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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. anticute
    Yeah, but I think the issues that have occured lately are because of 10.3, and my guess is that Apple might actually fix that since it's both a recent update and seems to affect many devices. AFAIK, no other devices had issues before 10.3, and if I've understood the other thread correctly, the symptoms are different. That one might actually be a driver issue.
    This would mean that Apple would have to roll back the way the phone signals to pre iOS 10 (or equivalent) to fix more or less just the HA-2(SE), which is probably very unlikely. 
  2. ekrauss

    The information I posted before is very accurate. As far as "trolling," I am not sure what you mean as I have been trying to help you guys out with your problem.

    I need to remind you all that I do not speak for Oppo and am not employed by them, and am not acting as an agent for them.

    I can tell you that Oppo has told me the issue appears to be related to iOS 10 and its USB driver. You can choose to disbelieve this if you'd like and instead believe it is based on EMI/RFI, which Oppo has eliminated as a source of the problem.

    I am awaiting word back from Oppo and will post what they say here.

    Thanks, and keep in mind I am trying to help you. Frankly, it doesn't make any sense to argue with me. I don't suffer from any of these problems with my HA-2. I wish you didn't either. Instead of relying on your "testing," just keep an open mind until I post back what I hear. Thanks.
  3. inertianinja
    Well, i tried something a little nuts.
    I had posted before that I got the reboots to stop by putting a piece of aluminum foil between the phone and the HA2.
    So now, I took the leather off, and opened up the case.
    On the side that's facing the phone, I cut a piece of aluminum foil to shape, covered it in electrical tape on the side that would be touching the electronics, and closed the case back up. Hopefully this acts as some internal shielding. 
    The thing still works. Tomorrow I will try it on the subway and see if the dropouts continue.
  4. JazzWants2BFree
    I updated to 10.3.1 and experienced frequent drops using both the Oppo lightning USB and a Cinnamon cords.

    Because I have an iPhone SE, I have a headphone jack. With the phone connected to Oppo using the 3.5 cord there have been no drops.

    Question: is there a reason to use the USB instead of the 3.5? Is the sound quality better? Different?
  5. frustin
    yes it is better, because the signal coming from the 3.5inch has already been converted to an analogue signal.  
    The idea of using the oppo is to have a straight through digital signal (of the music) and have the oppo convert to analogue using it's high quality electronic components (rather than the iphone's).
  6. thrand1
    It is a little discouraging to read more user reports about interference/dropped signal. I am strongly considering the HA2-SE for use with my Shure SE425s plus iOS device, but this recent development has made me reluctant. I was weighing the HA2 versus an iFi Nano LE...the added benefits of the HA2 over the iFi were no need for CCK, bass boost option, powerbank capability, and seems matched for IEMs (may have to spend additional money for iEMatch if Nano LE volume control is too imbalanced)...but if Oppo seems to think there is not an avenue (at this point) to resolve any issues, I wonder if my money is better targeted for the Nano LE? Anyone who has compared the HA2 to any of the iFi products?
  7. jegnyc
    Be aware that at least one person has reported problems with an iFi DAC (different model though) when using iOS10.3.  The problems with 10.3 seem pretty widespread.
    And yes, I know some people have reported issues with the Oppo apparently unrelated to iOS 10.3.  
  8. JazzWants2BFree
    Did a hard reboot of phone with Oppo powered on and USB cable in both.

    So far I've listened to an entire album with no drops. Same was dropping regularly before.

    Best trick; old trick?
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  9. JazzWants2BFree
    Also, since we're all hoping for magic to resolve this glitch, I have flipped the phone from my usual setup.

    With iPhone and Oppo strapped together with the bands, the Cinnamon cord runs between them so that the USB into the Oppo now is at the top of the phone, the lightning at the bottom, of course.

    If the problem has also something to do with distance, this solution is working perfectly so far--two albums, no drops.
    ekrauss likes this.
  10. JazzWants2BFree
    Taking a picture did cause a drop, though.
  11. ekrauss

    I know you prefaced this by acknowledging that what you tried is "a little nuts," but it doesn't sound like a good idea.  Even if these problems are caused by some kind of interference--which Oppo has ruled out--aluminum foil is not a good EMI/RFI shield.  It's garbage.  In fact, it could act as an antenna.  Instead, you'd need nickel, copper, or silver mesh.  Also, opening up your device and putting stuff in it will void your warranty.  If there is a fix that involves sending your unit back to Oppo, you may be out of luck.  Then again, Oppo is so good to its customers that maybe they would accept it back for repair.  Not sure, though--putting stuff inside falls into the "you should know better" realm!  [​IMG]
  12. ekrauss

    I have heard from some audio people that the iPhone SE might be the best iPhone in terms of audio quality.  I know that most iPhone models have very good technical digital audio specs (low THD, IMD, and jitter) if you are into that kind of thing, and have employed minimum phase "anodizing"-type filters for years.  However, if you play back hi-res audio, it will be downsampled to iOS' maximum hardware rate of 24/48.  To play higher-res material, you have to use a third party music player (like Onkyo HF Player) and a USB output to a USB DAC.
    So, you could use the TRS jack along with the HA-2 analog input and get pretty good sound.  However, you will be limited to playback of 24/48 (although there is a lot of great sounding material available at that resolution and even much lower--I have a great sounding CD that was mastered off a 13-bit/32kHz source from 1970, the first commercially released LP made from a digital master) and you audio signal will go through two stages of amplification, the iPhone onboard analog amp chip (not so good) and then the HA-2's analog circuitry (pretty fantastic).
    If you use the USB output (which you have done), you can play audio files up to the resolution limit of the HA-2's ESS DAC, which is a bit nicer than the iPhones onboard hardware, to boot.  
    I think you made the right call.
  13. frevo
    Hi there,

    I'm also considering an HA-2(SE) as an amp for my iPhone, however those reports of lost connections and pops are worrisome. Does anyone know whether all devices are affected? In other words, are there any users who do not have any trouble with the Oppo(s)? I'd really appreciate your feedback!

  14. nwavesailor
    I have had 0 problems using the HA2-SE w/ an iPod and love the combo. I do not use an iPhone / HA2-SE for music, however. A few weeks ago, I posted to ask if ALL iPhone users were having issues and didn't get a lot of replies.
    If you are having a problem, you post. If you are not having a problem you continue happily using you device!
  15. ekrauss

    The majority of HA-2/HA-2SE owners have not had problems. A minority, albeit a very vocal minority, have had problems like these described here.
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