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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. j2rock

    I do not own the new RHA earphones that have the mini-XLR so I have not heard it in balanced mode.

    Single-ended use sounds noticeably less compressed, less sharp in the treble (but still articulate), with plenty of low end and midrange character than the Oppo's.

    I'm using LCD-XC with Silver Dragon cable.
  2. dennistdk
    To be honest you are not going to get an increase in sound quality by changing the usb cable (I think there are multiple scientific posts on headfi that confirms that).
    I also don't believe it will help with the disconnects as this is not caused by the cable (the HA-2 will reboot even if not connected to the phone, but just in the vicinity).
    Anyways - I've ordered the RHA Dacamp now - 14 days delivery time :frowning2:
    Again, I really hope Oppo fixes their EMI shielding issue, cause I do like the HA-2SE and will buy again if fixed.
  3. j2rock

    'To be honest,' saying there is no difference between USB cables is like saying analog interconnects do not change sound quality.

    I've used multiple brand USB cables for audio and they all sound different. There are people who will claim there is no difference with digital cables and those people just don't (want to) listen to actually hear the difference.

    Are you saying you've auditioned different USB cables and cannot hear differences? I've heard differences between the exact same brand and model cables (2 of the same length) let alone different brands of equivalent length.

    Anyway, I think you will enjoy DACAMP's sound quality.
  4. dennistdk
    Yes, I'm hoping I'll enjoy the DACAMP. :) Will post a review to head-fi once I've had a chance to use it, but it seems very popular as it's sold out everywhere.
    For analog cables there will be differences off course, but for something purely digital you will not hear a difference (unless you have a bad cable and experience dropouts/interference). But that is a topic for another forum - and there are plenty of those topics on head-fi already. :) 
  5. j2rock

    I know there are many topics discussing digital cables which I am hoping you look into reading, but from what I can deduce with your choice of words, you are a skeptic and it isn't healthy imo.

    Cable manufacturers would not goto the lengths they go to with analog cables and now digital if there was no improvement over $2 cables. They are undoubtedly cashing in but the cost of pure 99.99% silver conductors isn't cheap and if you are claiming using different metal conductors cannot change the sound of digital cables, you really have not listened and it isn't a discussion for another topic since you are trying to debunk science in this topic.

    If you aren't willing to pay for and audition better cables, that doesn't mean you can go around a serious forum like head-fi.org and share 'an opinion' about digital signal transfer.
  6. WayTooCrazy
    I tell you what... I have a few garbage cables, a cable I made with Mogami W2893 with it's shielding tied to the USB shielding at both ends, and a AudioQuest Forest cable coming in tomorrow. I can take a quick listen over my Mojo and my CIEMS and LCD-2F.
  7. dennistdk
    I can't really tell if you are joking or not, but it's really not a matter of listening/believing when it comes to digital transfer, but a simple matter of if there is a difference in (the timing of) the bits going through the cable and error correction - and that can easily be measured and verified in a very, very scientific way. :)
    That being said I do own some very expensive cables (also digital ones), but that's more because they are "nice to look at and feels good" and have very good and solid connectors (important if they get moved a lot).
  8. j2rock

    Far from joking... I do not 'believe' I am hearing a better sound.

    Sorry, but you do have expensive cables yet you aren't saying that the digital ones sound any better.

    If you are buying expensive cables for more solid connectors and don't hear that the digital cables sound any better, I don't know what to tell you. I am done discussing it.
  9. spw1880

    Thanks for sharing,

    I will definitely giva rha dac amp a listen at a local shop if possible.
  10. spw1880

    Listening is very subjective from person to person..its not much different to taste buds i guess, so i wont argue on the sq bit.

    just sharing my experiwnce here..but i did change to some generic lightning cables before the moon audio but had the same reboot issue over and over again...i decided to spend that extra on the moon audio cable because i remembered my experience with using diferrent charging and data cables in the past..i noticed that some where more durable than others...and some didnt even last for 3 months of mixed use. So decided to bet that it was still a cable issue ..or maybe the build quality of it. After the using the silver dragon short lightning cable, it was cured no matter how long i listened..or how much i shook the cable..it is that sturdy. I recommend that a good data cable is a worthwhile investment. Build quality makes a difference in every application. I know that standard cables coming with most electronics we buy are cost driven build quality, that are not qood quality. Glad i took the jump.

  11. spw1880
    Again regarding rfi emi..i have experience some interference in the begining with stock iem cable on my jvc and after market cables. I think it was to do with incoming or outgoing signals from fone knowing that its was stacked..and coming into the iem cable itself

    When i changed to rhapsodio golden iem cable its still happened..so i decided to retermintae the 3.5mm plug to eidolic which had better insulation and thicker aluminium demagnetized barrel on the plug..the interference was gone..i later changed to effect audio silther thor II+ iem cable but did not reterminate the steel and carbon 3.5mm plug..no interference. Its been couple of months so far so good.

    This is just experience btw, i thought id lay it out hope it helps. If it doesnt..then just try something else.

  12. Bossatiger
    Been playing around with my OPPO HA-2SE for the past day now, and I have to send it back.
    The lack of proper EMI shielding in the housing is unforgivable. It cuts out and glitches too frequently when stacked with my iPhone 7 for it to be usable. A small add of EMI shielding in the housing would have been easy for Oppo, considering how inexpensive any thin sheet metal can be (come on, even aluminum foil would have worked). I don't understand how the engineers could have skipped this. It's a $300 device, probably with huge margins anyways- and they couldn't add some cheap sheet metal to make it work with an iPhone. They even had this thing MFi certified, so it was clearly made to work with iDevices (we can safely assume it was meant to work well with iPhones, obviously).
    Don't get me wrong, this thing sounds great and is well-built and designed otherwise. But such a fundamental flaw. Hopefully they'll get it right the next version.  
    Back to the Apple dongle for now.
    dennistdk likes this.
  13. HesNot
    I'm trying to sort out is the shielding issue with the SE and the original HA2, or just the SE?
  14. dennistdk

    I have owned both - the issue is the same on the SE and original HA-2.
    I was hoping they had fixed it in the SE, but no... :/
  15. DrunkSaru
    Sorry, Kinda resurrecting an old quote here but skimming through the posts, I didn't see any indication of you posting that you got a response form Oppo. Just wondering if you ever did. I've had my HA-2 for a while, not the SE but I've recently decided to make my N5X my dedicated audio player with the HA2 and I never bothered to look online for the issues it had until now. Just have been buying different cables to see if the results were the same for the past couple of months. So yeah, just wondering if you ever got an answer from Oppo.
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