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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. Keno18
    That's why you can pick up another NOS 6bz7 for a whole $1.75! Very few people like it. As to the tube rolling thread, it may be long but it can save you time and money by pointing you to "good" tubes others have found. I wish I had had known about about that thread when I started blindly tube rolling when I first got my Bravo V2. Would've saved some money.
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  2. TheAnalogman
    Thanks for the ideas, appreciate it.
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  3. Slashn77
    I got these little feet in the mail from schiit because they said they forgot to include them in my order of the Vali 2.
    Since these are non stick and much much smaller than the ones on my Mimby what is the best way to get these to stick on? Some very light adhesive someone can recommend that’s not messy?
    What feet are you using?
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  4. riffrafff
    Those look the push-through feet. My older-model Vali 2 came with self-adhesive feet, but they caused the Vali 2 to sit lower than the Schiit adjacent to it. I found some self-adhesive feet at work that that worked perfectly. Monday, I'll try to remember to see if we still have the vendor name/part number for them.
  5. TheAnalogman
  6. h.rav
    I don't think those feet will fit your Vali. Those feet will fit Modi Multibit, Eitr, Magni... They have drilled holes.
  7. jaywillin
    if you're looking for feet, I don't use what schiit includes, I use these

    they work GREAT !
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  8. Slashn77
    Schiit emailed me back with a tracking number for the right feet already.
    Appreciate the help!
  9. riffrafff
    The stick-on feet Schiit supplied with my Vali 2 were not as tall as the push-through feet on my other Mini-Schiit boxes. Not a problem in a stack, but an obvious height-disparity when side-by-side (as some of mine are). What I got from work was 3M "Bumpons," either the SJ-5001 or SJ-5012 part numbers. They are 12-13mm diameter, and 3.5mm tall. Now my Schiit is all the same height. :L3000:
  10. ScubaMan2017
    My very first Schiit product (a ModiMB) was shipped to me without a S/N sticker on the back. I emailed tech-support, asking them to mail the missing sticker to me. ~48h later, a brand-new unit arrived by courrier. No RMA. No apparent obligation. When I re-contacted Schiit’s support department, I could hear the grimace across the ‘net (oh,... really.... that’s... GREAT... um, I didn’t send it... why yes,... please send the old unit back... I just emailed you a prepaid shipping label [I’m only slightly paraphrasing]). This type of good-faith-trusting business habits is UNIQUE to me. And my product loyalty cranked up... to 11. :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  11. ScubaMan2017
    @TheAnalogman & @Keno18 ... I appreciated your posting (so I can modify my preconcpetions about valve-amps). I’m feeling the siren-call of the tube-headphone-amp. My Magni3 is a dandy device that all that I need. But what I want... what I want... is that incandescent glow... yesssssssss. :ksc75smile:
    My little silver boxes also had SOME absent printing (I treat it as a quirk, and try not to let my knickers get into a knot about it).
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  12. Slashn77
    Yes the support was very helpful with me as well and sent me out the right feet! Thanks for the help
  13. ScubaMan2017
    Crap. Good information. Thanks for posting, eh.
  14. Keno18
    Uh, I've used 12au7s, 12at7s, and 12ax7s. You just need the right adapter. In my case a 12au7 to 6922 adapter found on ebay. Many other Headfiers have done the same thing. Check out the Vali 2 tube rolling thread. See my avatar.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  15. ScubaMan2017
    @tomb ... this was a ~2016 post. It’s a gold mind of information for us Schiitheads casting a a curious eye towards our first tube-fed head amp. A 3-year-old thanks, eh. :ksc75smile:
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