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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
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  1. Orky261
    Glad more people are receiving this DAP, hopefully with its price/performance finally being given a concrete picture, it can trigger the race to the bottom with many other DAP manufacturers.
  2. djvkool
    Guys - question for you guys who are using balanced out - I don't have any exposure yet so far in the world of balanced output, all of my IEM/phones have the standard 3.5mm single ended.
    If I want to use the 2.5mm balanced output, do I have to get the proper cable, or is there any adapter that I can get (i.e can I use one of them 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter)?
    Any advise would be much appreciated 
  3. davidmolliere
    Yes you need a proper cable, because you need wiring to go along with your TRRS, each channel has a ground :)
  4. Whitigir
    I don't think Sony is just simply going to release a turntable that convert vinyl to DSD and stop there. I think in the future, they will release new albums, music so...etc in limited vinyl albums. Because it makes more sense that way....I don't see why some one would just take a full cup of water and leave it on the counter top and leave....unless that some one doesn't know what he is doing....alzheimer
  5. Peridot
    That is concerning. Is this when streaming, or does it also happen with saved offline content?
    It has been reported in this thread that all third-party apps experience distortion, yet others have mentioned using Tidal without saying anything about distortion.
    It is the lack of clarity over this issue that is preventing me buying the device until I can hear it for myself.
  6. callizer
    I'm using Apple Music (for streaming) alongside the stock player (for local files). No hisses or distortion whatsoever on both apps.

    Haven't tried TIDAL or Spotify since I don't subscribe to those.
  7. kdub
    sorry if this has been asked already but I really like to know the sonic difference between DP-X1 and FiiO X7 paired with headphones not IEM (eg Hifiman He-400i). This is my short list.
  8. badwisdom

    I think the A320 doesn't do native DSD either. Only the A240 and A380
  9. Zenifyx
    It happens with every third party app (at least with every one I've tried so far)
    There's no reason Tidal would be the exception.
    It's a problem that Onkyo needs to solve in a future update, given that DP-X1 was also marketed as a streaming music player.
  10. Peridot
    Thanks Zenifyx.
    I've already bought and returned an X7 because it can't properly support streaming services.
    The Onkyo is now off my list too.
    It really puzzles me that the manufacturers haven't sorted out these issues before releasing the devices. FiiO appeared to be surprised that streaming was important to a lot of users. Personally I can't see a reason for adopting a bloated Android interface unless it's to fully support third-party apps.
    Here's hoping that IBasso can do better if they go down the Android route.
  11. TheOneInYellow

    First, and really first, what exactly are the third party apps yourselves and others are suffering issues with?
    "...every app..." and "...every one I tried)..." isn't helpful, so please list your the apps you've tested.
    Please also tell us your setup; headphones, and if you are using external equipment at all (DAC, amp, DAC/amp).

    Second, I have had zero issues with any and all third party apps I have used:

    • Onkyo DP-X1 Music App,
    • Tidal (I no longer subscribe to Spotify),
    • YouTube,
    • The Room 3 by Fireproof Games (amazing sound effects and music for this game, though I prefer my 2K Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus screen over Onkyo DP-X1 720p screen),
    • BBC iPlayer,
    • BBC iPlayer Radio.

    I believe my friend, scootermafia, has had, so far, a trouble free experience with third party apps also.

    It is my firm belief that it's a System Level Android settings issue.
    Run the app that you've got an issue with. Then go to Android Settings > Sound and Notifications and record all the settings as is.

    Or, in a worse case scenario, if you are running apps off the MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC card (or downloading album's to the card) and having cracking issues or similar, then the cards could be faulty. You'll need to do a memory check if this scenario is the case.

    Finally, if you are using unbalanced SE headphones or equipment and AGC is on TURN IT OFF. This might also be a reason as AGC only works with balanced connections, and third party apps might have a hissy fit with AGC + SE.

    Not sure if I can troubleshoot today but I will try, or another Head-Fi'er can step-in.
    davidmolliere likes this.
  12. iichigoz
    Try changing to low gain? That might help if you're using IEM.
  13. TheOneInYellow

    I believe you are jumping the gun, as it were, based on a small subset of user issues with no real information as to how their setup is designed (equipment and settings).

    It is, of course, your choice, but I would like to add that many, many other user's do not suffer the issues presented at present

    I believe the Onkyo DP-X1 is a fantastic DAP with default music app and third party apps (that are not designed to circumvent the DAC, such as Neutron).

    Please take this as another piece of information before making your choice, and allow other Head-Fi'ers, or Onkyo itself, help the small number of users having issues first.

    Finally, this is a brand new device, so teething issues are to be expected.
    This device is unlike FiiO X7 that has a real hardware crippling issue, and software issues can be sorted via troubleshooting or firmware updates for the Onkyo DP-X1.

    If none of this helps, try the Questyle QP1R, as I have heard very good things about it, or Acoustic Research ARM2.
  14. davidmolliere
    I haven't received my DP-X1 yet, but the XDP-100 had absolutely no EMI like the X7 had, the hiss is a different problem and probably depends on headphone sensitivity too personnaly with the XDP-100 I had none I could hear. Onkyo split the components between Amp/DAC part and on a separate board you have CPU/Wifi etc... the design should make it EMI free IMHO.
    The hiss issue is probably tied to the issue of third party app not being able to take fully advantage of the DAC/amp, I think Onkyo might have put a part of the driver/code/whatever in the Music app instead of customizing android level (just a theory)
  15. TheOneInYellow
    Here is a pic I took on the Wed of me playing Tidal in SE (AGC deactivated), High Gain, with AKG K 712 headphones, on Onkyo DP-X1 with WiFi for streaming and Last.fm scrobbling my listened to tracks:


    I had the best overall sonics I have ever heard when using Tidal, beating my previous setup except harmonics: laptop > iFi Audio Gemini (Audio USB head from laptop) > iFi iUSBPower (Gemini's Power USB head) > iFi iPurifier > iFi Audio Retro Stereo 50 (formerly CEntrance HiFi-M8)
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