ?

    Also what are the differences between the profiles ? the game profile suppose to be the best for gaming or should I look for another one with Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohms Studio headphones ? I mean it sounds great, but could it be better ?

    Any chance it will pass through the sound card or Impedance setting so it will stay 600 ohms ? or to have this setting in the out of the head settings ?
    Last edited: May 4, 2017
  12. x7007
    Guys, which one did you find the best for gaming/movies/music ? so I would focus on that if you already been through a lot of them,, gaming profile has too much echo.

    I liked the BandW B&W D3 speakers profile which is the last one.

    I don't know if it's an issue or if it's how it's suppose to be.

    but first the volume is really low even when I'm at the max 100% in windows + 6 db in the out of your head main menu. and the game volume is low compare to the normal headphones configuration Asus Strix Raid DLX ( High Impedance set ) + Windows 10 Creators Atmos 7.1 Virtual surround enabled 68% in windows and 15% in game is triple loud compared.

    second there is no spatial position. for example in the video I posted in youtube. you can clearly hear the box goes around you and goes far from you . there is sound depth in the game. I don't hear that with Out of your head , the sound stays the same no matter where I'm in the game by position it's not getting weaker when I'm far or higher when I'm nearer . and the position when I move 180 degrees stays almost the same.

    I wish you could do it or add spatial surround system like the Atmos or other virtual surround because it has surround depth to it.
    Last edited: May 6, 2017
  13. x7007
    The discount coupon doesn't work anymore..

    can someone help me I want to buy the software for $99 + 1 present ...

    please someone
  14. darinf
    Hi @x7007 ,
    Sorry about not responding sooner. But I did respond to your e-mail. (The notifications are a little flakey here.)

    First, whenever running Out Of Your Head , you must completely disable any other virtualization software like Atmos Virtual Surround, Razer, Dolby Headphone, etc. Those are all trying to do similar things and cannot be compounded "on top" of each other. The effect will sound completely weird.

    That clip you posted is already processed with Atmos virtualization for headphones. So you cannot use it with Out Of Your Head enabled. Again, you are compounding virtualization processing on top of each other. It's pre-rendered with headphone processing already so it's 2 channel binaural audio in the YouTube video you posted. It will not work with Out Of Your Head. You need an original multi-channel source.

    As far as the volume level goes, many people experience clipping when playing loud music or a loud movie. So the default input and output levels in Out Of Your Head is lower. It will not be the same level as without Out Of Your Head. The main reason is that each channel on the output is the sum of all the sound coming from all channels. So your left ear is getting all the sound your left ear would hear if you in a room with 8 speakers. That can add up significantly especially during an explosion in a movie or similar. We do not do any compression or limiting unlike other systems. So the dynamic range can be huge.

    But, if the output level is too low, the best place to turn up the level is on your DAC or amp. So in your case, you mention that you have your DAC (Asus Strix) set at 68%. While this may be fine for listening without Out Of Your Head, with Out Of Your Head, turn up the volume on your DAC until you get acceptable levels. Yes, you will have to turn it back down when you exit Out Of Your Head. This method is better than turning all the levels up in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel since you could get clipping.

    Also, in the game you can turn up the volume past 15% but back it down if you hear clipping in Out Of Your Head.

    The specials we run are typically during trade shows. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of any specials or sales.

  15. darinf
    FYI, I will be this week's guest on Scott Wilkinson's Home Theater Geeks show tomorrow (5/18) live at 2:00pm PST. During the live show, you can also go to their chat room and ask questions if you want.

    Hope to "see" you there!
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