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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Mshenay
    yea for higher ohm'd headphones an ortho's the Vali 2 would be a better option for amping, though for low impedance cans, like Grado, ATH or Fostex the Starlight is the way to go 
  2. bigro

    HA. I almost fell off the couch I was laughing so hard..
  3. Mshenay
    hehehe nicely done man 
  4. E8ArmyDiver
    Ladies & gentleman [​IMG].....Announcing the fight of the year.In this corner the Schiit Audio Vali 2. The contender I have found is designed & built by the genius behind the MiniWatt Tube amplifier that has taken the SET Home Stereo crowd by storm!The APPJ Audio PA1502A amp is a SS Rectified(if you've ever lost an amp to a bad rec.tube you'll be glad as I am for this),Auto Biasing,Class A Single Ended Triode(12AX7)front end driving a pair of Triode Strapped,6v6 Power Tubes!The amp is TRANSFORMER COUPLED with NO offset DC & NO caps in the output path!Power Transformers are Japanese Z-11 Steel & have a quoted power outout of 18v PtP.!We are talking the same HEAVY DUTY transformers like I have in my EL34 driven Integrated Amp!This little sucker is also a heavyweight compared to the 1lb.Vali2 weighing in at a whopping 4lbs.6ozs!Since this is a Transformer Coupled Amp it should have no problem driving low impedance cans & is rated to drive an 8-600 ohm load!.Priced at $221.00 Including DHL Shipping it is a bit more than the Schiit.which is $183.00 Delivered.Actual Fight Date TBA.A few stolen pics to wet your appetite.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. mithrandir38
    Although the starlight has adjustable output impedance, likely making it a better fit for high impedance cans like the hd650, etc.
  6. bigro
    I am curious as to why this is the case? The PSB M4U1 is 32 Ohms and on low Gain and with the Volume turned all the way up the Vali 2 is dead silent.
  7. bigro
    I am back at work and had a little time to compare the Vali1 vs. Vali 2.
    I listened to the Vali 2 for most of the morning. Then got the Vali 1 all warmed up and switched back and forth. and here is my opinion.
    The Vali 2 sounds more open. There is more texture overall and Vocals have more impact and body. Overall the Vali 2 brings out more definition and detail. Instrument separation is better and even guitar string pluck seemed more discernible. The Vali 1 sounded a little flat compared to the the Vali 2.  Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Even though I powered the Amps Down before switching cables. That Vali1 whined a little.Tiiiiiiiiiiing.  I have yet to hear any microphonics from the Vali 2.
    I still like the Vali 1, But so is the case with upgrades. Just because there is a New Corvette does not mean the old one is now defective or inferior. I am just Happy that the Vali is not corvette priced.
    Vali 1 will probably be re purposed to a wireless set of senns I use at home so I can catch up on the world news and watching some tv shows on the weekend without waking the wife up at 4:30 in the morning. Or My Buddy that inherited My Original Modi may get a present.
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  8. jfoxvol
    Yeah. The Vali is like that crazy ex gf. Yeah she is microphonic and she is noisy. But she did things other girlfriends didn't. So you stuck around. Then Vali 2 rolls around. She's got a job and her own place. She's responsible. And none of the problems. Sometimes tho. Ya still miss the fun of the last one. I know this is a ridiculous analogy. I absolutely adore the Vali 2 and am listening through it now. It is a marked improvement. I think the stock tube is fantastic. I do still ever so slightly yearn for the tonality of the Vali 1. Not much. But some. Perhaps now rolling some tubes will give me more options. I see an RCA 6CG7 in my near future.
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  9. bigro
    Hmm Let me get this straight
    Vali 1= Crazy Ex that was a sometimes outspoken a little frumpy and may scare the timid a little, but always up for a good time.
    Vali 2= Current affiliation. Soft spoken and clearly well mannered. Well put together and you can take her home to mom.
    So now your mission is to take the Vali 2 and ditch the glasses and wine,  Put a beer in her hand and see what happens?
  10. jfoxvol
    I was thinking maybe an old single malt.
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  11. bigro
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  12. jlangholzj

