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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. lvince95
    I see. I am currently running my Philips X2 without a dac and amp as of today, and will probably get the modi 2 uber and vali stack come January when I'm done with vacation. The thing is I also plan to get in on the next Fostex TH-X00 drop, which kinda makes me have to plan ahead. I listen to EDM only so maybe my taste preference will be different, and I MIGHT liek the tube sound with the Fostex next time, I dont know yet of course.
    When the time comes, I think I'll try the Fostex with the Vali 2 first, and if the sound is too tubby for me I'll just add a budget SS amp like an O2 to my setup.
    I guess I'll be posting my impressions with the Vali 2 here sometime in January.
  2. bigro

    Then I am sure you will impressed with what his little package has to offer. This reminds me of when the Modi 2U was released. It was a big step step above the original Modi and closed the Gap between the Modi line and the Bifrost Line. That is Until the MB version was released. I am really enjoying the Vali 2 U and can't wait to get it to it's final home on my work desk with the Modi 2 U. now what to do with the original Vali?
    I am Listening to the Vali 2 with a 60's Tesla ECC88 Tube. The Stock Valhalla 2 6N1P is Next. Then I am Pulling the early 70's 6N1P-EV Vokshod Rocket's that I currently run in the Valhalla 2
    Random Side Note of no importance.
    The Stock the 6BZ7 Glows a lot brighter than the ECC88
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  3. painted klown
    Hey all,
    I have noticed something that has piqued my interest. Schiit states on their website that the Vali 2 comes with a NOS RCA 6BZ7 tube and the stock photo on the Schiit site clearly shows a General Electric tube.  However, when my Vali 2 arrived, it comes with a tube that is stamped with a Magnavox logo and looks old & dirty.
    Additionally, I see from the photo that bboris77 posted, it says XXXonic (I can't quite make it out from the pic) and the tube looks shiny and new.
    So, what stock tube did your vali 2 come with all?
    I think it would be fun to keep a tally. of sorts, if anyone else is interested.
    Painted Klown = Magnavox
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  4. a44100Hz
    I've always been curious about tubes and this tech looks like the best way to get into it. Ordered one. Will compare it to the Magni 2 at some point.
  5. sheldaze
    Sorry for crappy picture, but my iPhone is still charging:
    But the words on my tube read as Electra-something, not what looks like Magnavox on your tube. They both say MADE IN USA.
    I have zero tube knowledge [​IMG] 
  6. bboris77
    I got 2 stock tubes with my Vali 2 (ordered one extra). They are both NOS General Electric 6BZ7 tubes. One of them says Made in USA and the other one says CM which presumably means Canadian-made. They are both obviously NOS but I would not describe them as dirty. Just old :)
  7. aamefford
    GE 6BZ7 stock tube on mine. Sounds nice, would like something equally detailed, a bit more lush or less treble tilt, same or better bass, price in line with a sub-$200 amp.

