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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. ekrauss

    I believe that USB cables are part of the problem. Like I said before, I can't speak for Oppo and am not employed by them, although I have a little bit more access to them than the average head-fier does. I choose to help you guys out in any way I could, and I am not Oppo's "mode of communication" to you. In any event, I have always received outstanding customer service and support from them. Your experience seems to be an anomaly.
  2. dennistdk
    I know you are trying to defend them for some reason, but I have had quite a few people (10+) contact me with the "reboot/disconnect" problem that also didn't receive any feedback from Oppo about the issue (I also never got anything back myself after filling out the support form).
    So the anomaly would be that they actually get back with a useful answer (but they still haven't as it's obviously not the cables or USB connection as it happens even when not connected to the phone and also using different cables when connected) :) And Oppo is free to send me a test HA2-SE and I'll do the tests again if they want (and record it on video this time). :) 
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  3. anticute
    Well, you can't deny that you are the only channel they are communicating with us through. Choosing to communicating through you instead of communicating directly with the users having the problem is a bit of an odd choice, I admit, but if that's the way they want to play it, that's up to them.
    Also, apparently you know people at Oppo, so I'm thinking that your experience with Oppo CS isn't very representive.
  4. ekrauss
    You guys have your answer from Oppo. I don't think complaining further in this thread accomplishes anything productive. It's like complaining for complaining's sake. The best thing to do is sit tight for the fix.
  5. mandrake50

    I am not sure why people are complaining about someone trying to help them out.
    In any situation with email contacts there are  things that fall through the cracks. Someone answering has a bad day or is too busy to give a complete answer. Writing is not clear.. interpretation is not what was intended.
    Personally, having had Oppo gear for many years (back to the original "universal" disk players) I have never had anything but exemplary service from them... often going way beyond what I expected... and my expectations are high.
    I have the original Ha-2 and have seen interference problems when strapped to my phone. Not disconnect problems... so I separated the units . All is fine now, not optimal, but fine.
    Bottom line is, they are aware of the problem and are working on it. Apparently they feel it is something that is not due to their design.
    One of the reasons I have been so impressed with their support is that they have helped me sort through things that were not their fault...but fixed them anyway.
    Maybe we  should thank ekrauss... and be happy that they are trying to fix the issue... Or not.. and stay pissed about a perceived slight and kill the messenger that is trying to help.
    How productive is that???
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  6. jegnyc
    I was going to say something similar.  I think over the years, I have had sent about 4 questions to Oppo Support.  The responses generally came within hours - never more than a day.  Perhaps that was because they were readily answerable.  Nevertheless, it does cause me to give them the benefit of the doubt. 
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  7. Bullishbear
    I have antoher issue with the ha2-se, there is a garble when I pair the ha2-se with my samsung note3 and galaxy s7 (loud static noise that interfere the music). But its not happening when I pair the ha2se with pc and htc phones (m7 & m8) it works perfectly fine by using the same app (onkyo hf player and usb audio pro). When I paired the note 3 with ha2-se demo unit last week in PAF it works well no garble at all.

    Appreciate if you could help me with this issue.
  8. mandrake50

    Did you try turning the radios off on the Note 3 and S7 ?  Obviously not something that many want to do, but just for troubleshooting purposes it may give you some information about the problem.
    I had some radio interference using my S7. It is solved with a longer cable and separating the units... or turning on Airplane mode. Mine is the original HA 2.
  9. Bullishbear
    yes I already tried the airplane mode and turned my data off, the garble is still there. Can I use normal USB cable with OTG converter connected to ha2se?
  10. beemerm635
    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if people who have used one or both think the HA-2 is worth the extra spend over say an E17K??
    I'd be using it mostly with an iPhone 6, and my laptop every now and then. Using it with VSD5S and Trinity Masters.
    Thanks in advance. :)
  11. mandrake50

    Were you using the same player software and settings with the Note 3 and HA-2se that you demoed... as in the same as your setup which gives "garbled" sound??
  12. anticute

    I'd say that if you have an iPhone - don't buy it. There are just too many problems, with no solution in sight. On your laptop it will, based on my experiences, work great, and it's a great unit. It just doesn't work well with iPhone at all.
  13. nwavesailor

    I don't use my HA-2SE w/ an iPhone, but with the issues that are posted by folks that do, is this a problem with all iPhone users and The Oppo or is it hit or miss?
    Not trying to stir the pot, just curious as this seems to be what the majority of the HA2-SE posts are about lately.
  14. anticute

    Hard to say. There are various users here who have the problem, and it seems to affect both SE and old version. According to this thread, it's supposed to be a driver issue (which I really don't believe, since it happens only in some instances, when the iPhone has bad coverage, and also, according to @dennistdk, it's replicable even when it's not using iPhone as source), and if it's really a driver issue, it should affect all units.
    Apparently, they've known about the problem for months, and apart from me believing they are barking up the wrong tree alltogether, noone has heard about there being a solution in sight, AFAIK.
  15. erich6

    ​I use it with an iPhone 6s and haven't had this problem.  Then again, I don't use it when I drive.
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