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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. laserjet6
    ... well, than hurry up, they have a sale ongoing.
    I got it a year ago and I don't use my headphones without it anymore. For me its great for gaming and movies.
    I wish there was an android version.

    @darinf, what are you planning for the next version update and when will we see one?
    Also, any chance we will see android version one day?

    Thank you
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  2. darinf
    Thanks for posting your experience @Happydog !
    Actually FooBar will work with Out Of Your Head and WASAPI, but DS is easier.
    For WASAPI, you need to enable the MultiResampler in your DSP chain and set it to resample everything to 48KHz.
    Then when you select "DSD: WASAPI (push): OOYH Virtual Audio Device), it should work through Out Of Your Head.

    But honestly I think just setting the output to "DS: Primary Sound Driver" is the easiest way.

    @laserjet6, Yes, our Black Friday sale is going on right now until Monday night! Check our Facebook or Twitter or Instagram posts.
    We are still working on upgrading our engine to work better with Windows and Mac.
    After that we will be trying to tackle mobile devices, but we are a LONG way off from that...
  3. asubert
    Hi. I am looking for a headphone systeme to watch movies on the big screen when baby is sleeping for my wife and I. I found different option, like SOny headphonem OOYH or dolby headphone.

    1) what headphone do you recommend for movie
    2) OOYH is it worth the price?
    3) how does it compare with SOny HW700?
    4) Are the dts x headphone, mainly for gaming any good for movies compare to OOYH?

    I did research, but there is not so much info on how to watch movie with surrroound sound and headphone. Info are confusing...

    Sorry if it has been already discuss...
  4. laserjet6
    Hi Asubert,
    I use OOYH to watch movies at night with headphones and for me it is great.
    I can't compare it to hardware solutions, but I couldn't find a software that would sound as good to me as OOYH.
    I pair it with AKG K701 and ODAC+O2 amplifier, and it sounds absolutely great.

    This is the only solution I tried where I had to put the headphones down to check that the sound is not coming from speakers in the room.
    It was worth the money (I bought it when they had 50% discount, which happens one or twice a year)
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  5. davidland
    learn something here, thank you
  6. Richter Di
    I had to de-install and re-install OOYH at least three times in the last couple of weeks. I always ended up with OOYH producing shreeky sounds. No idea why.
  7. darinf
    Hi @Richter Di ,
    Generally there is no reason to uninstall and reinstall Out Of Your Head. SOmetimes it can actually cause problems.

    Lately, the Windows 10 updates from Microsoft, for whatever reason, can reset the settings on the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio Device. When Out Of Your Head is installed, the installer sets that device up, but for some reason, Windows 10 can sometimes reset the required settings to something that will not work.

    There are two things to check:

    First this:

    Then if that doesn't fix it, then try this:

    Of course you can always contact me directly if you need tech support.
  8. oppman99
    Purchased the software and a few presets during the Black Friday sale. It’s definitely fun to play around with and gives me the imaging I miss from my speaker rig. Lately I have been noticing a bit of distortion every few minutes. I did run into something similar when switching presets in the middle of a song before I bought the license. Seems to happen more often if I am using internet so I am thinking it is resource related. Anyone else notice anything like this? Just curious if there might be an easy fix.
  9. darinf
    Hi @oppman99 ,
    First, thank you for your purchase!

    One thing to try is to make sure your CPU is not set to power down or go into a low power state. In Windows, you can set your power profile to "High Performance". On macOS, I am not sure there's anything you can do.

    But on some macOS Sierra/High Sierra systems and some Windows Creators Edition computers, background activity can affect the Out Of Your Head processing engine. It doesn't always seem to be correlated to actual CPU power.
    It can help to disable any background tasks like cloud backups, virus scanning, etc.

    We are working on completely rewriting our processing engine to be more compatible with the latest Mac and Windows versions. I am not sure when we will have something to release. Also the sound quality of the new engine will be exactly the same, so no need to worry about that.

  10. Nec3
    I was just having those shrill squeeky noises haha. Your first link with speaker setup worked perfectly.
  11. Richter Di
    I tried to use them, but my Windows laptop with Windows 10 just does not show 7.1 settings, 5.1 is all I get. So tip one doesn’t work and tip 2 does not do the trick. So deinstalling and reinstalling have been so far my only option.
  12. darinf
    Hmm... That is really strange. I have never seen a system where the Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio Device only shows 5.1 instead of 7.1. I am not sure how that's even possible. But with Windows, anything is possible...
    The Out Of Your Head Virtual Audio Device is installed as a 7.1 capable device.

    So, yes, in that case, reinstalling was required. Hopefully reinstalling fixed the problem? It sounds like you got it working again eventually. Sorry about having to do that.

  13. Richter Di
    Okay, this time OOYH first worked and then it stopped and started to produce the shrieky noise.
    This time I tried once more your bug fixes and it showed 7.1 and worked.
    But 5 - 10 minutes for nothing twice a week? That can't be right.
  14. Nec3
    Hi, I have a general question about high end speaker set ups. Do they usually sound like walls of reverb? I bought the Quad ESL Speakers which sounds amazing with an HD600. Honestly it sounds like the drivers are placed outside the headphones and the sound just let my ears relax which maintains the same signature of the HD600 (except with more bass :smile_phones:).

    But now I'm looking for an effect for my iSine 20's, and most of these effects sound pretty hollow with a fatiguing upper mid boost.
  15. oppman99
    Try the Sashas. That is the setting that has been the most consistently good for me.
    Nec3 likes this.
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