     The difference between "good girls" and "bad girls" is that good girls choose who they're bad with......
    On that note, I did in fact scrounge together a list of possible candidates. Some of which I'm not 100% on. This is just kind of a random musing from my end of things that might be worth checking into for any of you folks that may have multiple tubes laying around. I thought that it was said somewhere that mr. moffat was using the 6n1p and rather liked it. I think fox tried that and found it to run a bit hot. With that in mind I think the 6n6p probably draws over what would be comfortable with heater current but i had it on the list as a "maybe". Same goes for the 7au7, much in performance to the 12au7 but works off of 7v heaters....which a 6.3v heater is within the usual 10% figure I've seen thrown around.
    Again, this is by NO MEANS a list of things you can do but there's a few of you here that are interested in rolling (and a few that are probably a slight bit more knowledgeable) and I wouldn't mind stirring up a bit on conversation on possible candidates.
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  13. jfoxvol
    Mike liked the 6CG7.  Jason said that 6n1P would work.  I tried the latter.  Mehhh.  Much thinner sounding.  Noisier.  And like a 6N1P, hot to the touch like the business end of a crack pipe.  I plan to grab an Electroharmonix 6CG7 repro first.  Also a 6922.  Maybe a JJ.  Rolling is easier and way cheaper with A tube
  14. Mshenay
    Well the starlight maxs out at around 600mW into like 60 ohms, at 300 ohms the Vali 2 still has more power on tap 
    Nice list 
    an as to why I heard noise an others didn't it boils down to my rig, though I will say I do high gain output on my dac so that might be why Im grabbing some noise with the vali 
  15. E8ArmyDiver
    So I get to spend several hours listening last night.At that point amp & cans now had around 45hours on them.In my first impressions post I likened the sound to looking out a squeaky clean window to see a snow covered field with bright blue sky overhead.The amp & cans both seem to have relaxed considerably,like the sun is sinking low & the blue sky is turning reddish/orange,just a tiny hint of sweetness.Transients are still razor sharp(Planar Cans?).Here are a few notes I made.
    Muddy Waters "Can't Lose W.Y.N.H."If you've ever played around with an electric guitar then you have heard & know well the plastic sound of a pick when bending into a note strike & releasing.This plasticy tone is clearly heard from the rhythm guitar at stage left.
    The Cars"Dangerous Type"WOW,the imaging & sound stage here is excellent,especially the drum kit!The recording engineer really knew how to mic.Drums are NOT wall to wall but compact,like a small kit should be.Clear space between musicians.
    Led Zep"Hey Hey"Still hearing a bit of sibilance on Roberts vocals.Mandolin sounds soooo sweet.Drums don't sound right.No organics to them.
    GoGo's"Vacation"This track was very rhythmic & musical,really a pleasure to hear.Bass has excellent definition.Tight,NO slop.Belindas vocals BORDERLINE too sharp.Background vocals very clear.
    Ziggy Marley"Is This Love Live"WOW,real depth to sound stage!Excellent low level detail,tambourines very clear & at back of band.The missing organics from the drums in Led Zep are NOT evident here.Wonderful tone from all instruments.
    Tab Benoit"Spell on you"Sibilance confirmed here big time.
    Billy Idol"White Wedding"Billies vocals are great here,you can actually see his sneer in the tone of his vocal changes!
    Clapton"Early In The Mourning"Hammond B3 sounds AMAZING here,beautiful tone.Again bass has excellent definition.
    To summarize my session.This is a wonderfuly musical amp.It doesn't draw attention to itself but allows the recording to do that.I think at this point another 50hours on the amp & cans along with a tube change & it could be a keeper.We'll see how it does against the all tube APPJ amp incoming.

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