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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. nwavesailor
    I believe it is a Peachtree 'Shift' DAC / AMP. On sale direct from Peachtree for less than Amazon, $200. At also uses the Sabre DAC which I do not find bright in the Oppo HA-2SE. Mojo is also having dropouts with iPhone. Don't know if the Shift is having iPhone dropouts?

    Nothing on their HeadFi thread since last July...........
    Last edited: May 3, 2017
  2. jegnyc
    That sounds disingenuous. I'm pretty certain both Oppo and Chord have stated that advised Apple of the issue. AudioQuest is having similar problems with the Dragonfly, so I assume they have as well. And there are more scattered reports on this forum involving other DACs.
  3. zilch0md
    My recommendation, especially since you are so impressed with the sound, is to strap a 6th generation Touch to the HA-2SE. You'll have to do your streaming via WiFi instead of 4G, but your iPhone 7 will be free for other tasks, without concern for RFI affecting the HA-2SE. The 6th generation Touch is about the size of an iPhone 5s, but thinner. My Touch is dedicated as a source for my HA-2 when portable and for the Oppo Sonica DAC when at home. And because I don't use the Touch for taking photos or videos or loading it up with various apps, I have the better part of its 32GB available for Tidal offline storage. I can carry plenty of music with me in the absence of WiFi connectivity - which is pretty rare, really.



  4. SLC1966

    I like that option. It will solve the RFI issue. But will it resolve the compatibililty issue HA-SE users and many other portable DAC users (e.g. Mojo) are having with the IOS 10.3 update?
  5. Roen
    Where did you get the white Micro to Micro OTG cable?
  6. halo9
    So I thought I'd write a bit of a summary of the current issues as it seems a lot of people are seeing the new 10.3 bug pop its ugly head up and are worried about what is going on. I am aware of 3 issues now.

    1. When listening to audio via an iphone and the music is paused, 33s after the screen goes black (either after timeout or sleep button is pressed) there is a slight pop noise, this is likely the HA-2SE switching the amp/dac off to save power. If play is pressed music resumes as normal. If the screen is left in sleep (black) then 182 seconds later the HA-2SE is disconnected by the iphone (assuming iphone puts lightning port into sleep to save power). If play is pressed music comes out of iphone speakers. To reconnect the HA-2SE you need to unplug the device and reconnect or switch it off and back on. The first part is nothing to worry about really, the second part with it disconnecting is likely due to power saving features in iOS. I have tested with other sources and this disconnect does not occur isolating it to iOS.
    2. When listening to music and travelling through no signal/low signal areas it can cause the HA-2SE to restart and/or RFI interference may be heard intermittently. If the HA-2SE restarts the phone re-detects the device and music resumes. From reports this occurs in when the iphone is stacked with the HA-2SE and the signal requirements above are met. I have replicated this issue with my naked iphone 7+ stacked, when doing the test also stacked but my Iphone is in my spigen slim armour case I do not get any issues, also when the iphone and HA-2SE are not stacked I do not get restarts or interference noise. Unfortunately from the latest replies from Oppo that @anticute shared this appears to be a hardware issue and is unlikely to be rectified with a firmware fix. As annoying as this is I don't think this issue will affect a lot of people unless you are listening on the move with devices stacked closely and you go through bad reception areas. As it is related to the mobile data signal, if you turn off mobile data it should not occur, if you are in airplane mode it will not occur, if you are connected to wifi it will not occur as the phone will not use data (turn off use mobile data to boost wifi setting).
    3. The new issue is with drop outs occurring after updating to iOS 10.3 or 10.3.1. This is different from the previous issue as the audio just stops indefinitely, but when looking at the iphone it displays as music is still playing, though no audio is coming from the phone either. If you unplug the lightning cable the audio is paused. You then plug it back in, the device is re-detected and you can hit play again to get sound through the HA-2SE. As there have been multiple reports of this happening on a number of DAC's now and the problems going away by those that were lucky enough to downgrade back to 10.2.1 it appears that this is clearly an iOS issue. This problem is definitely software and fingers crossed it is just a matter of time until a fix is put in place or whatever Apple changed is put back.

    The first issue is not that bad as it only affects iphone users if you hit pause and (if your timeout is set to 60s) walk away for 4 minutes, when you return you need to turn the unit off and back on before hitting play. I have just started turning it off if I walk away for a few minutes now to save power anyway. The second while it can be a PITA can be avoided by not stacking or in some cases using a case on the iphone. I am still not happy with this as it should just work being a MFi certified device but the things that need to line up for it to occur will limit the number of people who may be affected. The newest and latest issue is really annoying me, so much so that I haven't even used my HA-2SE for a few weeks due to it. Someone really needs to pull their finger out on this one and all indications so far point to Apple with an iOS update.

