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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. timb5881
    I got my Vali 2 this last Friday. I have been using a Ei 7dj8 (often seen as a telefunkin orange globe, Phillips and other brands labeled as a 6dj8), the A frame version.
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  2. Mike-WI
    I tried out my new Campfire Orion IEMs yesterday.
    Using the Jotunheim MB (via Yggy v2 DAC) on high gain I heard background noise. Switching to low gain made to noise floor almost not hearable.

    I switched to the Vali 2 and on high gain there was a left/right imbalance -- at least on the low volume excursion I could tolerate with the IEM.
    I forgot to try the Vali 2 with low gain, but will try that today.
    I suspect if that left/right imbalance is real (and not just an artifact of extremely low volume knob excursion) that it isn't noticeable with less sensitive headphones.


    EDIT 06-27-18
    I tried the IEMs with Vali 2 at low gain.
    At lowest volume I hear no hiss.
    However, I can still hear an imbalance in left/right channels.

    I have been very impressesed with my B-stock Vali 2, but agree with comments after that this isn't optimal for IEMs. Will likely hand down to the kids with full size cans and continue to think about how to play with various tube options. Mjolnir 3?
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  3. riffrafff
    Yes, I believe that's fairly common with that Alps pot.
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  4. Mike-WI
    Thanks. Good to know. One of the small things that you get in an entry level product that improves as you move up the food chain.
    I likely wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been playing with IEMs.

  5. Jacobh
    In my experience, if you are listening with lower impedance or even mid-impedance but really efficient headphones you will hear background noise if you are paying attention. Some tubes are worse than others, but I hear it with every tube I've tried (over 10) and those tubes are quiet in other amps. With higher impedance headphones you can only notice it on high gain with some tubes. I like the amp and how it easy it is to tube role, but I would only recommend it for high impedance headphones.
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  6. vadimkolchev
    I own Little Dot MKIII. Can Vali be seen as upgrade or not?
  7. Jacobh
    The Little Dot III is an OTL amp where the Vali 2 is a hybrid. So one isn't really an upgrade of the other as much as they are different types of amps.
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  8. Mike-WI
    You might be intersested in this...

    Schiit VALHALLA 2
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  9. Jim Bobber
    Hey guys, very new to the tube amp world. I’ve got a set of HD800s’s on the way, a Vali 2, and I’ll be using this with my fiio X7MK II,

    Just looking for any advice beyond the stock tube that might suit the 800’s?

  10. timb5881
    Depends a lot on the music you like. Some of the good all around tubes that are in production would include Genalex 6922, Electro Harmonix 6922 and the JJ 6922. The last 2 being under $15 at The Tube Depot, $45 for the Genalex. Always assume that Ebay sellers are not selling NOS as they state. They maybe used often relabeled more abundant 7dj8 or Russian tubes. The 7DJ8 Ei A frame with the dimpled disc getter is a muscular performer that can be had cheap, and I like them. I have also seen some Tung-Sol and Tesla 6922/6DJ8 tubes that go for reasonable prices. Try the EH and JJ 6922's from The Tube depot first and see how you like those, and go from there.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  11. riffrafff
    There is a "high gain" option for the Genalex 6922 on Tube Depot. Would the Vali 2 benefit from this?
  12. timb5881
    Maybe, but most likely not needed. Wait and see how the stock tube works, if you need more gain, then the gain is needed.
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  13. bochawa
    I ordered a Vali 2 B-stock on June 20th and it arrived with the original style volume knob - glad I got one before they made the change.
  14. Klots
    Searching for a mint Vali2, EU version. If you are willing to sell or know someone who is, PM me! Thanks :)
  15. Jacobh
    In case it helps you in your search, the amp itself should be the same, only the wall wart would be different. The conversion from your local electricity voltage to the 24 / 6 VAC the amp needs happens in the wall wart. You can buy a wall wart separately from Schiit for about $16 and shipping.
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