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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. illitirit
    This might be an odd question but does anyone else with a Modi 2 uber and Magni 2 uber have different finishes?
    My magni 2 uber color seems to be darker, the modi 2 uber i have seems lighter in color.  There is nothing wrong with them sonically but the difference in finishes is kind of bothering me due to OCD.
    I purchased them at different times however the only reason i purchased the modi 2 uber in the first place was so that it would match my magni 2 uber.
    Anyone else with different finishes?
    here is a picture, and obvious difference.
  2. Tai1or Made
    My Modi Ü 2 and Magni 2 are different colours, same as yours.

    Slightly annoying, but spend more time listening than looking at it.
  3. dorino
    Mine match.
  4. rovopio
    i'm plugging my magni 2 uber to 325e as well. ps: Your questions is more specifically addressed to Grado thread as well hehe.
    The 2uber to 325e sound good.
    There is no futureproof by the way. Eventually, if you like your Grado enough, you will get the Little Dot i+ or some other amps. To be honest, if you have shoestring budget like I do... and not too audiophile-ic with sounds, in relation to the budget you have. Magni 2 Uber is the last amplifiers you will ever need.
    That was behind my purchasing decision at the time, and after all this time, I still stand by that. Sure with more disposable incomes, I'd eventually get a Lyr 5 and/or Asgard 4 someday. But Magni 2 Uber is powerful enough for majority of headphones out there (considering it's economical price :D).
  5. wakkaday
    if i buy

    Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber 

    can i use the volume control to adjust the powered speakers (yamaha hs7) 
  6. jaywillin
    yes, run the output of the magni 2 uber to the input of the powered speakers
  7. enkidu
    Additional small note, the pre-amp out on the back of the Magni 2 Uber is only active when you unplug your headphones. Mine is hooked to a pair of Definitive Inclines and the sound is great.
  8. jaywillin
    yes,that's correct
    and how do you like the inclines ?
    I almost bought a pair recently
  9. enkidu
    Love them. I've had mine for a little over a year. Surprisingly complete range coverage, solid low end power, clean reproduction, and the angling definitely helps it work for a desktop set up. Not much reproduction in the sub 60Hz or so range, but I wouldn't expect to get that in this form factor. Most people are surprised that there isn't a subwoofer. Highly recommended.

    Edit: Changed 80 to 60. It does go surprisingly low.
  10. jimdandy
    I'm looking to upgrade my headphones now that  have the Schiit stack. Was wondering if the HE-400i sound pair well with these. I have heard some amps color the sound of some headphones. I listen to movies and music. Want some to use just on my computer.
  11. rovopio
    It does. Magni2 can run them perfectly fine.
  12. Ali-Pacha
    I still have some glitches with my M2U. They randomely occur through quiet parts, like the beginning of this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onGWF8mz1Zw
    Not sure whether my USB cable is 2.0 or 1.0 (very old), but there are far less glitches than before (very very short cable). Have to test with an other cable.

  13. rockyzz
    How big is the difference between normal and uber versions? Especially for HD 600?
  14. StanD
    0.9 dB of power, nothing that should keep you up late at night. Any differences in SNR or distortion should be well below a human's ability to tell any difference.
    riverlethe likes this.
  15. jimdandy
    Thank you for the reply. Sorry I did not respond sooner. Job has been getting to me. I have read reviews saying terms like muddy and what not but now I understand. I have a pair of old Image One from Klipsch. LOL must say being used to the HDJ-2000 then going to them. It is like listen to speakers with a pillow over them. I have not listened to them for well over a year now. Thought they were pretty good but now can't stand them. Going to try to give them away. Don't want to sell them for fear of making an enemy. I like the sound of the Pioneers so want to use them on my Note 4. I have it rooted and been using Viper4 Audio. Not too bad I must say. I listened to players but felt like my money would be better spent on DAC and Amp for the computer so I went with the Schiit stack. I'm glad I did. Looking at the HE-400i for home use. I listen to movies and music at home. From what I understand from the reviews the sound signature seems to be good for this.
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