    While it can sound all doom and gloom this is still a fantastic little DAC and until 10.3 came along I still wouldn't of hesitated recommending it to friends providing they don't fall into the frequent traveller though bad signal areas and have to naked stack the devices category. Other than that it is good.
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  7. zilch0md
    I don't know, I have intentionally avoided upgrading the iOS - as always, on my iDevices - until forced to do so by the apps that I run, which has allowed me to stay at 8.x, thus far - even for Tidal. :)

    That's just another benefit of dedicating a Touch to this purpose - fewer apps means less of a need to upgrade iOS.

    These are apparently sold out at Amazon, currently:


    I have no way to prove it short of sharing emails, but I was instrumental in convincing Zeskit to replace the white cable with a black cable and even recommended they go to a red and black fabric sleeve. They were available for several months and I didn't know they had sold out until just now. I'm kicking myself for not getting the black and red cable.

    I will write him and ask him if/when they will be available any time soon.

    There are other, more expensive, alternatives in right-angled cables - search this thread.

    Stay tuned...

  8. halo9
    Another update as I didn't want to previous post to get too long. I hope everyone has been reporting the issues, in particular the latest 10.3 bug, to Apple and Oppo. As many companies are now implicated I sure noise will be made but the more the merrier.

    I sent a bug report to apple via feedback today and then decided to call Apple. After going through a few low level techs and getting the check your cable replies I was finally escalated to a snr tech who said they had not heard of the issue and to report it to Oppo (which I later did). They actually agreed though after I explained the things happening and all the reports here on head-fi that there is definitely an issue at play and a report was written up to the developer/engineering teams. I have been given an email to the snr tech and asked to provide as much detail as possible on the issues and to send as much as I can, so I will be scouring the head-fi forums and passing on relevant links/info to aid in troubleshooting. Apple have also scheduled a call back to me next week to follow up on the case and to give me any updates. All up it seemed like a productive hour on the phone and that it will actually be getting a look into. Fingers crossed.

    So to all of you, if you have done any testing or have any information that is of use (and relevant) to the latest iOS 10.3 update issue then please post it here so it can be passed on to Apple. i.e. observations, repeatable occurrences, things that make it better or worse (but must be measurable), etc.

    I did mention the previous issues and will be providing some background on them to Apple as well now that there is a case for it, but I think this is the bigger issue for all external DAC users.
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  9. jegnyc
    You might want to point Apple to:

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  10. erich6
    Thanks for doing all of this. Hope it is an easy fix.
  11. halo9
    Done jegnyc. No worries erich6, only doing it as I am a very annoyed Apple customer. I can understand their decision to make unauthorised cables and accessories stop working, but to make a major stuff up and have MFi certified devices and cables stop working is bad. Let's hope they quickly acknowledge the mistake/oversight and come out with a fix otherwise I can see a lot of the audio community moving away from idevices. It would be a pity to me as the ipod was what started my audio journey and made Apple, to backflip on music lovers like that is horrible.
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  12. pfk777
  13. pfk777
    Thanks for the suggestion. I think my kid has a nice ipod somewhere he does not use anymore. I took my set on the road for the first time (i travel a bunch) and it was great to have. The PM 3 seem just awesome with the HA-2se. Using from a PC it works great with Hi Res files.
  14. pfk777
  15. pfk777
    Found the kid's 5th gen IPod (he has moved on to his IPhone :beyersmile:) and this IPod - HA-2se seems like really a nice set up. Cleared everything else off the IPod but music and music apps - 25 or so GB for storing music for offline listening now available. Streaming Music working like a charm - Just need to be hooked up to WiFi. I even get to use the short cable I bought to use with the phone. Now with the red IPod and cord it looks like I planed it the whole time.:)

    This set up also has the advantage of when stacking, the rubber bands are only covering the mechanical home button vs the fingerprint sensor (using my iphone 7 this was a problem). The IPod fits like a glove (much thinner and smaller footprint - Fits like Oppo designed the HA-2se for the IPod vs a IPhone) leaving much better assess to all functions buttons and switches especially the volume knob. For me the delicate adjustment using the volume knob to dial in the perfect level for listening is a feature I personally think is awesome.

    So far no Drops - Fingers Crossed! No need for long cords, incoming messages/emails are a N/A issue (yes the phone will be around nearby), battery life on The IPod crushes the IPhone and I can charge it anytime with the HA - 2se.

    Will let you know - But thanks again for the suggestion to try the Ipod vs Iphone with the current drop issues - I love this set up (for now)!!

    If there is a big quality difference between the IPod 5th and 6th gen (or Iphone 7 for that matter) in a set up like this, I'm not seeing it. All this matched up with the Oppo PM 3's seems like a fantastic solution for me - The end of the story sound I am getting is amazing to me!! Bonus is how well the HA-2se works as a portable DAC/Amp to improve sound of my home stereo and even when I hook it up in my vehicle. Heck I am going to take it where ever I go now. I can now see how great sound is so very addictive. Slippery Slope ahead I am sure!!

    Happy Again - Peter
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: May 7, 2017
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