Official 2014 Bay Area Meet - SUNDAY - Feb 16th, 2014
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San Francisco Bay Area
Official SF / Bay Area Meet Thread
Date:             Sunday, February 16, 2014
Event Time:    9:30AM - 4:00PM
          Set-up:             8:00AM
          Teardown:       4:00PM - 5:00PM
Location:       Sofitel San Francisco Bay
We've got 4 rooms for (28) x 6 foot tables available.
Please reply to this thread if you plan to attend, gear you may bring, how much space you need.
DONATIONS:  Recommended $10-$20 donation. 
  1. Holding raffle with tickets at $10 each. (Recommended donation would be 1 or 2 tickets.)    
  2. Additional tickets over $20 are allowed.  
  3. Raffle will be held at 3PM, must be present to win.
  4. Vendors have chosen to donate some money or raffle prizes to help out. (If you don't see raffle prizes, they probably donated $.)
  1. Ultimate Ears UE900 for raffle + 20% off all customs (except UE4).

  1. HiFiMAN RE-400

  1. HiFiMAN RE-600

  1. Schiit Modi & Vali

  1. Schiit UberBifrost & Asgard 2


  1. A pair of Mad Dog!

Meet Special: Pay cash, no sales tax on Alpha or Mad Dogs.
Mad Dogs on hand, Alphas are about a three week lead time.
  1. Darin's giving away a "complete package" for the raffle!
         Includes: License for Out Of Your Head software + License for all 21 presets currently available.
         Out Of Your Head software.  "The convenience of headphone listening AND the sound of speakers."
Audio DNYA is also contributing to the raffle:
One (1) "Kuroe" USB Cable. Para-Air insulation & Strainless-Stressless topology.

Five (5) sets of "Ourea" Isolation Feet  (4 feet per set). Optimized for components weighing 4-10lbs.

Light Harmonic has something for the raffle, too:
One (1) LightSpeed Ultra-wide Bandwidth USB CableUSB: It's in Our DNA.

ROOM DIAGRAMS: (2/12/2014)

NOTE: Single file hard to read, also 4 separate room files below.

AUDIOLOGIST:  UPDATE (2/13/2014): Jonathan will be our Audiologist from 12-2pm!
PARKING:  $10 for self parking, $20 for overnight parking, and $25 for valet parking.
  • Ultimate Ears
  • MrSpeakers
  • Schiit Audio
  • amb
  • Donald North Audio
  • Eddie Current
  • Light Harmonic
  • Audio DNYA
  • Cavalli Audio

SPECIAL MENTION and THANK YOU:  HiFiMan cannot attend this year, but has kindly supported every Bay Area Meet with attendance, raffle items, or gear. This year they are donating RE-400 & RE-600 for our raffle! 
 I still need to pick up some RE-400 myself and we're all excited to hear the new HE-400i & HE-560 when they are released this Spring!  The HM-700 and HM-802 are their new players that just released.

