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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. inspectah_deck
    I have a problem with my new Vali 2.

    My setup is like this:
    PC -> USB -> Modi Multibit -> Vali 2 (-> PreOuts -> JBL LSR305)

    When I connect the active monitors to the preouts I get hissing and glitchy noise while using the PC, no matter if the sound comes via monitors or headphones.
    But that only happens when there are cables in the preouts (no matter if the monitors are on or off), when I remove the cables and only listen via headphones, everything is perfectly quiet.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  2. mwaarna
  3. CarlosUnchained
    Waiting to hear some Vali 2 vs Magni 3 comparisons.
  4. jnak00
    I just bought a Vali 2. I have an SMSL amp hooked up to the preamp outs, which powers some bookshelf speakers on my desk. I noticed when I turned the Vali on today (without any headphones plugged in), the speakers popped a few times. Is this normal? I usually leave the SMSL on all the time, but I think I will start turning it off if this is going to happen every time I turn the Vali on.
  5. Tuneslover
    Yup unfortunately that is normal.
  6. jnak00
    Just some quick impressions after about a week with the Vali 2. My old amp was a Magni 2 Uber. I use a Mimby DAC and my headphones are TH-X00s purplehearts and HD-6XXs. I bought the Vali after reading how wonderful it is with the HD6XXs, and was a bit worried about how they would pair with the TH-X00s since comments on that were inconsistent. Well, so far, the HD6XXs are good, not much different from the Magni 2 Uber, but the TH-X00s sound fantastic! I think the Vali is a bit more laid back than the M2U, so that helps tame the somewhat hot treble of the TH-X00. The HD6XX is already smoother in the treble, so it doesn't benefit as much. The bass seems to be a bit thicker than the M2U, which I actually enjoy a bit more. I run it on low gain with the TH-X00s as I can hear a hum on high gain.

    I get some channel imbalance at low volumes but it's still better than my M2U in that regard. With the M2U, i had to put a SYS between the Mimby and M2U in order to reduce the volume a bit so I could have usable volume control in the Magni. I ran the SYS at 50% with the Magni. With the Vali 2, between it putting out a bit less power and having a better volume pot, I pulled the SYS out completely and it works great.

    Overall, I am very happy with this amp.
  7. qqqqdd123
    I have got my schiit vali 2 for 2 weeks. It drives my HD800 well. I can feel it try to tame a little bit of the treble but not that much. It still remains resolution which is similar to SS amp. Another thing is that it drives my k3003 without any hissing. I think it is a good entry level amp for neutral and bright headphone.
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  8. RiflemanFirst
    Take a look in the Magni 3 impressions thread if you haven't already. Lots of Vali 2 owners (myself included) who are comparing their findings.
  9. Tuneslover
    Also keep in mind that the Vali 2, Project Ember and others are not pure tube amps. They are in fact hybrid amps with the preamp using the tube while the amp section is solid state driven. That's also why hybrid tube amps may not be considered "warm tube amps". If you're looking for a warmer sound you might want to research full (preamp & amp) headphone amps.
  10. teb1013
    I have been using the Vali 2 with my old Aune T1 as DAC and an excellent Amperex 7308 tube with my Sennheiser HD600 headphones and have enjoyed them tremendously. Today, I saw that the Woo WA7d DAC/Amp is available on Massdrop for $649. While I am tempted based on look alone, I am wondering how much, if at all, of an improvement the WA7 would provide. Does anyone have an insight on this question? Thanks.
  11. GhostLoveScore
    Hi everyone. I've had Vali 2 for about a year now. For the last few months volume knob is noisy when I turn it. You can hear kind of scratching in the headphones when turning it. Is that normal? It seems kind of early for volume pots to go bad.
  12. RickB
    I've had a Vali 2 for almost two years and my volume knob has never made any noise.
  13. GhostLoveScore
    Does anybody know what is the procedure for sending it for repairs from Europe? Does it need to be shipped to US?
  14. RickB
    I would first check with tech@schiit.com for suggestions on how to maybe clear it up yourself first (like using contact cleaner; but ask them about it.).
  15. Grado Diesel
    I’ve got roughly 2,158 hours on my Vali 2 with the Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7 tube. How can you tell when a tube is toast on the Vali? It seems to me as though this hybrid amp does not put the tubes through the paces as a 100% tube amp would. Any answers on this?
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