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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. givemeyourshoes
    I received Unit 1 yesterday and will be sending it out to the next user on Monday, 11/9/2015. 
    First impressions are very good.  The comfort is outstanding.  I had the PM-1 on my head for 6.5 hours continuous without issue.  My primary set of over ears is the NAD VISO HP50, and the PM-1 seems super comparable to the HP50.  I love the HP50, and the sweet sound of the PM-1 is quickly winning me over as well.  I will post a detailed review once I end my time with the PM-1.  
  2. samshaver
    I would love to take part in this program!!! I am highly interested in A/Bing these against my NAD Viso HP50's. There are no dealers close, and I don't want to drop $400 on them with a change of being disappointed. If I could give them a test run for a week, it would give me the chance to check them out for only the cost of shipping, and prevent me from dropping $400 on them, with the possibility of needing to return them! (However, I think I will likely end up purchasing them anyway, but would love to be sure of my purchase first!) Thanks!
    I agree to the terms and conditions set out in the first post of this thread!
    Awesome! Thanks!
  3. dap_pad
    I'd love to participate in the Oppo PM-3 Loaner Program for Canada and agree to the terms and conditions. Have always wanted to try a planar magnetic headphone. Thanks everyone! 
  4. HouseTremere
    Thanks givemeyourshoes I got the PM-3s today and starting my week of evaluating them. :thumbsup:
    givemeyourshoes likes this.
  5. Trogdor
    Is there any update on Unit 8?
  6. tdonnellyem
    just got unit #5 this morning...i know what i will be doing tonight!
  7. jinxy245
    If it's still open, I'd love to participate...
    (I happily agree to the terms and conditions)
    Thanks for the Oppo-tunity
  8. nokialover
    If this is still open I would also like to participate.  I agree to the to the terms and conditions.  I have been trying to listen to these headphones for a long time!
  9. mori39
    I got unit #7 last Saturday. So far I like its dark tonality and it's not trying too hard in revealing details. It's a pretty decent mid-fi headphone and wearing it is very comfortable for me!

    Edit: oops...typo... must be incapable auto-correction on my phone...
  10. Kazuma29
    I would absolutely love to participate in this program for the USA, I have always wanted to try planar magnetic headphones to see what all the fuss is about!
  11. ColHapHapablap
    If still open, I would like to participate and agree to the terms and conditions.
  12. oaklandrichie
    I would like to participate and agree to the terms. 
  13. psklenar
    I received #8 this evening (thank you raisedbywolves!). They are quite attractive and feel pretty good on the head, altho the space in the ear cups is a tight fit for my ears. Regardless, I'm looking forward to listening to them heavily tomorrow and this weekend!!!

  14. HouseTremere
    PM-3 Unit #1 has been shipped today. Thanks to OPPO for letting me participate in this loaner program. I've had a blast evaluating these headphones for the past week. There are a LOT of things I like about them in comparison to my Alpha Dogs, to the point where I am seriously considering selling them and buying a pair of PM-3s. Might write up a comparison this weekend. Thanks again
  15. psklenar
    #8 has been shipped on to the next lucky tester.  Per UPS, he should have it by EOD tomorrow.
    I absolutely love the sound of the PM-3's!!  *VERY* reminiscent of my legacy AKG K501's.  Beautiful, clear, untainted  sound across the sound field.  Alas ... either my ears are larger than I realized or the PM-3's are smaller than I realized ... It was just too uncomfortable with my ears all scrunched up inside them.  There's simply no way I could wear them for 8-9 hours at a stretch. :frowning2:
    Enjoy them Alex!!  And thank you Chris!!
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