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Out Of Your Head - new virtual surround simulator

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by project86, Nov 7, 2013.
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  1. Zenvota
    Mpc hc can decode atmos?
  2. jaakkopasanen
    It really seems so. Playing the Dolby TrueHD Atmos test tracks available in demo-world site have no issues with MPC-HC. I even confirmed that I had the Dolby TrueHD audio track selected. VLC on the other hand cannot play the audio nicely. There is a VLC developer confirming this on VideoLAN Forums. You can test it yourself, install MPC-HC and download couple of Dobly atmos test tracks.
  3. Zenvota
    Mpc hc can bitstream atmos to an avr that can decode but i dont believe it can decode atmos and output pcm to ooyh

    I believe Ircam Hear can decode atmos, not sure how you send the audio to it though, maybe as vst in jriver it intercepts the bitstream? /shrug
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  4. jaakkopasanen
    I don't know about AVRs, I only have Windows PC, OOYH and ODAC+O2 to my headphones. So no hardware to decode the atmos. OOYH is playing very nicely with Atmos test tracks. All input channels are activating and I'm hearing very good surround effect.

    I also got the bass fixed for PBN and Gamer presets with Equalizer APO. This looking very well worth the full licence.
  5. Zenvota
    Ok, ya thats just the truehd base track, theres not any atmos object data that you're hearing. However, "The Encounter" atmos demo does sound like it goes overhead in the first front left to rear right pan its pretty neat.

    I agree ooyh is well worth the $150 if one of the presets HRTFs work well with you. Ive tried every surround virtualization and nothing comes close to ooyh. I also went through every preset and noted which ones didnt properly render certain frequencies for me(i.e. missing sub bass, missing bass guitar, missing snare drum, etc.). For me the genelec room worked perfectly.

    Instead of using equalizer apo i put a dual 31 band graphic analog eq in line between my dac and amp and it flattens out my audeze el8 very well. I also split the line out from the dac to an art crossover to use with bass shakers, which really helps with the immersion.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  6. Avean
    Anyone tried this for gaming or is it strictly for movies and music?
  7. Zenvota
    I've used it for gaming it's excellent. It does require some hardware for fidelity though. The gamer preset has a 1 week trial and is only $25 so try it out. Im using a 4770k any increased latency was unnoticeable
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  8. Nec3
    OOYH is better than CS:GO's built-in HRTF stereo DSP or Razer's Surround Sound.

    Counterstrike: Global Offensive's HRTF sounds like a Boston Cream Donut, and OOYH's gaming preset sounds like a Chocolate Dip Donut. You get more chocolate detail surrounding the donut with the OOYH, but you also don't have the creamy filling that messes up the sweet goodness of the chocolate. Both of which taste better with a good coffee, I mean, sound good with a good headphone.
  9. Avean
    Best ive read in months haha :) It is amazing. I tried it out several times and compared it to Razer Surround, Dolby Headphone and more. Its alot more detailed and the sound is very clean. Best ive heard so far.
  10. jaakkopasanen
    I tried it out yesterday in Fortnite. The effect was amazing even though the gamer preset is not the best for me. FPS gaming is by far the best use case for me. Also tried Witcher 3, that didn't work quite as well, the sounds seemed to be coming from weird locations.
  11. laserjet6
    Hi Darin,

    Are you still actively developing OOYH? I noticed that you last updated the app almost a year ago...
    If yes, can you hint what are you working on? (Android app?, more than 7.1 channels with Atmos support?, etc.)

    Richter Di likes this.
  12. darinf
    Hi @laserjet6 ,
    Thanks for posting.

    Yes! We are always in development with various things.
    To be honest, most of our development time is keeping up with changes in macOS and Windows. It's sad to say that we have been working on rewriting our engine just to mitigate changes in the audio systems of macOS and Windows. THen everytime we think we're close, more changes come down the line and we have to redo a lot of the work we've already done. It's been quite frustrating.
    On other fronts, we have been working on a version for mobile devices for a long time now and still don't have anything ready. Likewise, we are also working on supporting more than 8 channels. That's an obvious direction to go.
    We are a small company, just me and a programmer, so we don't have the resources to hire a big development staff and get this all done quickly. I wish we could, but I also didn't want to go the route of crowd funding for many reasons. It seems that even raising tons of cash is no guarantee of success.

    But, we are still here plugging away... I know it's been a long time since we've released an update. Sorry about that, but we are trying the best we can and I still think Out Of Your Head in its current release still holds up when compared to other options available.

    BTW, we are having a CanJam SoCal show special now too if you want to buy a copy for 50% off...

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  13. ratboi
    Can you say Crater Update?? :astonished:

    Low kiloton yield, and yet...

    Yes, everyone - it is time to grab some serious Out of Your Head experience, at half price none the less!! Buy a gaming addin, and give the code to a friend, and they can play the whole thing (kinda) for just $12.50. Take some samples for yourself (maybe some B&W?), and just try to avoid the fentanil...

    Darin maybe should be circumspect, but I don't see any problem shilling for something I think is easily worth the price of admission, and then some - even at regular price. The sale goes to the end of 12 April...
  14. ray-dude
    I sold my B&Ws last weekend, so this is the only way you’ll be able to hear them :wink:

    @darinf i have some new speakers for you...give me a couple more weeks to dial them in
  15. Takeanidea
    Have you tried the hardware that OOYH is based on? The Smyth Realiser A8?
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