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Open backed headphones, $200ish

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tanner116, Jan 12, 2013.
  1. tanner116
    So I love my headphones. My ATH-M50's make my whole experience with my collection of alternative/punk/pop-punk so much... MORE. It blew my soon-to-be 15 year old mind away.
    So I am pretty happy with these, but I've been searching around and keep seeing open back headphones. These sound like an interesting thing to experiment with, and I wanted advice on what should be my first pair, considering I already own M50's.
    I am open to all suggestions, but I'm quite biased toward Audio-Technica, seeing the value in my M50's (that I bought new for $110). Thank you for anything you can help me with! Also, if anyone wants to talk about music (like Rise Against, Paramore, Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, etc), send me a message :) I love talking about music and headphones and meeting people!
  2. joseph69
    Check out the Grado SR80i's for 100$U.S. they are awesome headphone's with an open back design and they are on ear. They are definitely excellent for your music genre's, they are not bass heavy, however they have a nice tight and fast bass response with very forward mid's and crystal clear high's, you will be blown away AGAIN. (AMAZON 99$) I've happen to notice lately that it seems some people are asking a little bit more for the Grado's these day's but at AMAZON they are still 99$U.S.
  3. tanner116
    Those do look pretty sweet, but what about over ear? 
  4. tanner116
    Im kinda looking at the AD700's... ($100 on Amazon) yes, no? Info?
  5. Cakensaur
    Grado's no question. just get L-cush pads for them, or buy sr225i's
    Nothing i own even comes close for rock/metal.
  6. MalVeauX
    Look into:
    Hifiman HE-400
    Beyer DT880 PRO
    Sony MA900
    AKG Q701
    Ultrasone HFI 2400
    Avoid them. Read the link in my signature. They're not something I would recommend for music listening to anyone.
    Very best,
  7. Cakensaur
    I love yellowcard, on songs like "shadows and regrets" they have a closeness and intimacy that is amazing
    on "two weeks from twenty" they sound airy, with highly centered vocals.. and the last minute of that song is to die for.
  8. joseph69
    I cant comment on the AD700 I've never heard them.
    Grado does make a (G) cushion for their two higher end models that can fit on the 80i, but I also never used them on my Grado's, so cant comment on those either.
  9. tanner116
    Id love to have the Beyers or the AKGs or any of those, but most of them are a bit too pricey :/
  10. tanner116
    Alright, so the Grados look good priced and quality. Next question: Is it worth paying $50 more for the SR125i's instead of the 80i's?
  11. Hoagie
  12. joseph69
    No, buy the SR80i and leave them just the way they come from Grado for the time being and just enjoy them, you will rediscover your music all over again, that is if you like the sound signature that I described to you earlier. If you don't care for the sound signature amazon has a great return policy.
  13. asdfghjkzxcvbnm
    I hate the Q701 for rock, I find it isn't engaging enough.
  14. jasonb
    The AKG Q701 can be had for only $240. And I disagree about them not being good for rock. I use mine mostly for progressive rock and metal. 
  15. biggbenn74
    +1 Totally agree here. I even use them for Electronica because the bass is so clear and tight.

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