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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. E8ArmyDiver
    Can anyone tell me if the 6EU7 Tube will work?[​IMG]
  2. SHFT
    Would this new Vali 2 pair nice with a Hifiman HE-300? The cans sound already warm would the Vali be 'too much'?
    It would be my first tube amp.
  3. tomb
    The key is those two words above.  You want to keep things in context regarding the cost of this amp and rolling tubes.[​IMG] 
    A good place to start is Duncan's Tube Data Sheet Locator: http://tdsl.duncanamps.com/.
    Take a look back at the first post in this thread, or refer to Schiit's data.  The tubes that were mentioned are the following:
    1. 6BZ7
    2. ECC88
    3. 6922
    4. 6DJ8
    5. 2492
    If you click on "Tube data" under the "Menu" on the link above, you'll get a Query input box.  When you get the "Search results," click on the link under "Designator."  You get the following when you input those numbers above:
    1. 6BZ7 - Nothing but "Different filament voltage"  (DO NOT USE)
    2. ECC88 - 6DJ8, 6N23P*, CV5358 (Close or identical), 6922, 6922WA, CCA, CV10320, CV2492, CV2493, CV8065, E88CC, E88CC01, ECC868 (Different rating or performance) - You can try all of these.
    3. 6922 - 6922WA, CCA, CV10320, CV2492, CV2493, CV8065, E88CC, E88CC01, ECC868 (Close or identical), 6DJ8, 6N23P*, CV5358, ECC88 (Different rating or performance) - You can try all of these.
    4. 6DJ8 - ECC88 (Close or identical), 6922, 6922WA, CCA, CV10320, CV2492, CV2493, CV8065, E88CC, E88CC01, ECC868 (Different rating or performance) - You can try all of these.
    5. 2492 - This is actually CV2492 and will not work in the search criteria unless you use the "CV." 6922, 6922WA, CCA, CV10320, CV2493, CV8065, E88CC, E88CC01, ECC868 (Close or identical), 6DJ8, 6N23P*, CV5358, ECC88 (Different rating or performance)
    Some of this is circular, of course.  You can click on all of those and get the same answers for the others.  TDSL is really a clearinghouse for tube data sheets.  Still, it gives you a pretty good list.  Take one of those numbers and try "6DJ8 tube" for example, as a search string on ebay and see what you get.  I usually append "tube" to the number to keep from getting some weird stuff back.  Some tube listings will be terribly expensive, others will not.  Pretty soon, you should be able to tell what's available and the going rate.  Also search on vacuumtubes.net, vacuumtubesinc.com, thetubecenter.com, and tubedepot.com.  These guys are excellently priced tube dealers and you can get a great idea of the going rate for a particular tube type and brand.  Tube Depot may be a bit more esoteric than the others, but they generally follow the going rate.
    Finally, if you want some history of the tubes and their variants, it's hard to beat Brent Jesse Recording & Supply, Inc: audiotubes.com.  Scroll down to his yellow table (with red font) and select, "6DJ8/6922/7308."  Note that 7308 is a new number not included in the list above.  Anyway, you'll get several pages describing each tube in detail, how it sounds, what are the best brands, etc., etc.  He even includes some explanation of the counterfeit Amperex and Bugle Boy tubes and how to tell the difference: 
    Quote from Brent Jesse Recording:
    There's also some good info at SND Tube Sales - http://www.vacuumtubes.com/6dj8.html.  That's the link for the 6DJ8 tube.  Again, not as much as Brent Jesse's info, but a lot of descriptions of brands, differences between the variants, etc.
    Hope that helps.  There's actually even more info out there if you really look. [​IMG] 
  4. Capt369

    WOW, best post on this website. Thanks tomb
  5. a44100Hz
    Alright, eBay'd some inexpensive 6CG7, ECC88 and CV2454 to play with. I'm sure they'll arrive sometime in 2016 [​IMG]
  6. lvince95
    You might wanna look at trusted retailers (like Kevin from upscale audio for example) or other tube stores. A lot of the tubes sold on Ebay are usually those that don't pass the standards set by the stores and get passed onto Ebay sellers. If you still wanna buy from Ebay, then buy from the highly rated sellers to minimize your chances of getting lesser quality tubes.
  7. a44100Hz

    Thanks for the info. The tubes I purchased are all <$15 so I'm buying them for the learning experience more than anything else. I'll branch out later once I've toyed with rolling and read more about it.
