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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Ojisan
    Does anyone have relative impressions of MkII vs Finschi vs Hyla CE-5???

    I understand different price bracket but curious about tonal trends and resolution of each.
  2. narco dacunzolo
    this is from headfonia:

    vs. Oriolus MK2: The MK2 still remains the flagship Oriolus IEM. The difference is of course night and day, but presentation wise the Finschi performs brighter and slightly flatter when compared. The mids of the entry level performer are crisp yet lack the musicality and body that the MK2 gives.

    vs. Oriolus Forsteni: The Forsteni has a little larger subbass and overall bass performance. The Finschi plays the bass notes “softer” and gives crisp mids just like its brother. However the Forsteni has a better treble response with better control, and it doesn’t have that lower treble boost. Overall of course the Forsteni is better with a similar sound presentation. The Finschi deserves the recognition for what it does for the price though.
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  3. Hinomotocho
    I tried the Forsteni last year at e earphone (which included the 4.4mm cable), but at the time was focused on a Sony progression to the XBA-Z5.
    I was in Japan in January and tried the Finschi and almost bought them but there was something about the mids/treble that didn't feel right for my ears.
    I was about to buy a secondhand Forsteni but there was a vibration at certain frequencies on the left side, by chance they offered me to try the original Oriolus which I ended up with.
  4. gunwale

    This is my current tip for my oriolus mk2.

    Acoustune small tip attached to a spin fit twin blade.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  5. papa_mia
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  6. 1TrickPony
    Do you get the open upper highs with this tip combo???
  7. Ojisan
    Late to the game but I have now had Hyla CE-5 and Oriolus Mk2 for a few weeks and really enjoying their signature. Probably nothing new for many here but I thought I pitch in my 3-way impression with Andromeda.

    I primarily come from desktop rig where I mainly use Stax L700/Utopia/HD800. I generally favor a brighter tone but with good body/mids as I listen to a lot of acoustic instrumentals.

    Andromeda was my top IEM but the fit always bothered me. A little bit too wide, a ridge near the nozzle presses on my ear, and the nozzle too wide/short for good seal unless I use a comply T500. The tone is tricky as it varies with the source (iPhone vs desktop) but I always felt that there is a unique "honk" to its sound.

    I decided that CE-5 and Mk2 seemed like a good value (not ready to drop $2k on an IEM...) and a suitably used ones came up so I took the chance.

    Below is a look at Andromeda, Mk2, and CE-5. I believe the Andromeda and Mk2 share a similar nozzle shape/size/depth. CE-5 is distinctively longer with a different profile.

    Andromeda is the thinnest of the three, followed by CE-5, and then Mk2. So for me, the comfort ranking is CE-5 > Mk2 > Andromeda.

    OriMkII1.jpg OriMkII2.jpg

    For the sound signature, CE-5 is V-shaped but it has the best bass of all. However, I have had the most "lost in music" experience with CE-5 so far. There's something really special about this one. Mk2 seems more balanced with very nice mids. Below is an eq setting that I came up with (it's only a ballpark, not scientifically tweaked) to make Mk2 sound like Andromeda. I believe this peak/trough contributes to the honkiness that I hear in Andromeda. Let me know if you try and agree/disagree :)


    I played around with cables too and so far I prefer the EA Ares II 8 wire or Oidio Pellucid Plus SPC cable with Mk2. PW cable that came with Mk2 seems to bring the mids too forward to my taste. For some soft recordings, this might be good but I prefer the slightly relaxed and balanced sound of EA 8 wire and the cooler sound of Oidio with Mk2. ctaxxxx's comments seem to resonate for me.

    In contrast, the CE-5 benefits from PW cable to make up for the V-shaped signature and bring a little more meat to the mids.

    Let's see what else I find after I go through more of my music library. Bottom line, these are very nice and addicting IEMs :)
  8. Arghavan
    There is a new Oriolus in town! Oriolus Percivali
    photos courtesy of Xtenik Audio on Instagram. I have no specs/price yet.
    3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  9. Ojisan
    This report says 2xestat, 2xBA, 1xDD (5 driver) hybrid. Sounds pricey...
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  10. Arghavan
  11. liquidrats
    wow.. that price. I tried one iem from softear which had similar drive configuration. very nice!
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  12. Ojisan
    A follow up to my earlier post:

    I wasn't 100% comfortable with Oriolus Mk2's fit with Comply/Spiral dots. I was digging through my drawer last weekend and found my old Yamaha EPH-100. Since I saw some earlier posts about double flange tips, I thought it might be nice if the Yamaha double flange fits. It turns out that Yamaha tips are a perfect fit for Mk2 and I got the much needed isolation and deeper insert!

    The picture below shows this relative to Hyla CE-5 with Spiral Dots which I get the perfect depth and isolation. The sound is much more balanced now compared to the Comply foams. For the heck of it, I also tried the SpinFit twin blade. While they have similar depth to the Yamaha, Spinfit doesn't seem to isolate well and doesn't hold in place very well, maybe due to thinner blades.

    So, if you ever felt that Oriolus Mk2's short nozzle wasn't for you, the Yamaha tip may save the day for you. It actually solved my Andromeda's short nozzle/fit problem too. Unfortunately, it seems very difficult to buy just the Yamaha tips. I saw a listing on e-earphone.jp for 1480yen and that's the only place I have found so far. At least I have a happy combo now :)

  13. liquidrats
    IMG-20190407-WA0006.jpeg Anyone knows where i can fix this? I dropped it and broke... To a few pieces..
  14. HungryPanda
    Use IE800 glue to put pieces together
  15. drbluenewmexico
    hey Panda!
    what's ie800 glue? Where does one get that?? Thank you!
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