  • zerodeefex
  • purrin
  • Zashoomin
  • uzi
  • aamefford
  • Questhate
  • daigo
  • tvolpe1600(+1)
  • shane55
  • vipervick
  • Mdraluck23
  • bcschmerker4
  • caolizhen
  • jcoltrane
  • phototristan
  • Vansen - NV
  • FrankCooter
  • walfredo
  • Bill-P
  • calaf
  • zeeshanb
  • jazzfan
  • anetode - MN
  • SanJoseCanJunkie
  • particleman14
  • voicemaster
  • Music Daedalus(Audio DNYA)
  • Yuhwa
  • metaldood
  • IcedTea
  • wolfetan44
  • F14Sharky
  • alfaudio
  • lloyd
  • JustinBieber
  • Mkubota1
  • 3X0
  • MoNelly
  • Elysian +1
  • Radio_head?
  • sachu
  • Gumy
  • Davewuuu
  • captouch
  • Stoney?
  • Strappo
  • En_R
  • Mobilizer
  • topgunsphd
  • gevorg
  • HiFiGuy528
  • PFKMan23
  • junepy
  • physther
  • seqasim
  • BuzzDog
  • redmaw
  • bluedeer3
  • pspivak
  • phtzer
  • thatonedude
  • s1
  • Tiberiuspv
  • linuxworks
  • KurtW
  • rnadell
  • LiuTim
  • morph2K4
  • mosesed96
  • Koiloco? Possibly, no table space though...
  • EpicPie
  • touchzen
  • bhima
  • baronkatz
  • Peter_in_the_Bay
  • s235310241
  • attilahun
  • shetech
  • planitia
  • Tatertotattack
  • parb
  • FYL941
  • jacobgolden
  • Bruce L
  • vabene
  • rroseperry
  • yfei +1
  • voicemaster +1
  • liu989124
  • bpbutler95 +1 or 2
  • soundboy
  • Craptaculus XVI
  • darinf  (back in, but with less table space)
  • gepardcv
  • Tmoney
  • blackwell +2
  • DozerCSX
  • bentobox
  • F14sharky
  • GalaxyGuy
  • roll-man +1
  • DubstaD
  • m17xr2b
  • Inertius
  • mitch_o
  • nicrozier132
  • cheneric
  • Heil Heir
  • ed45
  • Frank Guerrero
GEAR LIST (2/14/2014):
Salon 4:  Vendors:  Eddie Current, Ultimate Ears
CEE TEE (and yfei)
  1. Lynx Hilo + Laptop (from @yfei)
  2. Vali, Magni, Bottlehead Crack (Stock)
  3. Eddie Current Zana Deux & Balancing Act (KR PX-4, TSBGRP)
  4. PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Mk. II (FW 2.0.2)
  5. Spectral SDR-2000 Pro (R2R DAC)
  6. Pure i20 iPad Dock – Coaxial out to PWD
  7. Furman Power Conditioner
  8. Leckerton UHA-6S Mk. II, UHA-760 (AD 4627-BRZ opamps) over at UE Table
  9. Amb mini^3 over at UE Table
  10. HD600/HD800 (Modded), ATH-M50, AKG 550, Paradox
  1. Creative Aurvana Live (amazing for the price)
  2. Audeze LCD3
  3. Yulong DA8
  4. Beta22 SE OR balanced
  1. Krell KSA5, Balanced Dynahi
  1. Hifiman HE-500
  2. Mr Speakers Alpha Dog
  3. Sennheiser HD650
  4. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 Ohm (for sale), DT 770 Pro 80 Ohm
Sources: HRT Musicstreamer II AND II+
  1. Burson Soloist (all 5 headphones)
  2. Bottlehead Crack + Speedball (HD650, DT880 and DT770 only)
  3. Emotiva mini-X a-100 (only have cabling for HE-500 and AD)
  1. AK120, SE846, HE5LE, HD800, Ultrasone HFi780, Grado PS500
  2. Win7laptop
  3. AQ Dragonfly
  4. Meridian Explorer
  5. HiFi M8
  1. Macbook Pro -> Schiit Bifrost Uber w/Gen. 2 USB -> Cavalli EHHA Rev. A -> HD800
  1. AKG K340, HE500, Beyer T1
  2. DACs: Meier DACcord, possibly Meier StageDAC
  3. Amps: Meier Classic, Woo Audio 6SE with Sophia Rectifier and Sylvania 6GL7 tubes
  1. Wa6se
  2. StageDac
  3. He500, Rs1i, Beyer dt250, Akg 271 mkii
  1. Source:Squeezebox Touch
  2. USB to S/PDIF converter: Audiophilleo 2 (for Squeezebox Touch to W4S DAC-2 connection)
  3. DAC:Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2
  4. Amp:Vintage Yamaha DSP-A1 7CH AV Amplifier (Flagship Home Theater Processor/Amp introduced in 1997)
  5. Amp: Trends TA-10.2SE
  6. Headphone:HE-6
  1. Source: Peachtree Nova + notebook
  2. Amp:   Shanling PH3000
  3. Phones: Audio Technica woodies: W1000, W1000X, W3000.
SALON 3: Vendors: Schiit Audio, Mr. Speaker
  1. Sennheiser HD600 
  2. AMB Gamma y2++ 
  3. Schiit Valhalla 
  4. Laptop for source, some interconnects.
  1. Audioquest Dragonfly (original, hopefully I'll have v1.2 as well)
  2. Audioengine D1, Audioengine D3
  3. Centrance DACport
  4. HRT MicroStreamer
  5. Meridian Explorer (revision)
  6. Resonessence Herus
  1. Staxies - 404LE, 4070, γ-pro (maybe), 007MK1, K340
  2. Orthies - YH-100, HE400, LCD-3, pair o' ducks
  3. Dynamiksisies: HD800, HP50, K601
  4. @fishski's QRV-08 will make an appearance.
  1. Audiolab M-DAC
  2. Audio-gd NFB-11
  3. D-7000, DT800 - 600ohm, M-50
  4. Lots of HQ - LP rips. (24bit-96khz)
Aamefford (gear may be with shane55)
  1. Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs
  2. Centrance HIFI-M8
  3. Burson Soloist SL
  4. iPhone, MacBook Air, hard drive, a few various adapter cables.
SALON 2: Vendors: Donald North Audio (DNA), Audio DNYA
  1. LCD-X  (Crashem's LCD-X, brought by KurtW)
  2. Source:"Rasberry Pi", Otherwise CD
  3. Dac: Metrum Octave
  4. LCD-3, STAX 007
  5. DIY amps for LCD-3 and STAX 007
Will to add some gear to Darinf's Table:
  1. D7000, HE-500s, W1000X, Beyerdynamic T1, HD650s, Beyer T90s, Dunu DN1000, Woo Duo
  2. Colorfly C4, DX50
  3. Questyle CMA 800R Current Mode Amplifier (only about 50 of these globally)
  4. Questlye CAS192 DAC  (only about 10 of these globally)
  5. Fully-balanced stack from Yulong with interesting Saber DAC (DA8)
  6. Yulong new balanced amplifier (A28)
  1. Vostok Sound ES-21: Prototype of a Russian electrostatic amp/DAC  (Rumor has it that they may add a conventional headphone amp in the same box!)
  2. Stax 009's to use with the Russian amp/DAC
  3. Out Of Your Head software on a couple Windows laptops.
  4. HRT Microstreamer
  5. Sennheiser HD800
  6. Schiit Vali
  7. AK120
  8. Noble Demos: 3,4,5 CIEMs. Universal 4.
  1. Fostex TH900
  2. Zodiac Antelope Gold
  3. Woo WA-5LE Maxxed
  1. Sony ZX-1
  2. AKG K812
  1. HE-400
  2. Yulong U100
  3. Rockit R-50
  4. C&C BH2 amp (try with IEMs) 
  1. HE-500 and maybe 1 or 2 more
  2. Bakoon HDA5210mk3, Little Dot Mk II., Possible Taboo 2(needs repair)
  3. DAC: MDHT Havana, Resonesscence Concero HD 
SALON 1: Vendors: AMB, Cavalli Audio, Light Harmonic
The full line of AMB headphone amps:
  1. AMB β22 + σ22
  2. AMB
  4. AMB Mini³ (high performance edition with χ1 LiPo power)
Source:  AMB γ2 DAC, Laptop with lots of music- mostly FLAC and some high-res
Headphones:  Sennheiser HD800, HD600, HD580, PX100
  1. Stax SR-XMk3 Pro , Sr-009 or 007 mk1 
  2. OR5 w/ Sigma 11 
  3. AudioGD M7 or  balanced Havana
  4. KGSS or SRM 717 
  5. and a lenovo laptop for playback.
  1. Transport: PC w. JRiver [classical music only, bring your own USB sticks for anything else]
  2. Source: Chordette QuteHD DAC
  3. Amps: SRM1/Mk2, SRM-T1
  4. Headphones:
  5. Lambda NB
  6. SR-X Mk3 (NB)
  7. Lambda Pro
  8. Lambda Nova Signature
  1. SRM-007t, SRM-727 (modded), Gamma NB
  2. STAX 404 Signature / LE, STAX SR-007 Mk1, STAX SR-009
  1. [size=xx-small]STAX OMEGA[/size]
  2. [size=xx-small]STAX 323S[/size]
  3. [size=xx-small]Matrix X-Sabre[/size]
  1. ue prm, em mg6pro, k3003i
  2. hybird in ear monitor made by myself
  3. x10i 
  4. DN-1000
  5. final audio X-CC
  1. HD650, Hifiman HE-400
  2. beta22 build: delta-1 relay attenuator, IR remote/motor pot, nixie display for dB readout.
  3. gamma2 dac, with built-in spdif 'meter' showing sample rate
  4. hiface-2: asynch usb audio at 24bits and 192k.  
  5. laptop into either the AK4399 ebay dac or AMB y2 dac.
  2. STAX SR-007
  1. Paradox Slants
  2. Code-X
  3. Woo WA7
  4. More
Cavalli Audio is extending to our meet the following (Meet Only) Specials:
  1. 40% off of the Liquid Gold! - $6450 will be down to $3950    Watch Jude's video review of the Liquid Gold here.
  2. 25% off of the Liquid Glass! - $3950 will be down to $2950
  • Come to the meet, fill out a form with your name, email address, phone number, & amp you want.
  • Pay for amp within 7 days (valid until midnight the following Sunday, 2/23/2014). 
  • Amps will ship within 4 weeks of the meet.
Tibetan Singing Bowl:  Guess the Frequency Contest
ENTER:  On a sheet of paper at the front desk, enter your:   Full Name, Member Name, Frequency guess in Hz. (EXAMPLE:  120.5Hz)   LIMIT, ONE ENTRY PER PERSON (determined by name on the entry)
PRIZE: Person who guesses primary frequency of the bowl the closest (first harmonic to within a tenth of a Hz) will win a $40 HDTracks gift certificate PLUS adoring fans & bragging rights for one year.  Tie?  A drawing from tied entries determines the winner.
WINNER: Will be announced after 3:00 pm on February 16th, 2014 at the SF Bay Area Head-Fi meet. Must be present to win. Need an email address to send you the HDTracks gift certificate. (Thanks, jazzfan for this extra bit of fun!)
INTEREST THREAD for this meet.
  1. zerodeefex for making the arrangements with the Hotel, cleaning up the Gear List, filling in the Room Diagrams, being the Co-Strategizer and making me call AT&T to switch to unlimited texting!
  2. Questhate for helping me scout and set up the rooms last year plus create the templates for the room diagrams (which we are using again this year) and for agreeing to help with the badges and signage again this year.
  3. purrin for instigating the Bay Area Meet <again> by talking about a mini-meet and then guiding it into a big meet.  All from SoCal.
  4. raif for starting the Interest Check thread, the Google Registration Form/Doc, and this Official Thread.
  5. Jude for transferring the thread after raif could not attend and for supporting every meet that we have been organizing since 2011.
  6. Members & Vendors for taking your time and effort to haul gear around for us to hear and be able to hang out with you!
Dec 4, 2013 at 1:18 AM Post #2 of 431
Due to some family circumstances, I will unfortunately not be able to attend this year's meet.

