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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. JediMa70
    Yes I noticed which means that LD I+ is fine with X2 and probably AKG k702 while the MKIII better for the HD600 ...
  2. juanix
    Just bought a Vali 2. What are the recommended tubes to get for it? I plan to use it with my TH-900s and M1060s.
  3. bosiemoncrieff
    IFI are $99 a pair if memory serves and work great with mj2. I assume one would do wonders with Vali 2.
  4. Jacobh
    You could also buy an adapter on eBay for about $15 and a GE 5670w for about $7 shipped. The nice thing about that is you can use any variety 5670 since you aren't supposed to use the ifi adapter separately.

    The thread has tons of info and there is also a dedicated tube rolling thread.
  5. cbl117
    Custom Schiit Maple Rack! IMAG00696.jpg
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  6. bosiemoncrieff
    ya vali 2/mimby is king of mid-fi in terms of price/performance.
  7. NXTk
    Recently there is a decent hum on my Vali 2. I've tried to move it away from electronics, disconnect source, doesn't help, the hum is not related to the volume level knob but to the gain switch, high gain high intensity hum, low gain low hum. Is that a faulty tube? Because i don't have a spare one to check yet, it started after a month of using the amp 24\7. Currently using it with dt880 250ohm low gain loud music else i can hear the hum around 40-50 hz amplitude.
  8. Jacobh
    I have 60hz hum that is there with every tube I've tried. Some tubes i need to have it on high gain and use low impedance, high efficiency headphones to hear it, others it's easily audible on low gain with less efficient headphones. Not sure if it's inherent to the design, a bad cap in the wall wart (although it's a/c out), or an issue with the caps or voltage regulators in the amp itself. Others have reported similar, but that seems the exception. Schiit tech support claimed it was normal when o contacted them and discouraged me from sending it back since I am not under warranty. For most tube/ headphone combinations it's not a major issue, so I decided to live with it and got an impedance adapter for my low impedance headphones.

    Swapping to another tube might help as I've found some tubes are definitely quieter than others. You could also try an impedance adapter to lower the noise floor.
    Last edited: May 13, 2017
  9. thebearded1
    When I first turned on my Vali2 with stock tube, I also heard a hum, mostly out of the right channel of my AKG k712s. I contacted Schiit about it, and they sent me a replacement tube; I tested the amp with no connections save the HP and in various outlets and heard the hum regardless of position of the volume POT. By the time I received the replacement tube, the hum dissipated on it's own. My guess is, the stock tubes are a bit on the cheap side and require burn in. (Actually, I believe all tubes need this to some degree.) To compare, I purchased a National tube from Upscale Audio and heard no hum out of it. That's my two-cents for you.
  10. Jacobh
    Appreciate your experiences, but I've tried 10+ tubes and all of them exhibit at least some level of hum.

    I wound up getting a 75ohm impedance adapter which lets me use pretty much all my headphones without it being an issue with normal listening. I have not noticed any decrease in sound quality with the adapter.
  11. DataTutashxia
    Received my Vali 2 today, working for 4 hours straight now with stock tube, no hum, all good. Enjoying quite much with HD700.
  12. Wonc
    I prefered valhalla 2 over vali 2.

    Soundstage seemed larger to me. had more weight in the sound as well.

    but hated its heatings.
  13. chef8489
    I am still contemplating this. I dont want a huge setup for my pc. Trying to figure out if I need MQA for my pc as I do have mqa possibility with my portable setup.
  14. coolcrew23
    If you need MQA you can always go dragonfly black/red then connect to the amp. Works good with me. I use the vali 1 though.
  15. Lucas_ob
    But some Little Dots also use a single tube
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