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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. RickB
    Have you tried disconnecting the RCA input and the preamp output cable from the amp, do you still get a buzz?
  2. chef8489
    No idea. Most people I know dont get a buzz. I would contact schiit. Only time I get anything close to a buzz is when wearing iems on high gain and not sure I would call it a buzz.
  3. DomieMic65
    It's the same. And also the buzz changes depentding on the tube!
    With EH6CG7 is more bassy lihe a hum and with EH Gold pin 6922 more highly piched like a zzzz sound! Depending on the headphones and gain!
    Also it changes it's loudness if I am standing close or away of the amp and when i am touching the chasey too!
    With the EH 6922GP it is more audible in any case though...
    It's like it receives a RF interraction

    Yes may be this I should have done from the first time...

    may be I should go to a friends place to see if the amp produces the same sounds there too
  4. Tuneslover
    Have you tried disconnecting your Vali2 from your current setup entirely and move it to another receptacle in another room? Is it possible for you to only connect either a CD, DVD or BluRay player to your Vali2 thereby giving you the simplest component chain possible? Doing so will hopefully eliminate your buzzing problem. If it does eliminate the buzzing problem then re-introduce your DAC but use a coaxial/toslink connection from your source player to the DAC. Again, hopefully your buzzing issue will be non-existent. However if the buzzing returns then you might conclude that your DAC is the culprit.

    In other words, start with the simplest audio chain possible and gradually re-introduce components to see if the latest change is causing the buzzing. Try to identify the "culprit" in your audio chain and fix or replace that problem component. Naturally if the buzzing still exists at your most basic connection (as I suggested at the beginning of this reply) then I would be inclined to conclude that your Vali2 might be the culprit. At that point I would contact Schiit and discuss your the issue with them for assistance.
  5. DomieMic65
    I have done the things you say and the problem didn't go away!
    I will try again and I will move the Vali to another place to and I will report back!
    Thank you...
  6. Tuneslover
    I feel your pain and hope that you resolve it. Good luck!
  7. CarlosUnchained
    Does anybody have comments on the Vali 2 paired with the LCD-X?
  8. HOWIE13
    My Vali2 has always hummed on high gain with many tubes and headphones, but not all. I'm sure it's in the nature of the amp.
    Fortunately, I can usually manage on low gain, when there is no audible hum. If you have an intrusive audible hum on low gain I would think there is a fault with the amp, assuming all other external causes have been reasonably eliminated.
  9. DomieMic65
    Finally I tested the amp to another place I am for vacation and it is silent regardless of tubes and gain so the problem unfortunately is related to my house electrical installation...
  10. chef8489
    In this situation I would get a battery backup/avr. This will fix your problem.
  11. rnros
    That makes sense. Thought you might have a problem with the amp itself since the Vali2 I have is very quiet. I had tested this amp with various tubes and headphones back in September and found it to be quiet except for the very lowest impedance headphones. From the discussion at that time: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/official-schiit-vali-2-thread.790828/page-103#post-12871295
  12. brad1138
    I am interested in this to run with a Modi 2 as a preamp for 2 channel amp (not purchased yet) to run my secondary stereo system(no headphones). I can't find any reviews that speak to the preamp outs. Anyone have any thoughts here. I have a Freya with upgraded tubes in my main system. I was looking at the SYS, but I like tubes and some gain.

  13. chef8489
    Thats because the Modi 2 is a dac and not an amp.
  14. chef8489
    Double post.
  15. brad1138
    I know that...... The modi 2 is my DAC...... I am going to pick up a 2 channel amp, probably used from CL, and use the combo to replace aging Sony ES receiver.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
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