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ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 |

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by t.r.a.n.c.e., Sep 11, 2015.
  1. bluesyfluesy
    i don't really take any precaution, probably the only one i take is to ensure that when my earphone is connected dp-x1 i do not put stress on the socket (like when climbing stairs with dp-x1 in my pocket), which i usually always do for all DAP anyway

    i'm also eyeing dx200 so if the socket fails i have a reason to by new DAP! :)
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  2. anyworld1209
    My Dp-x1's volume wheel seems to get weird when i scroll it. It starting to jumpin up and down.. Or sometime it doesn't increase at all.. And whenever i plug my unit into a laptop for charge or copy music, i can barely touch the screen because the touch sensor seems to messed up and the volume wheel jump getting worst. What is wrong with my DP-X1? Is there anyone know how to sold this problem? :frowning2:
  3. lcasadonte
    I've never read where anyone has had the problem you are describing. You may want to blow around the wheel with compressed air and make sure the screen is clean or replace your screen protector and see what happens.
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  4. howdy
    With any wheel or nob for volume it is good to spin up and down many rotations one way than the other way with no earbuds in of course so you don't hurt your ears. Like the post above stated dust particles get in there and although I do/dont suggest compressed air I would just try rolling it first. As for the screen, is there something on it that is interfering with it? if something is touching it and you go to touch it, it will act weird. if this is not it, I don't have any answer for you.
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  5. anyworld1209
    Thank you :) I tried it and it's work!! The volume wheel jump issue seems to reduced. No more misbehave touch screen. I will try the compressed air method to see how it goes xD
  6. everfading
    Hi guys, I've looked around but was not able to find any info on it.

    Did any of you guys managed to scrobble to last.fm from the default music amp on Onkyo?

    I think I tried literally every scrobbler there is with little to no luck.

    Maybe it's just me, but the default music app sounds the best to me (I am pretty sure that there are changes in sound characteristics from app to app) and I wanted to use it exclusively.

    However, I am not able to scrobble from it, the only bit of luck I got was using Scroball scrobbling app which detected and recognized the default app, but to make it useless at the same time, I noticed that each song is being recorded a couple of times during one playback (usually after a particular time interval). So, let's say I listen to a song once, but it appears three times in last.fm. That messes up my meticulous database :p

    Any thoughts, ideas or solutions?


  7. imblub
    I usually take good care of my gear as well but the 3.5mm was loose after about 2 months and the 2.5mm was just not secured to begin with :frowning2:
  8. whitemouse
    Same here, 3.5 gave up within month, 2.5mm miraculously still in tact.. but the Copper ring of the 2.5 socket managed to come off, and disappear last night, when I was plugging and unplugging several headphones in bed, and it was dark, didn't notice when got off. Should use a dangle at all times, and I do while outside, walking. But took the dangle out in bed. Copper piece must be somewhere in bed, gonna look for it with flashlight later lol

    Onkyo lost 2.5mm copper ring.jpg
  9. whitemouse
    I do take precautions, and try not to breath near X1. Still it is falling apart.

    Debating now whether to send X1 to Hong Kong audio repair shop, where they replace both sickets, not Onkyo's crap, different, normal sockets. Replacing both sockets cost $1000 HKD, that is around $130 USD. Shipping with EMS to and from is $80 USD.
    Or forget X1, by far my favorite DAP, and go out and buy iBasso DX200, they sell them here in brick mortar shops in Bangkok.
    iBassos don't fall apart, years ago DX50 lost 1 channel, but DX50 is easy to open up, and go over 3 solder joints on circuit board. I won't take a chance removing Onkyo's LCD, can crack the screen easy. And since Onkyo Japan doesn't reply to emails, I doubt if they'd sell me new LCD. In order to buy, communication is part of process, it's not easy when Onkyo plays mute.
    And if DX200 should have output socket issue at some point, just buy another amp for it, no need to EMS things around the world.
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  10. snafu1

