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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. jegnyc
    Apologies if you've already answered this, but were you streaming music or listening to music already on the phone?
  2. inertianinja

    Mostly local - can't stream if there's no service!
  3. jegnyc
    So I assumed.
  4. JazzWants2BFree
    Dragonfly Red with CCK3 = fail.
    Drop. Drop. Drop.
    Copper shield away, but for my phone it is clearly a lack of communication caused by iOS 10.3.1.
    Wondering now about switching to Onkyo DP-X1.
  5. ekrauss

    THIS is getting to the heart of the issue, at least as to my current knowledge. As I understand, it has nothing to do with "interference" but rather has to do with USB port power management in iOS 10.x.
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  6. ekrauss

    If I were you, I would wait until Apple comes out with a fix.

    Have you tried Onkyo HF player on your iDevice? It is my understanding that it uses its own USB driver to communicate with outboard DAC's, and not the native iOS driver. Hence, Onkyo HF player is able to transport hi-res and DSD files to USB DACs rather than iOS's limitation of 24/48.
  7. jegnyc
    OK - for a second week, I used my HA-2 on my relatively short weekly subway commute (15 minutes each way) under Manhattan's East Side. So a total of an hour of traveling on the 4 and 6 lines.  No drops or other problems.
    I am running iOS 10.2.1 on a 6S and playing local music through iTunes.  On my most recent commute I even tried downloading e-mail while underground, (with limited success but that didn't affect the music).
    The two units were flat against one another in my pocket.  I was using a generic 4" connector.  No special shielding.  I do keep my iPhone in a run of the mill case.
    Inertianinja - what cell service do you use? I'm on AT&T.
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  8. frustin
    Lots of drop outs today, wifi, 10.3.1.
  9. ekrauss
    I checked in with Oppo and have a little more information to share about the issue. Oppo's engineers are investigating a solution but do not have one yet. The disconnect issue is related to a change made by the iOS 10.X update to how iOS handles the outgoing USB data signal from the iPhone. Anecdotal evidence shows that when the iPhone is doing something that consumes more electrical power such as sending or receiving messages, the USB data link is more likely to be interrupted. A longer cable seems to help. That might be due to less signal reflection or better impedance matching than the short cable. After the iOS 10.3 update, even longer cables start to show the same issue.
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  10. jegnyc
    Based on the above, I felt it might be helpful ("might" being the critical word) for me to provide a link to the cable I've been using - with 10.2 as I never updated.  It is this.  Note the less then stellar reviews, but mine charges fine.  And it is much thicker than most other 4" cables such as the one that comes with the HA-2.  Maybe that makes a difference.
    Actually this might be the cheapest way to try it out:
  11. BobK
    I don't know about the LCD-3, but they work like a dream with my Audeze EL-8 Open. When I'm listening to music I usually put my phone into Airplane mode to avoid being disturbed. I seem to have avoided lots of problems with loss of connection between iPhones and Oppo HA-2 and HA-2SE by doing this!  
  12. JazzWants2BFree
    Peachtree Shift. So far, so good.

    The Topping NX4 worked, too, but the usb was too loose and thus was useless.

    Luckily there's Amazon returns.
  13. ekrauss
    If the Peachtree doesn't work out, the CEntrance DACportable should be next on your list.
  14. erich6
    Well, I upgraded my phone to iOS 10.3.1 and I can confirm I get the dropout. I can reset the connection by turning the HA-2SE off and on again. This happens with the LTE antenna active and in airplane mode.
  15. pfk777
    Having the same drop issues and received the same response on potential fixes (long cord, leave in charging mode,set Airplane mode), but they also added that since I am in the amazon return window they recommend returning the HA- 2SE because they are not able to confirm a fix is or will ever be coming. Very disappointing since I really like the sound (amazing) and I even went all in and ordered the Oppo PM 3 headphones which also sound great~!

    I did see the Peachtree Swift on amazon and the MOJO. Since it looks like I may be starting over - Any recommendations for a different DAC/Amp/Headphones combination in this price range ($700 or so)? I need my Iphone 7 to be my primary source. Looking to stay with closed back and one thing I did notice is the DAC in the HA-2se can be a little "Bright" on the top end.

    I also called Apple and started a case for the issue. Interestingly the CS at Apple rep claimed he had not heard of the issues and that there was nothing in his documentation about it. They sent my info on to Engineering with a most comforting "not sure when or if they will get back to you". I also added feedback (apple.com/feedback) as the CS rep suggested and then put the whole sad story down again in the Apple CS survey note section they sent me today.

    The High Gain "fix" is interesting. My drops can be as long as a few hours apart but it just stinks when it happen as it takes away from the listening experience I was will to part with my big $$$$ for. Clock is Ticking to be able to return both items. I appreciate any additional info on what is working for folks out there - Thanks!!

    I just do not want to be kicking myself next month if it gets worse.
    Last edited: May 3, 2017
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