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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. moshen
    I've been listening to my Vali 2 for a few days. Very nice with my HD800 & HE1000, I don't find much lacking with the sound given its price & tubes. Build quality was exceptional and it looks much nicer than the photos. Only complaint is the white LED on the front is a bit too bright and distracts from the nice warm glow.
    After a couple of days of listening I was able to hook it up to my switch box and compare with the O2 amp after very careful volume matching. Both amps sound very close with the HE1000 however the Vali 2 might have had the appearance of a bit less detail, and the edges were a bit rounded off making it a bit smoother in tone but with a slight 'haze' over the sound. The O2 was cleaner and sharper. Pretty much typical given SS vs. tubes. I was able to pick out the Vali2 14/20 times blind.
    Overall, great little unit. I'm really happy with it.
  2. sheldaze
    Wow - a lot of imagery there!
    Not sure what planar cans you're using. My first were Oppo PM-3, through their loaner program. It took me a couple of hours to adjust to the speed of the things. And I don't think the Vali 2 will hold back the speed.
    Very interesting. I have the HE-1000, and am thinking of purchase of an HD800 or HD800S. I am curious if you have heard the original Vali? At a meet, planned for February, I'm hoping to listen to the HD800 on a number of systems, including a Vali and my Vali 2.
  3. moshen

    Sorry, not heard the original Vali. I may sell the HD800, it's pretty much brand new. I got it after the HE1000 but almost never listen to it with the HE1000 around.
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  4. painted klown
    There's been a lot of good tube rolling info popping in in here the past few days. Thanks to all who have contributed. A little info goes a long way in helping those new to tubes. [​IMG]
    Also, it's nice to see some more reviews of the amp coming in. I really enjoy the comparisons to other amps, as I have not heard any HP amps other than my DC-1 and Vali 2. Thanks for the reports all.  [​IMG] It looks like the Starlight may be a great "contender" for the Vali 2. I'd love to do a head to head comparison myself. Would be a lot of fun IMO.
    If you don't mind me asking, how did the Vali 2 fare with the HD-800? From all reports, the HD-800 is ultra revealing and can be picky about upstream components. It would be interesting to know how these 2 products, at opposite ends of the cost scale, play together.
  5. HOWIE13
    Thanks for that very useful comparison. I don't have the Vali 2 but I was comparing the O2 to my Starlight, with a GE 12BH7A tube, using DT1770 cans.
    The O2 is very transparent and detailed, as is well acknowledged, but Starlight was equally so with this tube and, in addition, had more warmth, a more holographic sound stage and better dynamics.
    Of course the O2 amp is very good and great value for money, but from what I've read about Vali 2, I'm sure, with judicious tube rolling to synergise with the source, recording and cans, the Vali 2 could be tweaked to sound equally as good in all areas, if not even better.
  6. moshen

    The HD800 sounds great from the Vali 2. I don't really buy into the HD800 being picky with amps at all. I've heard my HD800 from numerous amps. The HD800 does best IMO with higher impedance outputs to give it more warmth (such as OTL tube amps) and the Vali 2 is rather low impedance (8 ohms) out, but other than that no issues. The tube gives it a slightly softer edge which is nice.
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  7. volly
    Only one more sleep till I get to listen to the Vali 2, very excited! Mwahahhaha!!!
  8. SpecChum

    Any idea how this would go with a xonar dx as the dac paired with dt990 and soundmagic hp200 headphones?
  9. volly
    Merry Christmas all! [​IMG]
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  10. i20bot
    So how'd your comparison go?  This amp is back up on Massdrop.  Was thinking of trying it out.
  11. h2rulz
    ^ Beautiful!
    Can't wait till I get min next Wednesday!
  12. E8ArmyDiver
    Won't be here until Monday.That's why fight date was TBA.
  13. disastermouse

    The fewer tubes you can roll, the more your wallet would thank you, I'd think.
  14. RedBull
    The fewer tubes can roll the more you have to roll the amp. :p
  15. OldRoadToad
    Hello the house!
    And Helloooooo Betty! 
    I am, as was said by Alice, curiouser and curiouser.  I should very much like to see this one in the dark surrounded by a soft glow of its own making. 
    In truth the only thing I can (currently) think of that would improve its look is a set of VU Meters up front.  Looks matter.  How it sounds matters little to me as I am hoping that it will not "sound" at all.  I fully expect to hear music, not equipment.  And that my friends should be music to any enthusiast's ears.
    I have the money now all that remains is to gird my loins and find the testicular fortitude for the budgetary battle that the Mistress of Moolah is likely to put up against this purchase.   As spoken by the immortal Julio of "Easy Money" fame..."Al-eesan.  I'm the MAN!"
    The Toad
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