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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. halo9
    OK I'm back from a nice 340km drive through outback Western Australia and Dennistdk you'll be glad to know I have replicated the issue (I never doubted you). First up was the Oppo cable. The first 80km were uneventful, even though I was in and out of range and only getting 1 bar when in range. I didn't understand why.... maybe it was the iPhone case (spigen slim armor), removed this and was OK for a little while, then some strange noise and a restart. 20km down the road, 3 restarts in 1 minute. I was mostly on 1 bar 4g (LTE). Happened 1 more time after that. I then turned off 4G so could only use the 3G (850 band) and a few times I heard some mobile related interference but no restarts. Got to where I was going, swapped the oppo cable for a tired old standard apple cable and redid the same journey back. On 3G I had the occasional bit of noise, switched 4G back on and only the occasional bit of noise as well. The section of road where it dropped out 3 times quickly now only had some mobile noise once and there were no drop outs at all with the apple cable. 
    So the noise for me only comes out of the right speaker, it is a very low volume and with music on was not always easy to spot, but there. It is the mobile inference sound we all know over a speaker but sounded more like hisses than beeps. When I had low reception and was dropping in and out, if I tried to browse a webpage or use an app that required web access the interference noise would go on for longer than when it restarts and it sounds each time you try and access something, but each time I did this it never dropped out. Final tally was 5 drops outs with the Oppo cable and none with the apple cable. Noise was heard on both. Funnily when I had the slim case on my phone, which I always do, there were no issues at all with either cable.
    I have contacted the Australian supplier for Oppo and they have told me me they can pass on the feedback to the Oppo engineers. I have also linked this thread so lets see what comes of this, never hurts to have more reports. In any case for me this DAC is outstanding sound wise for the price and I am very happy with it. Yes it has a couple bugs, which I sure hope get addressed, but for now I am hanging on to it as it doesn't effect me the way I use it. I know this isn't the case for everyone so be aware of your needs before you purchase.
  2. DrunkSaru
    Hey Halo9, 
    I'm curious. While driving, is it safe to assume that you were using your line out connection vs headphone? 
  3. anticute
    If you are referring to me, maybe you should actually read all of my posts regarding my contact with their support first? Funny how some people feel the need to be rude without even bothering to get their facts straight, but that's the internet for you.
  4. dennistdk
    If you move the HA2 a few millimeters around when it's on top of the phone you can hear the noise changing channels (left to right, both etc.) and changing in level... 
  5. anticute
    For me, it also changes depending on what kind of cell phone signal is passing through it at the moment. I can hear if it's GSM 900 (old school stuttering sound) or 4G (sounds almost like white noise)..
  6. halo9
    No I was using my Meze 99 classics.
    Thanks for the extra info dennistdk and anticute. As I was driving I couldn't play around with positioning and didn't think of that when I pulled over to change settings for the testing. Yes the noises are as you describe anticute, the 4G one while having a similar GSM noise pattern is more like white noise (I said hisses). I didn't particularly pick the difference with the 3g noise but I did have road noise to contend with and was concentrating on staying on the road : )
  7. adeeb
    Which app were you using? HF Player? Tidal? iTunes?

    Were you listening to hi-res tracks?

    I use HF Player and suspect that it might magnify the issue during those cell stress/switch situations.
  8. halo9
    I use HibyMusic and tracks are all flac, a selection of CD quality and 24/96. I don't stream audio, though I could see how streaming with a low signal could cause more issues, based on me accessing a web page and getting more interference noise. With a non-streaming app I don't see how it could make it worse (unless it still has web access) though I am happy to be proven wrong.
    EDIT: Just had a thought, I checked my iPhone and under settings/mobile, HibyMusic still had mobile broadband access switched on with data used. Now I don't think this is the issue, but if someone who can easily replicate this can go into settings/mobile and disable mobile broadband access for their player of choice and see if the sounds/restarts still happens, it would be nice to know. I might not get a chance until next week. Thanks
  9. frustin
    After drop outs on the stock cable. I've tried a couple of others now and no drop outs.
    EDIT: should have quoted my previous post...
  10. adeeb
    Are the other cables you tried also short? Which cables did you try? Is your phone still stacked? Did you try this while moving significant distances and in weak signal areas?

  11. adeeb
    Assuming you are not streaming, I don't know why the app would even need a setting for Cellular Data. I just checked and HF Player also has that setting. I'll disable it now and test with the oppo when I have time this weekend -- hopefully.
  12. frustin
    sorry have another read of the post. i've not quoted my previous post from a few pages back.
    Answers to questions:
    1. Obviously the stock OPPO cable, which is where the issues stemmed from.  I have also tried the standard iphone cable and also another short lightening to usb (but not branded, in fact i dont even know where it came from [​IMG]).
    2. Always tested while stacked and not.
    3. Used on wifi and 4g. Not had an opportunity to try in different signal areas.
  13. Jimmy101
    I swapped out The 4 inch Zeskit with a spare one and no cutouts. These are the newer heavy braided ones not the old thin white ones. The HA2 has a problem for sure but this particular cable works for me
  14. frustin
    Meh, I just had another cut out. I'm on wifi.  No idea why, wasnt moving the phone or anything. Phone on top of the oppo.
    EDIT: and another...
    Moved the cable a bit to make sure it's not loose. it's not a very good quality cable but even so it seems to work fine.
  15. anticute
    Your phone is still going to want to communicate with the cell phone towers, so if you're in a location of your house where the reception is spotty, it wouldn't surprise me at all if you experience the same problem.
    I suppose it COULD be the wifi signal too, but that seems more unlikely to me because of the difference in energy output..
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