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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. nk126
    post #457
  2. pcteechur
    Please sign me up for the loaner program. I agree to Terms and Conditions.
  3. timlily
    I think the Momentum 2.0 does slightly better with isolation than the PM-3, at least with my particular headshape. I've had a young family member tell me (on two occasions) that they can hear my music with the PM-3, but that's in an otherwise silent environment. Also, I think I can hear their chatter slightly louder with the PM-3 than with the Momentum 2.0, but who's to say whether they've just been louder this week? There's three kids in my household, and the PM-3s cancel enough noise passively for my taste. With the Momentum 2.0, I would take my headphones off and people would be surprised how loud my music was. When others have used the PM-3 (at a high volume) in my prescence, I've heard very little to zero leakage. I haven't used either headphone in a mass transit environement. I wish I could help you more.

    BUT, I love the PM-3. I'm a fan of smooth, natural sound. I like everything about the PM-3. I tried out about 50 headphones before settling on the Momentum 2.0. But having spent a week with the PM-3 loaner, for me there's no comparison between the Momentum 2.0 and the PM-3. The Momentum 2.0 sounds artificial, metallic, and veiled in comparison. I'll be ordering PM-3s at some point. I'm just not wanting to spend $400 at the moment.

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  4. Cabish0409
    I'd like to sign up for the loaner program. I agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. money4me247 Contributor
    good impressions, matched some of my findings as well. prefer the PM-3>M2 from a purely sonic standpoint, but can see preferences or requirements at play. M2 folds up now which is a neat feature that some people will need.
  6. Eurobeat
    I'm interested in possibly trying these out via this program, curious how others have felt about these "loaner programs?"

  7. cadsh
    I want to sign up to the loaner program. I agree to terms and conditions. I'm Canadian
    I would like to try the PM-3 with a Fiio X5II.
    And compare it with to the HD-650
    Thanks Oppo
  8. emilsoft
    Just noticed the program is not for UK.. I hope you'll have it there eventually. If yes then please sign me up, I accept the Terms and Conditions.

  9. raisedbywolves
    not sure i should be saying this, but i've noticed that it looks like some people on the program are definitely keeping their loaners more than a week... is there someone keeping track of how much time has elapsed for everyone?
  10. Vividcard
    I can't speak for every loaner, but I've been watching loaner 1 and its progressing correctly. sometimes it takes a bit of time for the page to be updated though.
  11. dweaver
    I had mine more than a week but it was because I was waiting for the next person to ship to. It is going out in the mail today and I will be PMing the person with tracking information as well as the organizer of the program.
  12. dweaver
    Canada 2 pair is off to the next tester.
  13. cadsh
    thanks for the heads-up Dweaver
  14. BNMe2015
    New to the forum, but am interested in trying out the PM3's as I have been researching closed back headphones for some time. I agree to the terms and conditions. Sign me up!
  15. psklenar

    I've been watching #8 too raisedbywolves. mtrivedi20 last posted on 8/11 stating that they hadn't yet been confirmed as being in the list. They show as having the #8 loaners now, as I think they did when I was added to the list in early September. But contrary to the terms and conditions, they never posted that they had received the loaners. And they've never posted anything else, anywhere else in the forums since that 8/11 post.

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