    Anyone open a Vali 2 tube rolling thread yet?
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  8. E8ArmyDiver
    Well my Vali2 arrived late yesterday.When I finally got around to setting it up it was pretty late.First listen was horrible.SSSibilance up the wazoo,cold & WAYYY to bright.Pulled up a song from computer,set it too continuous reply & went to bed.By the time I got around to listening this mourning the amp had around 15 hours on it.HOLY CRAP,this definitely ain't the Vali1.As already stated the amp is ABSOLUTELY dead quiet.First thing I did was suss out the Hi/Low Gain switch.I couldn't believe how closely the Vali2 High/Low switch mirrored my experiences with the UL/Triode Modes on my EL34 driven Integrated Amp.With my 400i's the High Gain was BIG & BOLD with a shallow sound stage.Tonal color was just ok & the sound had a forced feeling to it.Switching to Low Gain the sound stage was just as wide but gained a HUGE amount of depth.Tonal colors seemed more saturated.Instruments that sounded cold or clinical now had an organic feeling,where I had been simply hearing a violin or cello I could now feel the instruments wooden construction & resonance.The presentation was now more relaxed,music seemed to flow without effort.Speaking on tone,this is NOT a syrupy,rolled off,sloppy bass amp.I would say this thing is about as neutral an amp as you could want.With the stock GE tube & the HE-400i's the sound is almost too much.RAZOR sharp,like looking out a clean window at a snow covered field with a crystal clear blue sky above! This type of sound does have a  few perks.Brass has real bite,like the real thing.Cymbal decay is clearly  heard & brushwork is sublime.Stiil I need a bit of warmth so I'm off to look for a couple of tubes to roll in. DSC_0001.jpg
  9. TRapz
    Does anyone know if the Vali 2 will be available on Amazon any time soon? I'm looking into one, and will be getting an Amazon gift card for Christmas.
  10. Headphone4Life
    My original Vali has a channel imbalance and I've contacted Schiit to have it fixed.  Now that they have a Vali 2 that actually has a tube you can roll with I'm going to see if I can just pay the $50 difference and get one of those, but if not I'll be happy with a fixed original, for now at least.
  11. jfoxvol
    My current favorite setup with this amp is as follows
    Mac (audirvana) -> wyrd -> Bimby -> Vali 2 -> Ether-C / HD-600
    The stock tube is really great.  This is a real step up from the original Vali.  The original I still love and it is still magical.  I plan to do some rolling but the above setup is absolutely stellar.  Very musical.  The Ether C looooooves this amp.
  12. tommo21
    Just a few comments regarding tubes. Tubes usually need burn-in at minimum 10-15 hours before they sound their best(NOS/NEW). Some upwards to 50 hours. At each start-up they also usually need 15-30 minutes before they reach good working temperature.
    Also, as my experience tell me with especially 9 pin 6 volt tubes is that the nuances in sound between the different manufacturers and types usually are very small. Don't expect night and day differences between tubes. Then you will be very disappointed.
    I've got plenty off different variants from the most expensive to new production tubes. If you can't afford the most expensive tubes, don't feel bad. You can get 95% of the sound from several of the tubes produced today, and less sought after NOS ones. The last 5% is way to expensive and pointless to go after for an entry level amp like this. Especially since it's just the pre-amp part that's passing the signal through the tube.
    This gives you only 1/3 of the "real" tube sound(Hybrid amp). To get more tube sound you need amps with driver tubes as well, and that's not so cheap.
    If I shall recommend a tube, it could be a new production Russian type(Tung Sol/Gold Lion), or also NOS 6N23P in  their different variants. Russian NOS/NEW tubes are ones that benefit of more burn-in time of up to 50 hours. But beware...the Russian tubes are starting to get fewer and more expensive as well. At one point you could buy them in the 100's for $30-50, now they start to cost that a piece.
    I felt the need to write this, because there's been a few disappointments along the way for me as well in this tube-mad world.
    I've not bought the Vali 2 or might not even do it, since I have a Project Ember, which it's also a tube hybrid amp. It's tempting though.
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  13. mithrandir38
    I recommend taking a look at some nos tubes on EBay. They will likely sound superior to virtually any new issue tube, and they're not expensive. I personally hate the new EH tubes. My two cents. Matsu****a, Sylvania, and Rca is where it's at!
  14. Tuneslover

    You have an Ember and you're thinking of getting a Vali2? I am contemplating a tube amp and thought I would go the Ember route. It would be interesting to hear comparisons between those 2 amps especially with HD650's though.
  15. E8ArmyDiver
    One quick comment on the difference between Vali 1&2.I spent just enough time w/Vali 1 to say IMO the Vali 1 is SWEETER in tone & has MORE tube sound(including microphonic ringing & tube rush) than the Vali 2(w/stock tube).I think people buying the Vali2 hoping to hear that tube thing will be disappointed.
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