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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. honeyjjack
    I will be coming in a couple days too. Cant wait. Shops in Korea have pretty much everything but is very expensive. If i see something i like for a good price, maybe ill add it to my collection.
  2. Rayzilla
    I am planning to visit South Korea next summer.
  3. honeyjjack
    If you do message me before hand. Ill show you all the shops here :)
  4. Rayzilla
    Thanks. I'll try to remember to do that and hope that my family and friends will be fine with that idea. :wink:

    If I were in Hong Kong this summer, I could do the same for you but I am now in Toronto until August.
  5. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    1. You can get earmolds for making custom IEMs but custom earmolds for regular IEMs, the place I used to go to (Widex) isn't taking orders for that anymore :frowning2:
    2. Wanna meet up? :D
  6. Sound Eq
    thanks for the nice gesture, I sent you a private message
  7. honeyjjack
    Anyone know if there is an offline shop that sells the Oriolus ba200s? I ve been planning to get it from Penon and have them ship to the hotel for them keep till my check in, but thats a bit sketchy. It would be great if the shop also has a demo for me to try.
  8. jmills8
    JABEN has it.
  9. kerrys30
    Can also try Lear....I think have shop in Mong Kok. They do customs and can reshell also.
  10. AC-12
    Lear has consolidated into one HQ shop located in Kwun Tong. Unless you are a local, it's difficult to locate.

    I believe it is here on the 2nd floor:


    Just pass Kwun Tong Plaza (Yoshinoya & Starbucks) hugging the left a few minutes away.

    Once you enter the building, use the lifts on the left hand side to get to the 2nd floor. If you go too far towards the right lifts, you need to backtrack.

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  11. AC-12
    Here is an old foursquare site that has some photos of places to visit in Hong Kong:


    Sim City is the epicenter of what you maybe looking for in portable audio, especially cables. DMA's main shop is located here. DMA has other stores so it may throw you off if you are in the right place. The other DMAs are located in computer malls.


    From Sim City, Jaben is only a handful of minutes walk. Jaben is a little difficult of locate but as long as you don't stray too far from Sim City you should be able to find.




    You may want to print out the photos above as the only Jaben sign seen from the street is that small sign w/ the headphone (top right).

    Jaben has the van nuys twin tube iem case. I'm not familar with Campfire Audio products.


    Ask for discounts. I always get a discount unless it's a newly released item, but YMMV.

    You can also order online for in-store pickup at the local Fortress store if you are not sure the place you are purchasing is reputable or just too busy to shop. I have not tried having an order delivered to an hotel.


    If you are looking for some kicks or exclusive Nike gear you cannot find at home, you can order from the official Nike store online and pickup at a local 7-11.


    I'm not familiar with the Dunu Hulk, but did a query here:


    You can print out the name of the store and ask around. Just click on the address and hope to find a Mong Kok address. The last store "Master & Media" I'm pretty sure it's located on one of the three floors of Sim City.

    And here is a decent list of other electronics/PC stuff:


    There's an Apple Store in TST now.

    If you go to Macau that's one hour ferry ride across the pond, on the 5th or 6th floor; they have Campfire Audio for sale at their main department store:

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
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  12. kerrys30
    Cool. thanks for this. I haven't been there in a while so good to know.
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  13. AC-12
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  14. kerrys30
    HAHA, Nice.
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  15. AC-12
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