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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. gunwale
    Thanks for the info. I plan test all the 8w at thier hq.

    Anyways, are pairing hyla ce 5 with eros? What is EA eos?
  2. ctaxxxx
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  3. gunwale
    So it is like eros. I tried eros 4w and i dont like it. I like ares.

    Right now both of them are actually on bad terms and ms no longer carries ea cables.
  4. liquidrats
    I actually feel that zen performs better than ares for mkii. I suggest you give a try.
  5. ctaxxxx
    What? It sounds nothing like the Eros. Eros is not lean at all. They're more like opposites. I even said it's basically an improved Ares...

    How does it compare? I didn't bother because I didn't want something too warm like the No.5 cable.
  6. liquidrats
    Ares II have a bit aggressive mids and upper treble - what zen does it even it out and smoothen it out and sounds more balanced to me. At least more enjoyable - the cable feels better too something like No.5.
  7. gunwale
    Cool. I thought it would sound like eros.

    I will try zen and plussound tri copper soon.

    Meanwhile i tried audio genetics qc24.

    It has very good details and not warm like pw no5
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  8. gunwale
    I just tried lion heart 8w, eros 8w, thor 8w and ares 8w.

    I only tested it with left side oriolus and right side early. (it has similar sound to hyla ce5)

    Comparing ares 4w and 8w is like day and night.

    The ares 4w sounds open and wide with good bass attack. Ares 8w is dark.. Too dark for me... The highs and lows are extremely well extended... I heard the fullest gong ever on anything even fourte with stock cable or hyla with ares 4w or pw no 5 doesnt stand a chance.

    The only issue is it has very soft piano attack. The treble of piano is slight slow and soft.

    Eros 8w sounds like ares with sweeter vocal. Ares 4 bass is still better than eros 8 but the vocal is not sweet and seducing. Eros 4 is more peaky and veil. Eros 8 does not have the lows and the highs of ares 8 but it has good treble attack. In general eros 8 is sweet very similar to how anole vx sounded but less sweet.

    Lion heart 8 is very very smooth. Everything got pushed back and very well controlled and smooth. I think it will pair's good with lola.

    Thor 8 and thor plus sounds like louder version of thor. Everything is louder and more in your face. I didnt pay much attention to the thors.

    They also loaned me a leonidas the very first one not leonidas ii. It sounds like more silver than silver. Everything is bright and clear. Eros ii 8w is sweet but this leonidas is just nice and not sweet or seducing. It is not fluid like lion heart too. I guess leonidas has very bright reference sound which can be fatiguing at loud volume. Although it is bright the other frequency are still very well presented like bass sub bass and mid which is far ahead of thor ii.

    Right now i am actually addicted with audio genetics qc 24... I might go and try the 8w version.

    It is a very good cable for pop song. Punchy deep bass slightly pushed back mid and you can hear all the hidden sounds clearly. I am rediscovering my pop song playlist again...

    Aside from sound the build quality isnt that good. There are microphonics when they move and quite rigid. The build looks like the very first version of ea cable but they are quite new anyway.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  9. ctaxxxx
    You have the 4-wire or 8-wire?

    Did you happen to bring your Hyla's with you? I always wanted to try the Lionheart (4-wire) with the CE-5.

    Interesting you thought the Ares 8-wire sounded dark. It may be because the larger soundstage pushes everything back, so it loses its intimacy. I really like it though, and may stick with 8-wire cables from now on. Everything just sounds more grand, as if the IEM became an open back.

    Also, we may want to start posting in the IEM cable thread. We are starting to get off topic from the Oriolus IEMs.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  10. 1TrickPony
    On the contrary. I find this highly useful. I've stepped on my cable by accident and the 2 pin got damaged (thank goodness it wasn't the v2!) So I'm keeping an eye out for alternatives. The pw5 required a different set of ear tips but man, the vocals just became emotionally enchanting). Figured an aresii will for now.
  11. liquidrats
    4-wire, as I am comparing with Zen 4-wire too.
  12. JuanLuis91
    How compared the Oriolus Finschi with Dunu Falcon C? Any comparisson?

  13. dhc0329
    Per recommendation from twister6 I tried out Oriolus Mellianus. Dang, this was the best IEM I have ever heard out of more than dozen totl iems.
    Fits like custom and sounds so organic/smooth with unsurpassed clarity and enchanting deep bass..Makes me feel like dropping everything but
    Solaris I still adore, although it has horrible ergonomic.
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  14. Bitsir
    Got a nice deal at $599 for brand new Oriolus V2, stock cable tough as far as I could tell.

    Coming next week, hopefully.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  15. equalspeace

    I have the Oriolus Mk2 with the Ares 2 8 wire also and to me it just sounds utterly perfect. So happy with this combo.
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