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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. Dany1
    Ohh i see,Thanks mate !  
    I was looking for similar cables on ebay and i came across this one:
    It's a silver plated,looks high quality and is a bit expensive.Do you think it's worth buying it ? will i get somewhat better performance than a normal pure copper 3.5mm Male to 2RCA cable ?
  2. StanD
    SIlver plated will do nothing for you. I do not believe in cable magic as there is no electronic reasoning for this. Get a decent quality cable that will not fail. Monoprice is one such popular brand that will not raid your wallet.
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  3. BobSmith8901
    Question about DAC settings in the Modi 2 Uber: I have my M2U set up with an optical cable from onboard sound on PC into M2U. There are several output settings that can be selected in the properties of the M2U, all the way from 16 bit/44 to 24 bit/192.
    Is it necessary to select, say, 16/44 if one is playing files at that bit rate or, say, 24/192 if one is playing those types of files? 
    Does the M2U decide the conversion rate on the fly depending on the information it's getting from the music file being output to it and if so, is it best to just leave the selection at 16/44 for everything and let the M2U do its thing?
    Any insight appreciated.
  4. jimdandy
    Got my Modi 2 Uber today. Listening to it right now. Read some comments on the button and quality. Well,everything is fine on mine. No complaints. Sound is awesome. I also have the Magni 2 Uber. I had the Magni hooked up to my Creative ZXR sound card before I got the Modi. I would say it sounds better. Can't hear the noise coming from the inside of the computer now. The sound definition is better it seems. Now all I need is better headphones. Got HDJ-2000 but want some better ones for the computer. The HDJ-2000 is for my Galaxy Note 4 that I use at work. Has anyone used the HE-400i on these? I'm thinking about those after reading the reviews on here and the price is not too bad. Awesome set. The guys at Schiit Audio really know what they are doing. Got the PYST cables too. Great quality also cannot complain one bit. The RCA  cable are not as thick as I thought they would be. So The Magni sits on top of the Modi well. The button selector is just loose enough to select what connection you want to listen to. I know the guys at Schiit read the forums so I hope they read this. I think the quality and sound out weigh the price and they are made in the USA. Can't get any better for the price.
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  5. BobSmith8901
    Received my Magni2U/Modi2U stack about a week and a half ago. Nicely boxed and arrived undamaged. Subjective impressions: Really adds life to the music. I have hooked up to optical out of my P9X79DX motherboard and it really impresses. I just went ahead and set the shared mode output to 24/192 and set up WASAPI on Winamp to let the source determine the digital output--I'm assuming that the Modi is doing its thing at the source bitrate. I also tested out the USB output--no problem there and using the USB, the Modi will show up as Modi in the playback devices and offer up to 32/192 (vs optical max 24/192), whereas using optical it will just show optical output. I have successfully played files with all bitrates up to 24/192 with the optical output--I'm using a new Amazon Basics optical cable and I'm pretty impressed with it too.
    Sound-wise, it's fantastic using my Senn HD598 but I was surprised at how it brought back to life my ancient Cambridge Soundworks CSW 350s. Especially when using the stack with Winamp (utilizing Maiko WASAPI Output and SA Stereo Tool 7.60), just brings the music to life in a way I've never experienced before with these speakers.
    The fit and finish are awesome (the two units that I got match up pretty much perfectly as far as I can tell) and both units have performed flawlessly. I did test the hum thing when touching the volume ctl knob--it does exhibit a hum at very high volume levels when touching the knob but this is normal as the unit is ungrounded and in no way affects the music--I mean even if I could tolerate the volume level that it takes to notice the hum, as soon as I detached my hand from the knob, the hum would be gone. This is actually something I wouldn't have even been aware of had there not been some discussion on the site regarding it. I haven't noticed any imbalance at very low volume levels on my unit, perfectly balanced all the way down to volume zero on my highly sensitive PX-100 first gen even at hi-gain. One thing with the Magni hooked up to the powered speakers--even with the volume level at 0 I get a pretty good "thump" out of the speakers (2 satellites and subwoofer) after the 8-10 second mute after power on--but it says it will do this in the instructions so I expected it. I also don't seem to mind the fairly bright LED lights on the units--the Magni seems a slightly brighter.
    Oh yeah, the temperature of the Magni and Modi--The Magni will get warmish with time and playing intensity and I did notice that it got pretty warm--not anything like I would describe as hot or alarming in any way--but this was after several hours of being on without playing any music (underneath a monitor stand and not stacked on top of the Modi, sitting to the Modi's right). Subjectively, seemed to me to be quite normal and nothing I would think there's something malfunctioning--I mean this is a pretty high powered piece of kit enclosed in metal, it's gonna get warm and maybe very warm with use and being on for a long time. The Modi on the other hand, cool as a cucumber, not even slightly warm.
    Anyway, all in all I'm extremely impressed with both units and I get a warm fuzzy old school feeling with these, like they'll last a long time and always be reliable and sound great. Thanks Schiit, you guys are a truly great outfit, and thanks to all the members of this thread for an enjoyable learning experience as I researched prior to purchasing these.
