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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. E8ArmyDiver
    I have to agree with your assessment.Read my comments farther back.This is NOT a syrupy,rolled off amp.I would be willing to bet Pinks this amp would sound KILLER with Senn 650's or other "lush"sounding cans!
  2. Tuneslover
    Indeed, I too would be interested in hearing people's comparisons of these two excellent designers and manufacturers products.
  3. SomeGuyDude
    I dunno who says tubes can't work with warmer, lusher headphones. My old Lyr + LCD-2 (pre-fazor) was absolutely godlike. I"m wondering if an EL-8 + Vali 2 will be kind of a mini version of that.
  4. E8ArmyDiver
    The problem is many cheap tube amps do sound syrupy & rolled off which is a REAL bad match with lush sounding cans.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    Fair point. I admit all I've heard is the Schiit line as far as tubes go.
  6. Mshenay
    Ehm I can help you with that! I have the Starlight from 1217 an the Vali 2, an
    the Starlight is POWERFUL, with stock tubes it adds a nice HEFT of sub bass, very SOLID low end the kind that REALLY makes the drums KICK, aside from that really powerful bass the mids an treble are fairly clean
    The Vali 2 is a little different, it's got a nice touch of warmth to the mid range, which dips into the mid bass just a touch, so you get thicker vocals an guitars an a very beautiful upper mid range as well! 
    Build quality though is better on the Starlight, in addition the starlight is also a blacker with a finer volume adjustment [oh an the Vali 2 TINKS when u plug ur headphones in] 
    both have good sound stage, with adequate depth, good layering an width how ever, I do find the Vali 2 to have a quick dynamic shift 
    So really :/ it's a tough call they are both excellent amps 
    Oh I will say there is SOME EDM that does NOT play well with the Starlight an the Th X00 xD bass get's like WHOA that's A LOT to quick 
    yea, though now a days it seems there's less an less of those. 
  7. mysticstryk
    Have you heard either of these amps with the hd650?  I'm trying to decide between the Starlight and Vali 2 myself.  I believe the Starlight has more tube rolling options though too, if I'm correct?
  8. Mshenay
    No sadly I've not, :/
    I'll put it to you this way
    If you've owned a tube amp an your into the "tube" hobby grab the Starlight, an be ready to adjust your bais daily, an try at least like 10 tubes in a week to find the right one! Oh an don't forget about rolling the Op Amps to :D you'll need to customize that to once you find the right tube!
    If you  have not owned a tube amp, an you've never rolled tubes or op amps an your not crazy about having a small collection of tubes, go with the Vali 2 
    Really in all honesty the Schiit Vali 2 is to Hybrid Tubes what the iPhone is to Smart phones, an the Starlight 2 would be the LG V10 
    With one, you NEED to customize it to get the VERY BEST out of it, an it's a heck of a great amp to tinker with! The other, if you NEVER changed a thing it would still be an awesome value 
    The Starlight demands that you customize an tinker with it to reach it's best,
    the Vali 2 has options to build on an already established base 
    That said, if your willing to put in the time an money needed to find the right combination of tubes op Amps an gain settings,  the Starlight will out shine the Vali 2,
    if how ever you lack time, or just want a simpler amp to own an operate than the Vali 2 will suit you better 
    These are like legit an apple vs android kind of face off imo 
    ScubaMan2017 likes this.
  9. mysticstryk
    Thanks!  I already have a "it just works" amp in the Magni 2 Uber.  Though I've never owned a tube amp so that does seem like a daunting procedure for the Starlight.
  10. E8ArmyDiver
    Let me ask you guys this.I have enough experience with tubes to doubt that tube rolling is going to warm the Vali 2 up enough for my taste.Is there an ALL Tube(will except SS Rectification)that would be satisfy my needs between the price of the Vali 2 & Valahalla 2?I've been looking at this    [​IMG]      $225.00 amp all night but there's ZERO intel on it's build quality or sound.One thing I do know is I have on hand a 1953 Mullard/Blackburn 12AX7 with Long Ribbed Plates & perfectly balanced Triodes along with a Perfectly Matched & Balanced pair of Mullard Brimar/Blackburn 6v6GT's from an old amp & buddy those tubes were made on Mt.Olympus & would plug right in to it.Maybe I should keep the Vali2 & upgrade my cans to LCD-2's or HE-560's?AHHHHHHHHHH!
  11. Mshenay

    It's really not actually, you'll need a set of Jewelers screws to adjust the bais, an it actually has a LED indicator to let you know when the Bias is right for each side! With my first Hybrid tube I had to use a multi meter to balance the Bias xD I stayed up all night trying to get the dang thing workin 
    an the Tubes just slip into their socket, the same with the Op Amps 
  12. Mshenay
    Hifimans not really a "warm" sounding can any more imo, the HE 500 or LCD 2 would be the warmer cans to go with
    additionally, the Vali 2 should be able to take a 12AX7 Mullard, I've had the pleasure of listening to them an they are really very sweet an warm! Imo 
  13. mysticstryk
    Oh, well if it is really that easy, I don't mind the little bit of extra work.  How much power does the Starlight feed into a 300ohm headphone versus the Vali 2?
  14. Mshenay
    Roughly 125 mW, 
    Vali 2 does about 250
    Power is a tricky spot, the Starlight 2 has more output around 64ohms than the Vali 2, otherwise the Vali 2 has more power on tap
    so it seems in terms of power  the Vali 2 is going to do a little better with High Impedance Cans an Orthos than the Starlight, how ever with Low Impedance headphones the Starlight is much blacker an does a better job 
  15. mysticstryk
    How can I tell what the Garage1217 amps power in mW is?  Their website has it all listed as vrms, which I'm not familiar with.
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