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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. anticute
    Still no word from the highly touted Oppo support. My guess is that we're SOOL, and that they simply can't be bothered. Wish I could return mine, even though it's awesome apart from the RFI issue. No more Oppo for me, just wish that insight would have come at a lower price..
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  2. ekrauss
    There is no such thing as Oppo customer support that "simply can't be bothered." I'm not sure why you haven't been able to contact them. Tell me your exact issue and I will relay it to them.
  3. stilleh
    I asked about this about 2 months ago and even wrote to Oppo about it. They answered me that they don´t know about any single cable that works perfectly with the Oppo ha2 and USB-C but the included USB micro to micro cable works perfectly if you add an OTG micro to USB-C adapter to it. I ordered this one and it works perfectly between the Oppo and my Oneplus3.
  4. dennistdk
    Multiple people (myself included) have been trying to get an answer from Oppo about the RFI/EMI and rebooting issue that happens when used together with an iPhone (I had the issue both on the old HA-2 and also HA-2SE - with multiple models of the iPhone).
    If you get an answer it's the typical "standard support replies" - when they instead really need an engineer to look into it and fix it.
    I gave up and sold mine. :frowning2: Which is a shame because I really liked it and will probably buy again if they fix it.
  5. anticute
    This. It's not like only one person has tried to get Oppo to address this issue. Have they addressed it, or even acknowledged that the problem exists? You tell me.
    Feel free to relay whatever information you want in whatever way you want. As to the issue, it's been well described in the past 15 pages of this thread.
    I have no previous experience with Oppo products or their support, so I can only base my opinion on how they are handling this issue. Which, so far, is "not at all", AFAIK.
    I'd be more than happy if Oppo proves me wrong about not being bothered - it's not like I would complain if my $300 MFI certified product would actually start working 100% with my iPhone. 
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  6. JohnSantana
    That's quite disappointing in such a great hardware.

    Hopefully the next Oppo HA3 release they can fix it up with the EMI interference.

    I was about to buy it today, but lucky I read through this post :)
  7. Jimmy101
    Regarding the reboot issue. I was also ready to sell my HA2 bit I tried the Zeskit lightning to USB 4 inch cable with right angle connectors and it cured the problem
  8. dennistdk
    To be fair - the HA-2(SE) is not the worst in regards to picking up noise from the phone. My Mojo is about the same if not worse, but it doesn't reboot like the HA-2 (which is a problem because it stops the music - and you have to click "play" again - and pray the audio goes to the HA-2 and not the phone's speakers).
    I had 2 Zeskit cables, but they didn't help the issue for me. I don't have the Oppo's anymore, but I was able to get the noise/reboots even with no cables plugged in also during my testing. But sounds good if that fixed it for you...
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  9. halo9
    Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster (please be gentle). [​IMG]
    First off I want to empathise with all the users experiencing issues with their HA-2(SE)'s, being a long time "all things tech" lover there is nothing worse than buying some quality equipment and not being able to enjoy it to the fullest due to faults. Having bought my HA2-SE about 3 months ago I have now had the chance to use it quite a bit and for me it has not skipped a beat. I have tried to replicate the issue people are getting but have been unsuccessful so far. I have used both the Oppo and apple supplied cables with my iphone 7+, had the two stacked (with the HA-2SE facing both ways) and with/without audio playing (when not playing it was paused). In these set ups I have turned flight mode on/off so it searches for signal, gone to mobile settings and manually switched providers so it disconnects and seeks new towers, I have done this dozens of times in each each scenario. I am yet to hear any EMI noise, popping or resets. I am using my Meze 99's for the tests and live in Australia if that makes a difference, I also work in a very remote part of the country (1000km+ from nearest city) where reception is notoriously bad, dropping in/out all the time and sitting on 1 bar most of the time.  I am counting myself lucky. Perhaps this issue does not affect everyone and is limited in which case I feel worse for those affected.
    Now to what I actually came to ask, do people notice a big difference between sources using the HA-2 or SE? For me I am using my iphone 7+ with HibyMusic. All my music is ripped at 16/44 Flac plus the odd 24/96/192 tracks I have bought. Recently I set up Foobar with the KS plugin for bitstreaming directly to the HA-2SE. I wasn't expecting a difference but using the same flac files there is a clear difference in sound. Mainly there is more detail, definition and the dynamics just seem better. With classical music it is more breathy and modern music just has more punch. I was surprised how noticeable it was. The differences between the setups is the cable, but both are the Oppo supplied cables, and the input is on A for the Iphone and B for the laptop running Foobar.
    Now my questions. Is it me missing something in the two set ups above that explains the difference? I thought Hiby bitstreamed when connected to the HA-2 so was a comparable setup. Is this a limitation of the Hiby app and are other apps better (iAudiogate, Kaisertone or HF Player) at feeding the DAC and actually provide better sound? Could there be a difference in the circuitry of the inputs on the HA-2SE where input B is somehow providing a cleaner path and a more transparent sound?
    Interested to hear some users thoughts and apologies for the long first post.
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  10. frustin
    Just got my HA2se today.  Playing music.  Got it on the desk (4g) phone on top of the ha2 (this does not happen when they're side by side).  I get random music stops and then if i dont press play quick enough i have to turn off (by rotating the volume knob) the dac and back on again to get it to start.
    I'll get in touch with Oppo and see what they say.
    EDIT: before i send a message, i'm trying out my standard iphone cable (lightening to USB) just to make sure i dont have a dodgy cable that came with the Oppo.
    EDIT2: it looks like the stock lightening->usb cable is causing the issue.  Not sure what to do about that.  Also I dont like it that when i press pause, and then talk to someone i have to then turn the whole unit off and then back on again or it comes out of the iphone's speakers.
  11. ekrauss

    Tell me EXACTLY what you want me to relay to them and I will submit it directly to them.

    I simply cannot believe you have not been getting responses from Oppo Customer Service. No way.
  12. rickydenim
    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to smooth out the leather layer? I went overseas recently and whilst my HA-2 was in a zip up HDD case, my water bottle leaked. I opened my case and found the HA-2 with lots of water condensation over it and the leather was quite mushy. We've had some warm weather here (Australia) and so I dried it and let it air out completely - still working luckily! Although now the leather has lots of recessed dents in it, so annoyed! Not sure if I can get them back out. Any ideas?
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  13. DrunkSaru
    can you post a picture?
  14. ekrauss

    Saddle soap first, then wait a day and apply mink oil. That should do the trick:


  15. ekrauss

    I'm waiting . . . I'm here to help . . .
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