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    Pharmacy currently
    HiFi, Music, Photography
    Watches photography
    Headphone Inventory:
    Koss ESP-950
    Stax RS-X MKIII
    Koss PortaPro
    Cyberdrive dura bass
    Koss ksc75
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Creek HD-11
    Koss energizer for Electrostatics
    SD-7 stax
    Cyberdrive Clarity
    Walking Wolf CMOY Altoids Tin Amp
    Source Inventory:
    Various portable cd players like a Sony 715, Philips etc
    Home CD players are Sony SCD-775 Philips CDR, SOny CDR etc
    Linn LP12
    Cyberdrive Clarity Feather
    iPod Classic 160, iPhones and iPads
    Xduoo X10
    Fiio X3 II
    Cable Inventory:
    All kinds of Monster NBS, Audioquest and odds and ends makes
    Power-Related Components:
    Monster Power center and PS Audio 300
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Linn LP2 w BlueNote U3 unipivot arm and Denon DL160 cartridge, Infintiy speakers (RS5005, IL50, Interlude 2.6, JBL310, Goldsound), etcetcetc...
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Audio Prism stoplight and back light
    Music Preferences:
    Pop, Rock and Blues
    Nikon D7100 and tons of lenses to go with it
    Many Professions, love music and hi-fi


    Headphones: Koss ESP-950, PortaPros, KSC75, Monoprice M1060
    IEM: Monoprice M300,MP30 , Auvio,CyberDrive Bass
    Sources: Fiio X3 II, Apple iPod Classic, and a Nano, Xduoo X10, Sony SCD-775
    DAC's: Adcomm GDA 600, Korg DS-DAC100-100M,Cyberdrive Feather, PS Audio Link Dac III, HRT iStreamer
    Amps:CMOY tin, Korg DS-DAC 100M, Creek OB-11 (with heavy duty power supply and others upgrades)
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