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OPPO PM-3 Portable Planar Magnetic Headphones Loaner Program

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  1. DrawTheLine87
    I'd love to hear your long term thoughts on these two headphones. After auditioning the PM-3, my thoughts seem to parallel yours. I think I'm someone who loves treble sparkle, and I've been looking for a closed back headphone with a neutral sound signature.

    The H6 was the only other headphone that seemed to meet that criteria within that price range. I've heard the H6 has a larger soundstage... But I wonder how good the detail and bass are in comparison... Along with that treble sparkle you mention.
  2. raajgunnn
    In addition to Draw the line's questions, how is the comfort? I thought the H6 were super comfy, but that was when I had them on for like 20 minutes at the B&O Store. Also, I've heard some report of annoying cable noise too....
  3. raajgunnn
    Thanks a ton for the reply. Makes sense that the instrument separation enhances the SQ, something the PM-3s are great at. Also, as an aside, I wonder how the PM-3s would hold up in proper summer weather. The leather-like material doesn't seem terribly breathable and I've a bad feeling they might make our ears super hot...
  4. MermaidMan
    Would love a good comparison between these and the new T50RP Mk.3. It's getting a ton of buzz after Can Jam RMAF. 
  5. bbieringer
    I agree to the terms of service, and would love to be next on the list of recipients to receive the loaner pair of Oppo PM-3's.
  6. randy98mtu
    The maliman tried to donate loaner #5, but thankfully my nanny saw the box next ot the donation boxes and pulled it inside! I can't wait to get home and try them out! They were not in time for my big comparison I just finished. I will be comparing them side by side with my beloved B&W P7, my new daily driver Denon MM400's, and I also have Sennheiser HD650's. Anxious for my first planar audition!
  7. Vividcard
  8. nk126
    @ rajj and draw: I don't want to hijack this thread, but am happy to talk more. H6 thread?
  9. randy98mtu
    What a well travelled box!  First impressions are very good.  I haven't plugged them in yet though.  Just looking at aesthetics, materials and construction though, they warrant the asking cost.  They are right there with my P7 and MM400 in materials and construction.  I briefly put them on and they were very comfortable.
    I will of course be back with more impressions.
  10. raajgunnn
    Right you are, sir. Do you just want me to repost on the H6 impressions thread?
  11. timlily
    My time with unit 7 is just about up. I was out of town when they arrived, but I'm ready to ship them Monday to the next recipient once Oppo sends me the address.

    I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to test these wonderful, natural as heck headphones. Thank you, Oppo and those in line before me.
  12. timlily
    My week with the PM-3 made me aware I was accepting too little from other portable headphones. I currently own Sennheiser Momentum 2.0s, so here's a quick comparison. The PM-3 greatly outshines my Momentum 2.0 in the category I care about most: natural sound. Yes, the Momentum 2.0 has more bass punch, but the Oppo delivers plenty of satisfying bass when it's there in the source. The Momentum 2.0 bass "boost" is there whether it was intended or not. The Momentum feels splashy and, yes, veiled in comparison. I used to think the Sennheiser veil protected me from an overly bright sound signature, but the PM-3 is cleaner with more detail, while at the same time a smoother, easier listen than the Momentum 2.0. I've been weary of detailed headphones, thinking a clean sound meant a bright sound. The Momentum 2.0 might bring male and most female vocals forward in comparison to the PM-3, but I wouldn't call the PM-3 recessed in mids and vocals by any stretch. The Oppos are heavier, but both headphones are for the most part comfortable and sort of disappear on my head. I do feel both could have deeper cups, because the driver touches my ears with both (and I have ridiculously tiny ears). Build quality is excellent with both. I didn't miss the leather pads of my Momentums... indeed, I find lambskin unethical (something that passed my mind when I purchased them).

    I will miss the PM-3 and its smooth, clean, fast, wonderful sound. I would buy the PM-3 over the Momentum 2.0 given the chance to do it over. I understand the ortho fuss now.
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  13. iguanajm
    Thanks for the comparison!  I look forward to my battle between the M2's H6's and PM3's.  Since I don't have the PM3's yet, which would you say are better for commuting?  I take mass transit to work, so isolation and comfort are important to me.  And of course I'll listen to them in the office.
    Side q - has anyone tried comparing between the cables?  Primarily between the one with a mic and not.  I've read a ton about sq loss when adding a mic in the path, but never really bothered to do an a/b comparison.  The m2's don't even come with a 2nd cable (frustrating since M1 did).  Also, since I use it for commuting purposes, having an inline remote is VERY handy, so maybe would just keep the standard cable at the office....
  14. nk126
    shoot, sorry - mistake i can't delete
  15. nk126
    post #457
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