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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. ekrauss

    I'm not sure how it could be interference related and result in the same exact aberrant behavior each time. It could be power related, for example, or maybe related to the digital input losing lock on the signal. The whole idea of RFI/EFI interference just doesn't seem plausible. Does it disconnect when you are next to your microwave, or next to a wifi base station?

    Anyway, I have posted the comments somewhere that Oppo will see them and also sent them on directly to Oppo personnel. They are busy now with BDP development (a new firmware update was just rolled out) but I expect to hear back soon.
  2. ekrauss

    The point isn't to be rude. Telling me to "read the thread" isn't constructive. I just want a succinct recitation of the facts without editorializing so I can pass it on as easily as possible to get an answer for you as directly as possible. I don't work for Oppo or represent them in any way, but I do have some access to them. I'm trying to help out, folks, but the problem you are describing is complicated and spread out over many posts, and it's not my job to parse what you've written and try to figure it out.
  3. anticute
    That's fine. I was referring to the part where you made yourself look not too bright with the whole "funny how the story about Oppo "ignoring" complaints has changed". Anyway..
    If you can get better replies out of Oppo than the rest of us - great, their normal support flows haven't exactly resolved the problems. However, talking about being constructive - as I understand it, you have not made any experiments of your own with iPhone and HA-2 (at least you haven't shared any with us). Others have, at some length. Jumping in late in the thread, not even bothering to read what people have tried and then go "I don't believe it's RFI/EFI" is less than helpful. To put it mildly. 
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  4. ekrauss

    Please, no personal attacks. I am plenty bright.

    I have received a reply from Oppo and I am waiting for permission to post it here. In short, 1) the problem is not related to EMI/RFI, and 2) they are working on a solution.
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  5. ekrauss
    Rest assured, Oppo is working on a solution to the problem. It seems to be related to iOS 10 and USB signal integrity. I have received the following information directly from Oppo's technical department:

    We have received the reports and are still working on this issue. It affects both HA-2 and HA-2SE, but only started to happen around the time Apple released the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 (September 2016). That was also when we released the HA-2SE. Initially we thought it was an HA-2SE problem, but then we started to get reports from HA-2 customers whose unit had been working perfectly before the iOS 10 update. It sounds like a noise that you may hear from EMI/RFI issues, and there have been reports of the noise or audio dropout happening when the phone receives message notifications. However we tested for EMI and could not identify the problem. Now we are looking into USB signal integrity. Three clues point to this direction - 1) iOS software can change the USB signal via driver. 2) Longer lightning cables seem to work better than the short cable. 3) Only a small percentage of iPhone users are affected, so this varies from one iPhone to another.
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  6. dennistdk
    To be honest that doesn't sound right and they didn't even do the easy faraday test (anybody can do it - even at home - if they invest some time). Based on the quote they couldn't get it to disconnect (the "rebooting" issue). Notifications have nothing to do with it - at least mine never dropped out during that.
    I did several tests (like ~50) in a controlled environment - repeated many, many times. They should be able to do that also. I explained in great detail how to do it.
    I even did a test where the Oppo ran off a different source, but still stacked to the iPhone (and not connected to the phone). It made the gsm noise and "rebooted" after a minute - easy to replicate. So saying it's the USB cable/connection - sorry, I don't buy it, I really don't. :)
    But I can understand it reboots - when the phone increases it's gain - it's like an EMP going off next to it and without proper shielding things will happen to electronics. 
    I've tested with 5S, 6, 6S and iPhone 7, so it's not like it varies from phone to phone. All did the same thing. But was easier to replicate with the 6 and upwards - probably due to the location of the antenna on the iPhone. And I did also try several cables (long, short / zeskit, oppo, apple, unbranded) - didn't make a difference for me during the "trials".
    Oppo are MORE than welcome to contact me if they need more information (but they haven't so far even though I contacted their support). However I cannot rerun the tests anymore as I sold the device(s) (again) as it was unusable as I now travel a lot (but they are welcome to send me a unit for testing - I'll buy and even recommend it if they fix it). :)
    But anyways - no matter what the issue is - it's about Oppo's will and skill to fix it. And as I said before - I never had issues with the HA2 when I wasn't traveling a lot. If you live in the city and the cell coverage is great - then it's the perfect device.
    I won't spend more time on this thread unless somebody asks me to. I don't own it anymore, but just trying to help the people who spend a lot of money on the device and are facing the same problems - and get Oppo to take it seriously. A lot of people PM me about it still. And I do like the challenge of trying to replicate an issue and the technical/electrical side of it. :)
    Just hoping they come up with a fix....
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  7. inertianinja
    As I posed above, I got good results with tinfoil between the phone and the amp.
    I would be interested in opening up the amp to see if i could apply some tape to the inside to blog the interference.
    oddly enough if you search for that kind of tape, you get lots of sites about disaster prepping.
    I found a video of a guy on youtube who claimed he was a "targeted individual" where the government was using waves to control his mind. :) 
  8. ekrauss
    The engineers have spoken. They get paid to troubleshoot equipment, have sophisticated tools at their disposal, and I trust their testing and judgment. That being said, you are free to disregard what they have said.