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  6. enkidu
    Don't have time to post an in-depth impression but I'm so excited, I just have to post. Just got a Magni2U and Modi2U set to use at work, but I think it's staying home. And I might swap out my old rig for another Magni2U to use at work. I've been listening to my ATH-A900 (originals not the new 900X) for quite a few years now. They've been upgraded with leather cushions but otherwise stock. My main rig consisted of a MBP=>USB=>Modi (original)=>Headroom Micro Amp. The combination is great and met (I thought) all my needs. The Magni2U blows the Micro away. Distinctly tighter across all frequencies and able to go much deeper without distortion without being over bright. To quote the Schiit website tag on the M2U/M2U combination, This Schiit is Bananas. Gonna wait a day or two to finalize, but I'm going to unload the Micro and get the funds for another Magni2U for work cause this Schiit is too good to listen to half the day. Thanks to all on this thread and forum who helped me get this set.
  7. TattooedMac
    Hi all.
    I have done quite a bit of reading about the Schiit Magni 2 & Schiit Modi 2, having been steered away from the LD MKIII. 
    I was curious as too "whats in the box" ?? Does it have all cables to be able to run it off my iMac ?? 
    What I understand, I would be using a USB from my iMac to my Modi 2, and then from Modi 2 > Magni 2 via the L & R cabling ?? Correct ?? 
    I'm new to this era of HiFi come AMP/DAC so sorry if the questions seem a little common. I just want to make sure I get this set up right off the bat. 
    Because I have only had in the past, a huge ass, HiFi to speakers, running my Audio out of a iMac (apart from to my AE/ATV3) its all relatively new.
    So would the above be correct ? Do I need to buy any other cables ?? I have my Grado SR325e simply out of the earphone jack at the moment, and am just about ready to place my order . .  Appreciate anything you can offer in the way of setup information .. ... . . 
  8. dorino
    That's correct. You'd need to buy the USB cable and RCA audio cables seperately, though. They don't come with the amp or DAC. You can get cheap cables from anywhere. The USB cable needs to end in male A on one side and male B on the other side, where as the interconnect between the amp and DAC would be something like this. Schiit also sells (admittedly overpriced) cables themselves.
  9. rovopio
    you have to buy both the Interconnect cable from Modi to Magni and USB cable from PC to your Modi...
    you can buy both directly from Schiit as well... or buy it someplace else say, Monoprice or your local electronic stores.
  10. TattooedMac
    Cool, Thanks. Its a shame they don't tell you 'whats in the box', because at a minimum, I would have thought that you would of got the USB A-B cable, to hook straight from the source. 
    Just one more, I plan on getting the Modi/Magni for now, so down the track, if I upgrade to a Asgard 2 or Valhalla 2 down the track, so I can take the Magni with me everywhere, will the Modi work well with the bigger AMPS ?? Or should I be really looking at the Asgard 2 straight off the bat, and then get a Modi/Uber down the track ?? 
    Arrgghhh so many combinations and it really does feel like I'm [​IMG] . . . . . .
    Thanks TM
  11. StanD
    The Modi should work with any amp as its line out meets standards.
  12. pearljam50000
    Is the Schiit stack an upgrade over a Geek Out? the amp section especially...
  13. Ali-Pacha
    Ok, received a decent Modi 2 uber eventually yesterday. "Decent" because all the corners are now equally sharp, RCA input is straight and all the scratches are gone...but one (very minor) , still remaining on the button (which is wonky by nature, not so much a problem). The design is pretty solid, and I like the neat touch of the white (powerful) led.
    Soundwise, yeah, it's very cool. My references are pretty low, built-in devices (PC, TV), entry-level CD-players (CD-6003, old Philips CD930), or one of the cheapest DAC you can get (Hifimediy), but his M2U is clearly an upgrade : way more body in the low end, more details / layering, but never agressive / etchy. Soundstage seems larger too.
    I haven't tested toslink input, but RCA is perfectly fine. USB only needs something a bit more recent thant the first printer cable I used : random glitches über alles [​IMG]
    Oh, and despite the external PS, it doesn't completely filter the ground-loop issue I have beetween my PC and my Stax amp (I keep my hifimediy filter).
    Maybe a (very little) bit overrated / overhyped, but pretty good value overall [​IMG]
  14. riverlethe
    Does anyone know where to get different volume knobs for the Magni 2 potentiometer?  Perhaps this deserves it's own thread.
  15. TattooedMac
    This is a good question and one I could be interested in finding out  . . .
    On another note, I have just purchased the Magni 2U and will be here early next week. I will work on getting the Modi 2/U at a later date. I believe in purchasing the Uber models, I am in essence 'future proofing' myself to some degree, and I had to have a reason the justified the extra $77AUD haha but yes, am excited to hear my chillout playlist through this AMP w/ my Grado SR325e's . . .
    Cheers TM 
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