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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. ekrauss
    Is this in any way related to the "gurgling" phenomenon experienced by some other posters?

    The fact this started happening after you upgraded to iOS 10.3 is telling. Seems that in the iOS update, Apple did something to break compatibility. If this is a widespread problem that renders many people's devices unlistenable, you can bet Apple (and Oppo) will be on it.
  2. grimlock525
    I know, it's pretty drastic, but I'm willing to do it because this is the best combination of sound quality and portability for my needs.  I was interested in the Chord Mojo as an alternative, but the bulkiness of the form factor ended up steering me towards the HA-2SE
    I'm happy to report that there were no dropouts during my ride to work this morning.  I was using the SE tethered to my iPhone via WiFi, streaming Tidal HiFi.  There was one instance where the app paused in order to buffer (due to poor cell signal), but it started playing again automatically after it buffered.
    I updated to iOS 10.3 last week as soon as it was available on my 6S.  I was actually hoping that it would fix the dropout issue if it was indeed due to some sort of lower-level USB driver behavior as Oppo has claimed.  It did not fix the dropouts, but the sound quality and general performance seemed identical as the previous iOS version, so I have not experienced any degradation in quality.
  3. anticute
    While to me, it seems like a bit of a hassle, I admire your tenacity! :)
    The sound quality issue - weird. I tried my Zuperdac, which didn't have the same problem, and when I reconnected the HA2 it was gone. Thank god.
  4. dennistdk
    The Mojo is actually not that bad in regards to form factor. Don't know if you tried it, but it's really small - surprised me when I got it... 
    The sound quality is on another level if you have good headphones (on my HD800 and HD650 it made a crazy difference in clarity and sound stage) - not that the HA-2SE is bad in anyway compared to "normal DAC's" - it had much the same "quality" as my O2+ODAC actually (although with less power, but enough for 300ohm headphones).
  5. ReaperZzZ
    Wow all these posts make me a happy little person sitting in Android world!

    @grimlock, welcome to the club!
  6. frustin
    "gurgling" phenomenon
    If that's in the form of a distortion that makes the music sound like it's slowing down but underwater. I get that occasionally.  Is that only iPhone users?  I have to unplug and plug back in the cable and then press play again on my iphone to remedy that.
    1/2hour in today and my oppo just cut out again.  I emailed Oppo yesterday:
  7. anticute

    Oh, that. I had forgotten about that issue, since I haven't used it in a long time. It used to happen every once in a while..
  8. frustin
    Sent Oppo another email saying that even after factory reset, drop outs still occur.
    Ill wait for their stock cable to turn up and try that, but i have my doubts.
  9. anticute
    A lot of us has tried a lot of cables, Oppo original included, and AFAIK, using the original cable doesn't resolve the problem at all.
    They are still blaming the cable, then? Not a good sign... :frowning2:
  10. frustin
    that's ok, because i'll try their new cable and when that doesnt work i'll write to them again.
  11. jegnyc
    Did you mention to Oppo that you had moved to iOS 10.3.
    There's another thread where two people started to have problems after they updated.
  12. anticute

    This is not going in the right direction :frowning2:
    Sent Oppo another email earlier today. It's been two months without an update, let's see what they say this time.
  13. anticute
    So I did get an update from Oppo, two months later and having had to ask for it. Here you go. It's not good news. 
    So there we are. [many many expletives here, use your imagination]
  14. inertianinja
    Well there goes that.
    I wonder if additional shielding could be added to the inside of the housing?
  15. anticute
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