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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. HungryPanda
    As I only use mine with my desktop amp or DX200 I would think so
  2. 1TrickPony
    Yes and no. It really has to do with your setup, source/dap and cable/impedance.
    Sometimes I don't amp, but when I do I get to appreciate the presentation of layers and frequencies for example.
  3. Ultrainferno
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  4. esn89
    Would the Hyla CE-5 be considered an upgrade to the Oriolus Reborn?
  5. echineko
    I didn't think so, mainly because of the thin mids. Ended up selling mine at the time, compared to the mk2.

    If you value mids, probably not.
  6. Virtu Fortuna
  7. ctaxxxx
    They're almost opposites. They complement each other though, which is why I have both.
  8. gunwale
    I think the oriolus mk2 / reborn is perfect for what they are.

    It really depends on your own sound preferences.

    If you like oriolus sound signature you can play with tips / cables / dac /amp /dap / eq to do minor tweaks.

    There are many iems that are quite the opposite of oriolus and they are not better but just tuned or sound different.

    So far other than oriolus sound signature i like aroma early (and owned it) although i have tested most of the aroma witch girl and musical box series.

    I wanted to sell my oriolus but then again havent only 1 type of sound is too lonely!!! :D
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  9. ctaxxxx
    Thought I'd provide an update to this post I made last year. I finally got the Ares II 8-wire cable from Effect Audio. It's by far my favorite cable pairing for my tastes.

    Ares II 8-wire: Spacious warmth and clarity. The 8-wire really gives these IEMs a larger sense of stage. The (upper-)treble is in a perfect sweet spot with great air and does not have that lower treble harshness the 4-wire version had. The mids are more detailed and present like the Thor II, but without that dry and thin Silver-wire tonality that I didn't like. The bass is the most impressive part about this cable. It doesn't have that rounded, thick bass that over powers the mids (like the Thor II). It's tight and punches hard with great impact without feeling bloated like other copper cables. Gives the mk2 a faster sense of speed that the No.5 does not.

    This cable is perfect if you find the PW Audio No.5 cable too warm and muddy, or a silver cable too bright and dry. I will add though that the upper-treble may be too much if you listen loudly (this may be due to the Spinfits though). I find it more bearable than the usual lower-treble emphasis imo. This cable also adds more vocal clarity, so it's not recommended if you want buttery smooth vocals, unless your source is pretty warm.

    Source: DX200 and AMP8

    Eartips: SpinFit CP145? (medium)
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  10. gunwale
    I am upgrading my thor ii to eros ii soon. I am also going to test it with plussound tri copper and tri silver soon.

    I just testes it roughly with leo ii. Leo has less sparkle compared to thor ii but more articulated mid.

    I have not tried ares but i like pw no5 the least.

    A good tip to increase the boldness of oriolus is symbio and peel off the orange foam.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  11. ctaxxxx
    I forgot I've heard these with the Eros II as well, but I thought the synergy was even worse than the Thor II that I didn't listen for very long. It had the mid-bass bloat like the Thor, but without the clarity of being pure silver. Vocals sounded really veiled or something. Did not like it at all...

    I've never heard Plussound cables, but their tri series sound interesting.
  12. ncristia
    Did you use the upgrade offer from Effect and how long did it take? If you did can the 4 wire just be put in an envelope and sent off to Singapore?
    Thank you for you impressions.
  13. ctaxxxx
    No, just the 4-wire version. Ares is the only 8-wire bespoke I've heard.

    I've read it can take 2 weeks once they receive it.
  14. gunwale
    Oh god... I have just paid for 8 wire eros...

    I hope it still remains the silver clarity and decrease the veilness of mid and gives it a fuller sounding mid.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
  15. ctaxxxx
    8-wire usually has better linearity, so you might get less bass bloat and better definition in the mids.

    The Eros II 4-wire had more upper bass that made the mids fuller, but had no upper mid emphasis like the Ares or Thor. This combination is probably why it sounded pretty veiled. The treble was pretty neutral, so I had no complaints there. It was less present than the Thor, but had better extension than the Ares 4-wire for sure.
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