  8. jaywillin
    i've bought a ton of tubes from Mercedesman
  9. painted klown
    A LOT of really good info being shared ITT.
    Thank you to ALL who are chiming in with advice and information. It really is appreciated, and helps us new tube users out tremendously. [​IMG]
    I have been enjoying my Vali 2 a lot this weekend. I have been on a classical music kick all weekend and am amazed at the this little amps ability to draw me into the music, and connect me on an emotional level.
    I have discovered that listening to something great gives me a a pattern of getting sucked in, then stopping just to revel in the music, reaching to turn it up, getting even more sucked in, turning up some more, etc. I have noticed this pattern for years with myself, with all types of music and gear. "Feeling" the music is what it's all about for me, and this amp allows me to do just that. The Vali 2 and HD-650 has me in this pattern all the time. It's a good sign to me. [​IMG]
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  10. Astral Abyss
    Just to be clear, the tube searches I mentioned, when done on ebay, will turn up tons of tubes in different conditions, singles/doubles, NOS/used, etc.  You can spend less than $50, or less than $25 of some of them, if you look around and make a few bids.  It's not difficult at all.  The tube may not be NOS, but it doesn't really matter.  All that should really matter is that the output levels are fairly well matched and that the outputs are well above the minimums.  I don't recommend ever buying a tube that doesn't list the measured output levels and the minimum good number ratings for that tester, and preferably the the tester type used.
    Just remember to stick to your maximum price you're willing to pay when bidding.  Alternatively, you can go for the buy it now sellers.
    Here's some listings to give you an idea what I'm talking about:
    That took me around 10 minutes and there's 100's more at those prices.
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  11. painted klown
    Astral Abyss,
    Thanks for the help and tips for tube shopping. My biggest fear with e-bay is the possibility of getting fake/bootleg tubes. Do you find this to be an issue when shopping on there?
    The reason I mention it is because I have seen some websites claim "Buy from us so you know you're getting the real deal" type stuff. I know fakes exist with every product, and the seller may not even know they have a fake, so it makes it very difficult to know, unless one is well versed in spotting knock offs.
    I used to collect Criterion DVD & BD discs. Over the years, I became VERY good at spotting bootleg discs from just looking at them. When I sold off my collection, I was actually helping others (who ere building their collections) to learn what to look for, and how to spot fakes on the web.
    In fact, I had one seller who initially became angry with me when I advised him that his copy of John Woo's "The Killer" was indeed a fake (I had contacted him about purchasing it to begin with, due to the price). I told him what to look for, he then went and researched it, got back to me, and apologized as he didn't even know he was selling a bootleg copy. Sometimes (but not always) there are sellers who "know" their product is legit, but in all actuality, they just don't know any better...
    As I am not adept at spotting fake tubes, I worry about getting ripped off. Either intentionally, or simply because the seller doesn't know the difference any more than I do.
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  12. jaywillin
    i stick with sellers with good feedback really, and i'd be wary of a "price too good to be true"  they usually are you know
    message with the sellers, ask questions, most are eager to share knowledge , give advice, as far as the vali 2 goes, being it uses the same tube as the lyr, check the lyr tube rolling thread, great info there, the guys are super there
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  13. Astral Abyss
    There are fakes out there, definitely.  Also plenty of people who don't know how to check tubes properly.  You can buy from the known vendors on ebay if you want to be safe about it.  Nothing wrong with that.  I linked to a couple. (tubemuseum and tubestore) Their prices are fair and you will know you're getting a legit tube, and they usually offer satisfation guarantees.  I'm always leery of anyone who won't take a tube back that you're not happy with.  Unless the price is low and I just feel like taking a chance.
    Eventually, just like with your disc collection, you will be able to more easily spot fakes and questionable tubes.  Also, if you see an auction you're interested in, PM for advice on it.  We'll be glad to help.
    I post on the Lyr tube rollers thread as well and there is some very good info to be had there.  Worth reading.  A lot of those guys are into the expensive tubes, but they have tons of great info and knowledge.  They've helped me greatly.
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  14. Mshenay
    Honestly, I kinda like the sound of the TH X00 with the Vali 2, though I have Alpha Pads which give the TH X00 a drier sound than staock pads 
  15. crossfire
    i wonder if anyone have any comparisons between the garage1217 amps vs the vali2?
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