    However, I wouldn't open up my HA-2 and void the warranty. Oppo has established that it is not caused by "interference" and I seriously doubt it's something aluminum foil can fix. Rather, it appears to be a USB driver issue introduced by iOS 10.

    I haven't experienced the issue at all and I actually have three units stacked on top of each other (iPhone 6 Plus, HA-2 [non-SE version], and Basslet sender). So, I feel your pain even though aI am not experiencing it. Anyway, I'd wait for Oppo's fix. My guess is that it will come in the form of a firmware update. We'll see. At least your complaints/comments have not fallen on deaf ears--Oppo has been investigating the issue.
  9. anticute
    As @dennistdk said, I am also skeptical to this explanation. For me, it only ever happens when I travel (or otherwise have spotty cell phone reception), and a USB driver issue that only happens when travelling? And gets resolved by putting the phone in airplane mode? Doesn't sound right to me.
    Anyway, hopefully they will resolve it, but I'll believe it when I see it. So far, I'm not that impressed by the Oppo engineers' skills in making this device cell phone compatible.
  10. halo9
    I just wanted to report that I received the exact same response from Oppo as ekrauss did but on my reports to them. I received mine a few days later than they were published here, but got a response none the less about receiving the reports and looking into the issue. Having recreated the issue/s from dennistdk's experiences I have doubts as to the source of the issue, especially hearing he was able to recreate it without even having an iphone connected, just up against it. Kind of blows the whole iOS thing out of the water. For me though the longer cable definitely resulted in better performance in my limited testing. Still got the noise but no reboots. 
    @dennistdk, just curious, you tested on multiple iphone models, were they all running iOS 10 or above or did some have older versions?
    With the older issues around the Ha-2SE dropping connection after pausing on IOS I have no doubts there are bugs in the implementation to sort out (Apples and Oppo's end) which I hope get sorted with a firmware fix soon as these affect me all the time. I am crossing my fingers the EMI issue can be sorted this way too, but am not getting my hopes up. Let's hope the Oppo engineers can work some magic.
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  11. dennistdk
    They were probably running iOS10, but not sure. 
  12. ekrauss

    I told you guys that Oppo Customer Service was not ignoring you. Granted, I did not report the issues to Oppo Customer Service (I went just a TAD bit higher than that :wink: ) but rest assured, this has and has had Oppo's attention. Again, it does not appear to be EMI/RFI related and instead looks to be an issue wherein iOS 10's USB driver does not like to play nice with the HA-2.
  13. anticute
    ..so what you're saying is that the way to get Oppo CS to take something seriously is to not go through Oppo CS at all? Interesting logic..
  14. ekrauss

    Oppo takes all of its Customer Support contacts seriously and listens to all of them. However, I didn't have the problem so I didn't go to Oppo Customer Support. When I saw that people in this thread had the problem, I asked them to write down exactly what they wanted to say to Oppo, and then I 1) posted it somewhere else that Oppo was guaranteed to see and 2) emailed it directly to a person at Oppo. Oppo then told me they had received reports of the problem since late 2016 and have been working on it.
  15. anticute
    Funny that. I wonder why they kept blaming our cables then. And why I, who did report the issue to CS, haven't gotten any updates on it. Or why their only mode of communication, AFAIK, to the people who have this problem is through some random person on a headphone forum. Or why I didn't at least get a simple "we know of the problem" when I reported it since, according to you, it was already a known problem when I did. Oh well.
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