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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. AlanU
     try to audition one first.   My denon mm400 is only 32ohms and the iFi nano ran it with ease but the dac was a lateral move to my MM400 directly connected to my iphone 6+. The Dragonfly RED had more clarity but not much more rich "meat on the bones" sound and with my iphone 6+. I had the volume cranked 90% with just comfortable volume levels. Both DFR and ifi Nano to me was underwhelming. 
    Using the Peachtree shift on the other hand was a noticeable step in music engagement with a smooth detailed dac. I've yet to test mojo or oppo......
  2. inertianinja
    So I did a little experiment to try to fix the the HA2 resetting.
    I normally carry it with a custom clip to the back of my iPhone like this, with the leather removed:
    Usually, when I'm on the subway going in and out of cell service, the Oppo restarts/connection drops several times. As an experiment, I cut a piece of aluminum foil to the shape of one side of the HA-2SE, used some plain tape to stick it to the back of of the amp (the side facing the iPhone), and then covered it in black electrical tape just to keep it from tearing.
    I know this looks like crap - it's just an experiment! In any event, it's hidden from view when the amp is clipped to the phone (see pic above). But - I tested it out today and there were no dropouts at all!
    So, if this truly fixes it, we have our answer. Whatever is causing the dropouts isn't coming through the cable, it's EMI from the back of the phone.
    Here's what it looks like:
    I might end up leaving it like this. Cost me basically nothing to make, and now I have an ultra-thin HA2SE that sticks to my phone without blocking the screen, and crossed fingers no more dropouts. 
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  3. dennistdk
    I did almost the exact same thing (aluminium foil between the phone and HA2SE) - it made it worse for me. But I can see that you have your HA2 is facing the other way (I have the "Oppo" logo facing the phone).
    I'll try to change that and see if it helps.
  4. adeeb
    did it impact the phone's signal strength?
  5. anticute
    Interesting! Pretty sad that it's necessary to do this kind of modding to a $300 piece of equipment just to get it to work properly. though.. :frowning2:
  6. inertianinja

    Not that I noticed, but I'll check.

    And I'm assuming that this could probably be fixed by better shielding inside the device. I suppose I could try that some day - open it up, slip in some non-conductive shielding or something.

    This might be relatively common. You know how the new LG monitors apparently don't work if they're too close to a wifi router? That's gotta be the same thing.
  7. zilch0md
    Can you make me a hat like that?
  8. inertianinja
    Here you go dude, found a guide on youtube: https://youtu.be/HHICx4RHc90
  9. zilch0md
    Hahaha!   Thank you!   [​IMG]
  10. dennistdk

    Ok - so tried it out yesterday, but still didn't help. Constant reboots of the HA-2SE and the "gsm interference" noise in the background whenever there is low cell coverage or changing networks. 
    I finally sold it today... 
    I cannot recommend anybody buying a HA-2 or HA-2SE if you are moving/travelling around a lot daily. I have nothing negative to say about the DAC/AMP part and feature wise it is the perfect portable thing (connectivity, charging etc.), but this issue makes it totally worthless for using on the road (especially by train where you move a lot between cell towers)...
    I really can't understand that a company like Oppo (that also make cell phones) can't do basic shielding/emi in their premium products. I mean it's so easy to replicate this issue and probably easy to fix as other portable amps don't have this problem.
    If they fix it I'll maybe buy it again, but maybe it's finally time for the dacamp or mojo instead. 
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  11. j2rock

    I can't vouch for the iPhone issues you guys seem to be having.. I switched to Samsung a year and a half ago and haven't looked back.

    But if you're interested in DACAMP, I can tell you it sounds better than HA-2 and SE. It has better less fatiguing mids that don't get harsh at louder volume like the Oppo units and the treble is more natural with a smoother quality. Bass is heavier with the RHA but not overly done. There is of course the ability to EQ which I've found to be quite useful with IEM's lacking bass and too much treble.

    I have yet to hear Mojo as I can't seem to get over the rotating lighted balls design and until I do, I cannot say it's better.. but a ridiculous amount of people swear by the no amp design and FPGA DAC.

    Once I switched from HA-2, SE then DACAMP, I felt the need to stop searching.

    I did get a Silver Dragon Micro USB to replace the RHA one and it definitely improved everything.
  12. WayTooCrazy
    I'm actually here, because my "brand new" Mojo has a charging "Whine" that drives me nuts. There are other people reporting it too. So I was looking for possibly something else to replace it with. I might give another unit a shot to see if I get one that doesn't do it, but I've seen enough complaints that I don't think I'd be lucky enough. So I started looking back at the HA-2 (which I had previously and liked). Then you mentioned that DACAMP... so now I have to investigate that.
  13. j2rock

    I do need to remind that the DACAMP is heavier and nearly twice as thick as the Oppo units. The form factor of the Oppo HA-2 series is unbeatable for stacking but I need better sound quality over better design.

    By no means is the RHA easier to hold with a phone in one hand like HA-2 and SE and it also has a slicker aluminum cover (obviously no leather to grip). But it's manageable...
  14. WayTooCrazy
    The Mojo is heavier than the HA-2, and at least twice as thick. I don't really pair my phone with an amp (using LG V20), I use it with Tablet. I'll search out a dedicated forum as to non go off topic with this one.
  15. spw1880

    I also use moon audio silver gragon right angle lightning connector with my oppo. All cut out issues or interference ceased permanantly and definitely a bump in sq as well.

    Since you own the dacamp..i would like to ask your experience with balanced mode. When you say its better than oppo..is that in SE or balanced or both?

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