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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. rgmffn

    I have 2 of the org Vali and just LOVE them.  When listening to them (especially since the 2 came out), I keep thinking, how could it sound any better.  While listening, I try to imagine what I would change in the sound.  I can't come up with much.  But..he he, I don't think it's gonna keep me from getting a 2.  [​IMG] 
    Edit to Add:  I have no problems with microphonics.  One of my org Vali I can't hardly even get it to ring.  And reason or not, it sounds slightly better.
  2. sheldaze
    Fair enough...
    I went back to a post I made, a few days ago, before I had the Vali 2 - I could almost summarize by stating that all I truly wanted was a low-impedance Vali, and I got that. I would never have been able to use the original Vali happily with my Grado cans.
    However, here's the full wish list from my post:
    1. low impedance
    2. a hair more clarity through the amplifier, versus what sounded a little warm, to my ears, on my original Vali
    3. option to roll
    4. lack microphonics
    And that's exactly cut-and-paste what I wrote. I am a happy camper - your mileage may vary [​IMG] 
  3. a44100Hz
    Can someone tell me what keywords to search for to find relatively inexpensive tubes to play with?
  4. Astral Abyss
    "sylvania 6dj8" or "sylvania 6922"  the JAN tubes are great choices.  Sometimes the 7308's can be found for a low price, never hurts to look.
    "amperex 6dj8"  that will turn up orange globes, bugle boys, and others.  The A-frames are a great choice, and you can find lots of deals on used bugle boys.
    "amperex 6922" will get you into the "PQ" range of tubes, they start getting spendy, but the used ones are sometimes a good deal.
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  5. painted klown
    Thanks for the info and don't feel bad, I have zero tube knowledge as well, but that's what we're here for, to learn and share in our hobby together! [​IMG]
    Thank you as well. So shiny and beautiful....[​IMG]
    And thank you also. I am not sure if anyone has opened an Vali 2 tube rolling thread, but if there is one, please point us in the right direction. [​IMG]
    It looks like the GE tube is the most widely used one (for our VERY small batch of people reporting [​IMG]) and I am the odd man out with the Magnavox, that I swear looks dirty and used. [​IMG]
    I pulled it out of the amp and took a couple close up pics for everyone to see what I am talking about.
    Front looks pretty crappy IMO. Not sure if there is a safe way to try to clean it, or if it's even worth bothering..
    The side of it, however, looks great!
    And yes, I am wearing rubber gloves to handle the tube. I did the same when I installed it. I heard that if you touch tubes with your bare fingers, then the oils from your skin will lower the life span of the tube. I don't know if there is any truth to that, but I bought the gloves for using during vinyl record cleaning sessions, so I had them laying around anyway. Better safe than sorry I guess...
    I am also happy to see more new owners chiming in. Very cool. Please keep all of us updated with your thoughts on this amp! If you will, also please report what your stock tube is, I am just curious to see what everyone received. [​IMG]
  6. lvince95
    It depends on how you define inexpensive. For above $50ish per tube go with what abyss mentioned, amperex tubes are well regarded.
    For <$50 per tube, look at the current production ones like Electro-Harmonix 6922, JJ 6922, Genalex Gold Lion 6922
    Other options, which may not be current production, include Tesla 6922, Matsu-shi-ta PCC88/7DJ8 (7DJ8 should work in 6922 systems as well).
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  7. volly
    Let's wet those taste buds...
    Had these for a long time, know I will finally get a chance to use them with the Vali 2 very soon!
    Tube heads unite!
  8. painted klown
    Very cool! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Please let us know how the Vali 2 takes to rolling. Does rolling significantly alter the sound, or are the changes more subtle?
    Inquiring minds want to know! [​IMG]
  9. E8ArmyDiver
    12AU7/12AX7/12AT7 will NOT work!
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  10. tommo21

    These tubes are 12V tubes. The Vali 2 uses 6V tubes. These will most likely try to draw too much current from your Vali and break it.
    All tubes that start with 12 in the name are 12v tubes and don't work in the Vali 2. This also apply for ECC81, ECC82, and ECC83 tubes. DO NOT USE!!!
    Bear in mind....all 9-pin tubes are not equivalent. It's much difference in voltage and heater current draw. Also the pins might be wired differently.
  11. volly
    Thanks lads!
  12. Tunkejazz
    I think there is one of the Russian alternatives (6n2p?) that is similar to the ECC83 but in 6V.
  13. E8ArmyDiver
    Frak,never mind!
  14. lvince95
    It's a good thing that you posted your intentions here before doing it on your own haha
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  15. E8ArmyDiver
    Quick Night 2 Update.Amp now has around 25 hours on it.A VERY small bit of the sharpness has disappeared,like the sun is setting low over that snow covered field with bright blue sky overhead I mentioned.Quick trip to the Bay yielded a beautiful,Made in Merica, Matched & Balanced(2350/2350 2400/2400) pair of late 60's 6CG7's for $40.00 delivered!Even with Priority mail shipping I don't expect them for 2 weeks thanks to the holidays.[​IMG]
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