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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. Jiffy Squid
    Many of you have been asking for an OPPO PM-3 loaner program, so let's get one started.

    Signing up is easy - just make a post in this thread indicating your interest in the program and that you agree to the terms and conditions. We will contact you privately to acquire your shipping information. At this time the program is limited to the Continental US.

    Package contents:

    PM-3 in black
    One 3 meter 3.5 mm-terminated cable
    One 1.2 meter portable cable for iOS
    One 1.2 meter portable cable for Android
    Selvedge denim carrying case

    Terms and Conditions:

    You must be OK with your name and address being provided to another person on the forums for the purpose of shipping the headphones to you.

    You are responsible for the cost of shipping the headphones to the next person in the program. You can use any method you prefer (USPS, UPS, or FedEx) but a tracking number is required. We will contact you privately with the shipping details for the next person in the program.

    You can keep the loaner unit for a week.

    Please post in this thread when you have received the headphones and when you have shipped the headphones out to the next person in the program.

    Please take care of the headphones and accessories.

    Writing a review is not a requirement for participation in the program, though of course it will be much appreciated if you decide to do so.

    PM-3 Unit #1
    guliver - Complete
    skor - Complete
    jgonzo - Complete
    JWizzlez - Complete
    adonissk - Complete
    Rdwng1975 - Complete
    wallaby1170 - Complete
    thatwunguy - Complete
    swhifi - Complete

    PM-3 Unit #2
    dcr33313 - Complete
    diphaloraptor - Complete
    DSchwartz88 - Complete
    TheoSqua - Complete
    The Dan of Steel - Complete
    mads-us - Complete
    nmeans - Complete
    Meffaliss - Complete
    jaeru - In progress
    Mshenay - Complete
    Mister Tusk - Complete
    AverageGuyNC - Complete
    Stubearblack - Complete
    durwood - Complete
    chef8489 - Complete
    bjaardker - Complete
    NBigbee - Complete
    Metalo - In progress
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
  2. namhkim
    I'd very much like to try it. I agree to terms and conditions !
    So much thanks to the OPPO !
  3. Stillhart
    I'd like to sign up provisionally.  I agree to terms.
    It's possible I may buy one of these before the demo rolls around tho, so yeah.  :-D
  4. Soundsgoodtome
    I would like to sign up for this tour and agree to terms/conditions if its the same as the pm1/2 program.
  5. Evshrug
    Have to miss out on CanJam unfortunately, so participation in this would be AWESOME PLEASE INCLUDE ME (Pgh, PA)!

    (Agree to terms & conditions)
  6. MattTCG
  7. q2klepto
    Totally in for the Canada PM3 tour (agree to Terms & Conditions).  Lets see if it can replace my MSR7!

    I was part of the PM1 tour with no issues. 
  8. AudioBear
    Jiffy Squid
    Please include me in the PM-3 loaner program.  You have my address from being on the PM-1 loaner program.
  9. jh7000
    Sign me up for the loaner program.  Thanks!  ( I agree to Terms and Conditions)
  10. Stephan
    Please sign me up for the loaner program.  I agree to Terms and Conditions.
  11. conquerator2
    I'd like to sign for... Oh, I am European [​IMG]
  12. CyberAthlete
    Yes! Agreed! Please! Thank you! You rock!
  13. aqsw
    Love to try them in Canada. Looking for a closed back for my office. My HA-1 is at home, but I would sure like an option over the EL-8 closed back. They will be run with a Lyr and Bifrost in my office if approved. I agree to terms and conditions.
  14. Shmuel
    I'm interested and agree to terms and conditions.
    Thank you!
  15. imackler
    Sounds awesome! Count me in! :)
    Edit: (And it case it wasn't clear, I agree to terms and conditions)
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