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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Old Deaf Donkey
    Some ideas for tubes for Vali 2:
    1 6922 1239 ? Vali 2 stock tube
    2 6922 6N23P Reflektor fact., Saratov x2
    3 6922 6922 Electro Harmonix modern
    4 6922 EI Yugoslavia ECC88 Elektronska Industrija, Niš, Yugoslavia
    5 5670 396A Western Electric Black plates, square getter 1961
    6 5670 5670W/2C5V6N3 GE
    7 5670 6N3P Oktyabr fact, Vinnitsa 1968
    8 5670 JRC 5670 RCA 1964
    9 6SN7 6SN7GT SOVTEK
    10 6SN7 6SN7GT Motorola by Tung-Sol "Mouse ears"
    11 6SN7 STROMBERG by Tung-Sol "Mouse ears"
    12 6SN7 6Н8С МЭЛЗ Moscow metal base pair 1950
    13 6SN7 6Н8С Soyuz fact. Novosibirsk pair 1950
    14 6C8G CRC-6C8-G JAN RCA
    15 PCC88 Philips,Herleen factory 1959
    16 PCC88 EI Yugoslavia PCC88 Elektronska Industrija, Niš, Yugoslavia x2 1986
    17 12AU7 ECC82 Mullard Blackburn factory Aug-72
    18 6J5 Philco 6J5G Philco
    19 6J5 Super Silverstone 6J5G Super Silverstone
    20 6J5 RCA 6J5GT RCA Matched pair
    21 6J5 6С2С Soyuz fact. Novosibirsk Matched pair 1979
    22 6J5 6С2С Soyuz fact. Novosibirsk Matched pair 1958
    23 6J5 6С2С Soyuz fact. Novosibirsk Matched pair, metal base 1954
    24 6J5 6С2С Soyuz fact. Novosibirsk Matched pair 1962
    25 6J5 6J5GT Zaerix AEG Telefunken Ulm Donau fact., Matched pair 1973

    That's what I have bought in the first 4 months to try. As Mr. Padgett suggested, only bought cheap tubes, hence spent only $700 :k701smile: EDIT: that includes adapters for different types
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  2. bcowen
    But wait! @Robert Padgett said to spend no more than the cost of the amp. Friggin' cheapskate. What fun is that?

    But in full disclosure, I am required to note that a $5 tube has spent more time in my Lyr 3 than all other tubes....combined. :grimacing:
  3. Robert Padgett
    @bcowen until either my hearing accuity improves or I find some buried treasure, being "affordable" means that "cheapskate" tubes sound really good to my impoverished ears, and the fun of finding two tubes which play together well on the Valhalla 2 is the same as discovering a stash of really rare, expensive tubes, that take weeks to arrive and spend a vacation in US Customs, as the geniuses determine if Soviet Era tubes are actually secretly monitoring every word spoken when powered up, and are Microphonic back to Moscow...:flushed::speaking_head::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::thinking:
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  4. Old Deaf Donkey
    hereby Philco and SuperSilverstone 6J5, bought separately, SS cost me $3, Philco a little more - but both measured "bad". Just started listening today, but they balance well, resolve beautifully, spatious, maybe a little less clear, than Soyuz. Need a bit of time to decide.
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  5. Robert Padgett
    Those are pretty I might want to listen to my STs again-- I also have a pair--just like yours, one Silvertone by Sears and one Philco, but my source said they were both RCA valves...

    Dual on Vali is best use of that amplifier, IMHO, and YMMV. and I paid $20 for the pair from vendor
    Chukv's Westwood Electronics (Chukv on eBay) I like them, but again the "Naughty Girls" (Sylvania Blk plate, three holes parital chrome flashing) are availible as NOS-testing and matched pairs from our friends at Vivatubes.com.

    Actually, this rabbit hole is not that deep--you can hardly go wrong, and rolling on the Vali 2 is the fun part. Microphonic "used" tubes are rarely the problem, and at least it is quite obvious when you power them up, and tap the metal chassis--they ring like "Tubular Bells"
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  6. ScubaMan2017
    ...and the tiny, slick knobs. @Delirious Lab ... if you have Wreck-It-Ralph sized paws (like me), you'll appreciate swapping them out and adding ones with a grip. Ooooh oooh oooh. And adapters... and socket-savers... and and and.... Yeah. :)
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  7. ScubaMan2017
    (cntrl-C) + (cntrl-V) to my Google Keep account + referenced to @Old Deaf Donkey . Thanks, eh.
  8. Keno18
    Spent the past few days evaluating a major change up in the audio chain. I changed from PCM to DSD128. That is, all my PCM files are now up sampled to DSD128 on the fly using foobar and the latest SACD input and DSD Processor components (freeware). I had tried it before but wasn't impressed. This new version fixes all the problems. The imaging is rock solid (an over used word would be "holographic") and the sound stage is very wide and deep. Detail retrieval is excellent. Overall fidelity is just where I like it. It seems the DSD stream is liked by the sigma-delta dac I use. I'd really be interested in a comparison with a multi-bit dac.
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  9. Delirious Lab
    Didn't want to wait for the replacement from Schiit, so I found a guy with an old tube collection who sells them from his apartment here in Montreal.

    I bought a tube from him for $10, a 6BZ7 with a "CANADA" marking on it. No other information.

    First impressions (with Modi 3 and HD600): Very clean and neutral. The soundstage is wide, I could drive a bus between the two guitars in Neil Young's Down by the River.

    Oddly enough, I'm listening to Florence Foster Jenkins right now and it feels as things are getting more tubey - in a good way. Believe it or not, 1940's recordings of a shrieking rich lady who thought she could be a soprano are actually enjoyable to listen to on this thing!

    The tube has had 2 hours of life and it feels like the highs are just starting to smooth over. I already know there will be no ear fatigue with this rig.

    I don't plan to tube roll much (for now), but like the suggestion of a 6SN7 adapter, I have a couple of Saga tubes I could try.
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  10. Old Deaf Donkey
    Well, that is usually the Schiit stock tube that comes with purchase of Vali 2....
  11. Nazo
    So I have a bit of a crazy question, but a bit of a paranoia point for me: what happens if you run the Vali 2 without a tube? It wouldn't damage it or anything would it? It's a bit of a paranoia point for me because the vintage tube I ordered had a crack in the base. Upon closer examination I could tell the glass wasn't damaged (the base really only matters for keying it to only go in one way -- the 6SN7 socket type is symmetrical except for the part of the base that sticks down) but it made me wonder what would happen if a tube completely blew out (not just went bad) due to something such as loss of vacuum such that it was effectively no longer even there. But also, realistically speaking, as one is rolling tubes it is theoretically possible someone careless could accidentally turn it on without a tube or pull one out while it was on (I don't think I will, but once I've had the thought it still makes me paranoid... Which is probably why I never will, but I sure would like to hear that it wouldn't blow out the entire amp. I can stand losing a tube, but not the whole amp.)
  12. ScubaMan2017
    Interesting question. While my gut tells me nothing would happen (other than no audio), if it were me, I'd drop a line to info@schiit.com . My 2 cents....
  13. Nazo
    Well that makes sense, lol. I'll do that if no one speaks up from personal experience on the matter.

    I honestly don't think it would ever happen like that, but it's enough to make me worry.
  14. Jacobh
    I've asked this to Schiit support about removing a tube while the amp was one. They told me "Running it for any length of time without tubes won’t hurt it." It makes sense since a tube could easily burn out while the amplifier is running.
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  15. bcowen
    What happens if you stick your finger in a live wall outlet? I mean you probably never will, but it's theoretically possible so probably something else to be paranoid about.
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