    I hear your pain on whether it's worth it getting it repaired or not.
    I upgraded from the DX80 to the DX-P1. The DX80 had buggy firmware that was driving me crazy, because otherwise it had good SQ. iBasso was making small steps to improving it with firmware updates every few months. The most annoying bug I had was about every 10th song it would start the song in the middle instead of the beginning. I mean - come on? How hard is it to play a series of MP3 files? iBasso was looking into this issue when they finally released the DX200. Then, that was it for the DX80. No more support - nothing. I just checked their website and they never released another update for the DX80 since the DX200 came out. That's pathetic. So, what I'm saying is, you better do some research on the DX200 before you plunk down your money.
  11. howdy
    I have the Fiio X7ii and it has been a great DAP so far and from some reviews I've read the X7ii and DX200 are very similar in sound and share the same DAC. You might want to check into that as well. I'm lucky with my player so far as the jack has been good so far.
    My only issue since the last update with my DP-X1 is that it will start playing some random song right when the earphone is plugged in, not even the song that's showing in que.
  12. whitemouse
    You are lucky, or better at handling the X1. Mine is literally falling apart, the 2.5 socket Copper ring decided to fall off, it actually broke off its plastic body.
    I'm super careful with the Onkyo X1, I use a 2.5mm dangle pretty much permanently plugged in. And I connect my headphones to this dangle, so not to unplug, and plug in another plug. This, of course, is insane. A head phone socket of any smartphone today can be plugged in, or unplugged without having to worry.

    I'm going to say it now, as far as hardware, the X1 is an absolute joke of a device. A complete disaster, given that there's ZERO customer service on Onkyo's part. If I was in Japan, Onkyo would have replaced my X1 three times by now. Apparenty Onkyo replaces their defective units, no questions asked. If you bought from Japanese dealer. I didn't.
    They are all defective. If yours still in tact, give it some time!

    But I'm not Japanese. I'm stuck with their defective product. No replacement, no warranty socket replacement. In fact no reply from Onkyo Japan lol. This is unheard of.

    So I kept s 2.5mm dangle plugged in permanently
    But since last week, after rewiring every headphone cable to TRRS 2.5mm plug, I started to unplug and plug in different headsets, all of them with 2.5mm balanced plug.
    Guess what, yesterday the Copper ring that covers Onkyo's output socket just dislogged. It was dark in my room, and in the morning I discovered there's an input socket staring at me, but Copper ring is gone lol.

    I found it later that night, it was resting peacefully on my bed sheet.

    Here it is, the little "Copper" ring, that really turned out to be piece of thin, brittle plastic, and it broke off. Not by abuse on my part, plugging and unplugging headphone plug is what this socket should be able to take 10 years, my 2003 iPod 10Gb FireWire connector still in tact.

    This is what Onkyo X1 Copper ring at 2.5 Out looks like. I'm just gonna glue it back in place with Crazy Glue. With any other manufacturer I'd ask for repairs, or replacement, with Onkyo this is tricky, their corporate policy is ignore email for customer service.

    Onkyo, hire me as consultsnt when you're designing your next device. Free! No cost to you! I will simply list you the basics of what a Walkman requires as a MUST. Being 25 year veteran of pocket devices, I know what fails, what attention needs to be paid to! (For example, physical lock to disable all physical controls if the player, something your X1 doesn't have)

    Howdy, what kills me, Onkyo DP X1 beats both iBasso 200, and Fiio X7 II, in my opinion.

    As long as Onkyo works. Unfortunately not very long, 2.5mm fails first, 3.5 quickly follows.

    Onkyo X1 is a strange device. It's top of the game, best DAP I've auditioned, it beats DAPs priced $3000, grossly, obsinely, INSULTINGLY overpriced products.

    Machined Aluminium DAPs, costing several thousand $ are a joke. It's time to put cards on the table, and stop deceiving less informed customers! A good, well made, all metal DAP should not cost more than $500 USD.

    There is no reason for a DAP to cost more, unless machined from previous metal.

    Onkyo, hire 2 or 3 people, and call them Customer Service. Novel concept for you, sure, but try it! Works well in long term!

    Onkyo 2.5_1.jpg

    Onkyo 2.5_2.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  13. singleended5863
    In your opinion, DP-X1 beats AK-SP1000 too?
  14. howdy
    Like I have said to you in the past the Onkyo is a great device and some of the best UI I have come across, it just works! I do however like the sound of the X7ii better IMO, but the DP-X1 is no slouch. I have been lucky with my DAP, I do take care of all my stuff, I actually have a hard shell case for all my stuff that it goes into when ever I am done using it.
    Have you tried reaching out to Onkyo on Facebook? I have talked to Chris many times via messenger, he may be able to help you.
  15. anyworld1209
    I've got that kinda similar bug. After factory reset and disable abunch of useless app. It's gone.
    Try gg trans this page and follow the instruction or ask for someone who knows japanese : http://www.jp.onkyo.com/support/servicebase.htm
    Just got my dp-x1a volume wheel replaced for 9k Y after 2 weeks of waitting. So lucky that my friend works in Japan and travel back and forth alot..
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018

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