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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. rtaylor76
    I signed up in late August and I have yet to hear anything.
  2. Rhum
    I've received Unit 7 of the Oppo PM-3 and will be listening over the next week. My opening impressions are that they are a treat to listen to. I hope to have a more in depth review next week.
  3. raisedbywolves

    yeah, to be honest, that's exactly what i was noticing. mtrivedi20 has seemingly had them for well over a week. shouldn't there be someone to oversee the time limits on people and make sure people aren't more or less keeping them for themselves?
  4. psklenar
    I think "over a month" may be more accurate. :frowning2:
  5. Noobzilla
    Oppo should require an ID verification. Not sure if you can send pictures through PM. 
  6. bbieringer
    ah, darn. that's really unfortunate to hear. I've been waiting several weeks myself..
    sounds like this program is getting derailed. I hope I as well as the rest of you will be able to try a pair for a week
  7. psklenar
    Looks like they have forwarded #8 to the next person ... you're next after them!
  8. mbosco
    Patience everyone.  It took 5-6 weeks to get my loaner so I think it varies based on where you are located.  I'm sure Oppo would be taking care of it if they had concerns on the process.
    Also, I shipped #5 to the next in line today.  Will post my thoughts shortly.
  9. burrrcub
    Met up with hometeamboy this morning pick up and receive PM-3 Unit #1.
  10. Vividcard
    One step closer to me!!!
  11. rtaylor76
    I've been waiting 10-weeks. Not complaining, just saying.
  12. Jiffy Squid
    Yep, unit #8 is experiencing delays at the moment. I'm preparing a few additional units to send out if I don't see any movement on them in the next few days.
    Edit: Unit #4 is on the move again.
    rtaylor76 and psklenar like this.
  13. CyberSyringe
    Received unit. Working great so far, will try to post back a review.
  14. Noobzilla
    I've been curious if there's a loaner program for OPPO HA-2? I think it would go well with the PM-3s. 
  15. heeeraldo
    I'm in for the Canada PM3 tour (and agree to the Terms & Conditions,) though I'll be out of town from the 11th-24th of November.
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