Thread ownership has been transferred to everyone's favorite meet Bay Area organizer, CEE TEE!
I will miss being able to chat with everyone but hopefully I will see you guys next year. :)
Dec 4, 2013 at 1:19 AM Post #3 of 431
I'm in! And I'll bring my dinky DAC collection. I'll be setting up a machine with some music selections in DSD, redbook, and 320Kbps MP3s with the following:
  1. Audioquest Dragonfly (original, hopefully I'll have v1.2 as well)
  2. Audioengine D1
  3. Audioengine D3
  4. Centrance DACport
  5. HRT MicroStreamer
  6. Light Harmonic GEEK Out
  7. Meridian Explorer (revision)
  8. Resonessence Herus
Along with instructions on switching between DACs. Cans TBD.
Dec 4, 2013 at 1:25 AM Post #4 of 431
Let's get this thing started!!!  UE is in.
And I should be setting up a tube amp table with:
  1. Schiit Vali/Magni
  2. Bottlehead Crack (if I complete in time)
  3. EC Zana Deux
  4. EC Balancing Act
  5. PS Audio PWD (FW 243)
  6. HD600
  7. HD800
THANK YOU, raif for setting up this thread and helping to organize!!!
Dec 4, 2013 at 4:59 AM Post #7 of 431
I'm in.  For now I will be bringing:
Resonessence Labs Concero
Bottlehead SEX
AMB Labs Beta 22
Audeze LCD3'
Fostex T50RP
That is what I have right now and could change in the next three months if I have anything to do with it 

Dec 4, 2013 at 5:42 AM Post #8 of 431
Count me in.
I could bring stuff (HE500, HD650, Burson Soloist, Bottlehead Crack, HRT MS II+) or I could not.
Dec 4, 2013 at 12:00 PM Post #10 of 431
Count me in, Mr. Raif. I'll bring stuff if people are interested, but my gear is fairly ubiquitous already at these California meets, so I'll be the first to volunteer to give up table space if needed. 
And thanks to all the guys organizing this year. 
Dec 4, 2013 at 12:37 PM Post #11 of 431
I'll try to make it as well, unless some emergency comes up.  
Dec 4, 2013 at 1:42 PM Post #13 of 431
Yup, yup, yup...
I dunno, maybe the following:
Audiolab M-DAC
Audio-gd NFB-11
DT800 - 600ohm
(everything stock)
Lots of HQ - LP rips. (24bit-96khz)
Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!
Dec 4, 2013 at 4:35 PM Post #14 of 431
I am so in!!!  I can't stay long though. I'm working nights that weekend, 9:30pm to 8am. So I'll drive over after work. Have the coffee ready!!!
Still a bit mad I couldn't go to the San Diego meet. I was on the Navy base about 6 blocks from where you were in Coronado.
Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs
Schiit Magni
Schiit Modi
FiiO E17
iPod Classic 160 Gb , mostly Metal

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